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100 Large Banana Haze Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Vape Club] What’s happening, vapers? How are y’all doing?  I’ve got a new eliquid review to bring you today, but this one has been done slightly differently. I passed 100 Large Banana Haze over to a pal to try on my behalf because bananas and me do not make for a happy combination. I can’t stand them – the taste or the flavour. Can you imagine what the review would be like if I tried it? 

So, yeah, this eliquid tastes DISGUSTING, but so does EVERYTHING banana to me … 

To avoid that, my friend Dave – a lover of banana and regular vaper of banana-flavoured eliquids – has been happily puffing away on 100 Large Banana Haze and has very kindly agreed to give me his thoughts.

Thanks, Dave! 


This is my fifth 100 Large eliquid review now and I’ve talked about them a fair bit in previous reviews, so I’ll just recap things here –

  • UK-made by a subsidiary of Vape Club (called All Vape)
  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • £17.99 for complete DIY kit — 100ml of 0mg eliquid in a 120ml bottle + 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to make it up to 3mg
  • £35 for 2 x 100ml DIY kits
  • Sub-ohm [high-VG] eliquid

The original lineup of 100 Large eliquids are: 

*Just click on the link if you want to read the full review. 

And they’ve now added a bunch more truly scrumptious sounding delights to the range (which are in my review-queue right now):

  • Pecanilla (I already love the sound of that one)
  • Kiwimelon (Ew)
  • Crispy Coffee (Nom nom)
  • Creamy Strawbz (Also nom nom)
  • Berry N’ Ice (Thanks but no thanks)
  • Bango Mango (Great name but again, no thanks)

But anyway, enough about all of the others. Let’s get down to business. 

My apologies for the lack of photos in this review. I thought I’d taken photos of Banana Haze before handing it over to Dave, but I didn’t. He finished the bottle and disposed of it. Lessons were learned.


Let’s start with the flavour description. (Dave did not see this before he vaped Banana Haze.)

“Banana Haze e-liquid is a ripe tasting blend of fruits with a smooth finish. The banana flavour acts as the base note, with a rich taste. A pear flavour adds depth to the blend with sweet and juicy notes. Finally, on exhale the smooth taste of hazelnut creates a rich aftertaste that complements the fruity inhale.”

I asked Dave a series of questions about 100 Large Banana Haze. This is what he said:

Q: How long did you leave Banana Haze to steep before vaping? 

A: Probably about three weeks, give or take. 

Q: What device(s) did you use to test the eliquid? 

A: Eleaf iStick and FreeMax Twister, various watts on the box. Other devices were also used but those are the only two I really remember. 

Q: What do you think of the smell of Banana Haze in the bottle/tank? 

A: It smells like banana.

MY INPUT: Okay, so, I’m going to help you out here because Dave hasn’t quite got the hang of this reviewing malarkey yet! I gave the bottle a good sniff and smelled strong banana, but a sweeter banana than your typical candy-like ejuice. Quite sweet. Definitely banana’y. I did the right thing in passing it over to a friend, I wouldn’t have liked it at all. 

Back to Dave. 

Q: What’s the first thing you taste when you inhale? 

A: Sweet banana at first, followed by more of a creamy banana.  

Q: What about the exhale? 

A: The aftertaste is a weaker banana-cream, but it’s a bit nutty, like hazelnut. It was nice. 

Q: Does it taste like the product description? 

A: I thought it was going to be like banana-flavoured sweets but it’s more creamy and sugary, like a milkshake or banana cake. It doesn’t taste quite as strong in the banana department as it smells. I knew I could taste hazelnut on the exhale, but I don’t think there’s much pear. I didn’t taste it. 

Q: Would you call it a warming or refreshing eliquid? 

A: Warming. I wouldn’t describe it as refreshing. 

Q: If you could change anything about the flavour of Banana Haze, what would it be?

A: It would have been nice to taste more of the pear as I didn’t know it was in there [before reading the description], but I liked Banana Haze as it was. There’s not much I’d want to change. 

Q: Did the eliquid kill your coils quickly? 

A: Not that I noticed.  

Q: How was the throat hit for you? 

A: Yeah, it was fine. Not too strong or weak. Average for 3mg strength. 

Q: How about the vapour [clouds]?

A: There was a lot of vapour when I turned up the watts. Again, average for 70/30 VG/PG juices. 

Q: Could you vape Banana Haze every day? 

A: Probably not every day, but I would vape it regularly and then buy the flavour again. 

Q: Will you finish the bottle? 

A: The bottle is already finished! My wife liked it too and helped me finish it off. 

Massive thanks to Dave for reviewing this eliquid on my behalf, and massive thanks to YOU for reading my reviews! If you’ve tried 100 Large Banana Haze for yourself, or any other 100 Large/50 Large eliquid flavours, feel free to let me know what you thought of it in the space for comments below. 

100 Large Banana Haze
£17.99 / 50ml
Vape Club

*nic shots included

50 Large Shortfills Deal
2 for £20
Vape Club

*nic shots included

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HONESTY POLICY: 100 Large eliquids were sent to me by Vape Club for a review. I did not pay for these products. I wasn’t paid for this HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand/manufacturer.

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