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Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

**EDIT: 21st Nov 2015 – Neo Cigs doesn’t appear to be in business any longer. Their customer services have been non-responsive and their website has now been shut down. Although I very much enjoyed vaping with Neo Cigs, their lack of communication prior to this happening has been incredibly unprofessional. There is no mention of the closure on any of ... Read More »

Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture Review

Starter Kit Price: £34.95 upwards  Battery Cost: N/A Cartridge Cost: £59.95 (40 x cartridge refills) E-Liquid Cost: £13.25 / 25ml Money Back Guarantee: 14 days Charger Options: USB, Car, Wall, EU Battery Life: 1 – 4 hours (Depending on usage) Free Delivery: Over £57.99 Discount Code: Use this link to check out Vapor Couture.  Owned by V2 Cigs (check out the review for the V2 Cigs Series 3 here), Vapor Couture are ... Read More »

Neo Cig Review – Charge

Neo Cig Review - Charge

Starter Kit Price: £10 upwards  Battery Cost: N/A Cartridge Cost: £8.99 (3 x cartridge refills) E-Liquid Cost: N/A Money Back Guarantee: 7 days Charger Options: USB, Car, Wall, EU Battery Life: 4 – 5 hours Free Delivery: Over £25 Discount Code: Use this link and Neo Cig discount code: BESTECIG20 to get 20% off!  **EDIT: 21st Nov 2015 – Neo Cigs doesn’t appear to be in business any longer. ... Read More »

OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

OKCigs Rechargeable Review

Starter Kit Price: £14.99 Battery Cost: £7.98 E-Liquid Cost: £4.98 / 10ml Cartridge Refill Cost: £9.98 for 3 x refills Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days (Battery & Charger) Charger Options: USB, Car, Wall Battery Life: Unknown (Didn’t use for long enough) Free Delivery: Unknown (Seems on all orders?) Discount Code: Use this link and OK Electronic Cigarettes discount code: ok10ok to get 10% off!  I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest ... Read More »

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

best UK ecigs 2016

Starter Kit Price: £41.99 Battery Cost: £19.19 – £25.99 E-Liquid Cost: £4.35 / 10ml Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days (Except e-liquid) Charger Options: USB, Car, Wall, EU Battery Life: 3 – 5 Hours (Variable Voltage) Free Delivery: Over £50   Now I’ll be honest, Jac Vapour are on the higher end of the price spectrum but there is one very good reason behind that ... Read More »

Vapouriz Lumina Review

Best ECig Under £20 - Vapouriz Lumina

Starter Kit Price: £19.99 (Groupon deal offers FREE e-liquid – click link for more details) Battery Cost: £9.99 E-Liquid Cost: £4.99 / 10ml Money Back Guarantee: None found  Charger Options: USB, Car, Mains Battery Life: 3 / 4 hours Free Delivery: None found  Discount Code: Save 10% site-wide with this link and EXCLUSIVE Vapouriz Discount Code: UKWG10  Recently, I decided to make use of a great Groupon deal for the Vapouriz Lumina ... Read More »

BLU Cigs Review

BLU Cigs Review

Starter Kit Price: *Currently £10* with FREE DELIVERY Usually £14.99 Battery Cost: £6.99  Cartridge Cost: *Currently £5.99 for 3 cartridge refills* Usually £6.99. Alternatively get 3 refills for £4.99 from ElectricTobacconist (currently on offer) E-Liquid Cost: £4.99 / 10ml. Alternatively, get 10ml for £3.99 from ElectricTobacconist Money Back Guarantee: Unopened packages within 30 days Charger Options: Mains, USB Battery Life: 2 hours ... Read More »

EC247 Starter Kit

EC247 Starter Kit

Starter Kit Price: £36.00  Battery Cost: Not Available  E-Liquid Cost: £4.00 / 10ml Money Back Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Charger Options: USB, EU Battery Life: 4 hours – 650mAh Free Delivery: Over £40 Discount Code: Get the EC247 Starter Kit for the reduced price of £36 with this link. There aren’t a lot of options on the EC247 website which was pretty disappointing when you look at other sites ... Read More »

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 Review

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

Starter Kit Price: £59.99 *Special Introductory Offer* Battery Cost: Not Available  E-Liquid Cost: £13.25 / 25ml Money Back Guarantee: 14 Day ‘No Quibble’ Return Charger Options: USB Battery Life: All day, no information on capacity on website Free Delivery: Over £57.99 Discount Code: Get the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 for the introductory price of £59.99 with this link. There’s a special introductory offer on this ... Read More »

No1Ejuice EVOD Twin Kit Review

No1Ejuice EVOD Twin Kit

Starter Kit Price: £12.00 Battery Cost: *Cheaper to buy new starter kit!* E-Liquid Cost: £2.95 / 10ml > Money Back Guarantee: None found on website.  Charger Options: USB, wall Battery Life: All day – 1100mAh capacity Free Delivery: Over £30  Discount Code: Save 10% with this link and discount code: 9AF29B5F7140561 *It would appear that the No1Ejuice EVOD Twin Kit is no longer available on the website but there are ... Read More »

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