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100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Vape Club] Hey, vapers! What’s going on? I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to this 100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air eliquid review, sent to me by Vape Club. If you’ve read a few of my older posts, you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of eliquids with odd, novelty names. You know, like “Unicorn’s Fart” or some other crap.

How the heck am I meant to know what I’m vaping when it has a weird and obscure name like that? It’s frustrating having to Google it every time, especially when the specifics of the flavour are not mentioned on the bottle or packaging somewhere. 

(Admittedly, if I’d ordered the products myself rather than having them sent to me, I’d have known what the flavour was … )

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 6

With this review, because of the obscurity of the name, I figured it might be fun to first try the eliquid, note down what I *think* the flavour is, and then compare those notes to the flavour description on the website to see if it all tallies up. It’s a bit like blind taste-testing, which might be a proper genius idea …. or a really stupid one. 

Either way, challenge absolutely accepted. I’m down for it. Are you? 


You may recall that I previously reviewed two of the UK-made 100 Large eliquid range, sent to me by Vape ClubZest Pest and Donut Worry. I LOVED Donut Worry, but I found Zest Pest a bit … well, blah, to be honest. Not very zesty or pesty. 

There are other flavours (reviews to come), including – Banana Haze, Berry Cold, and Grape Expectations. 

All of them come with 80ml of eliquid in a 100ml shortfill bottle, and two additional nicotine shots. Yes, that’s right, the nicotine shots are included with these bad boys. 

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 2

You’ll get the full kit, wipe cloth included, for £17.99, and you can even double up on that for £31.50. (Oh, and Vape Club offers FREE First Class UK delivery on all orders over £20, just in case you’re wondering.)


With a name like “Fresh Pink of Bel Air”, I’m assuming it’ll be a fruity number, although I don’t really know why. Pink lemonade? Pink grapefruit? Maybe strawberry? Although red, not pink, I will just about allow strawberry. 

The “fresh” bit of the name worries me a bit … It sounds like it might have koolada in it. I don’t really like koolada. 

(If you’re the same, you’ll find all eliquid reviews WITHOUT cooling agent/koolada here.)

My initial thoughts were that it might be pink lemonade or pink grapefruit with icy freshness — that menthol, cooling agent kick. Isn’t that what you’d assume this eliquid flavour was, judging by the name of it? 

In fact, leave your thoughts in the comment below. What do YOU think “Fresh Pink of Bel Air” would taste like?  


So, I added my 2 x 18mg nic shots to my big, 100ml bottle of fruity-smelling stuff, and then I tested it in a variety of devices. I think the device I vaped it in the most was the Jac Vapour Series-S22 kit. (The new one, not the old and faulty one.) It was also in my Aspire Cleito EXO tank for a while, and even in my new RDA tank — the Vapefly Pixie. 

(I’ll be honest, I think I’m converted to RDA’s now chaps. I’m having the best time with my new vape toy!) 

Anyway, back to the taste test. 

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 3


I’m going to be honest with you and say that this is the weirdest vape flavour I’ve ever tasted, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s fruity, yes. There are definite berry tones in there. Light ones, not dark ones. A touch of strawberry, perhaps? It’s also got that icy hit like I thought it would, plus a twang of something else. At first, I thought it might have been grapefruit or something like that, but I don’t think it is. Maybe a citrus fruit? It’s not lemon, lime, or orange, though. Something a bit … I’m not sure? Watery and sweeter than those. 

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 4

I’ve been vaping on Fresh Pink of Bel Air for a while now, on and off. I tried it first right after throwing the nic shots in, and then I gave it another try a couple of weeks after that, and then again a few more weeks after that. Yet I *still* couldn’t figure out what the eliquid was meant to taste like. It’s actually really nice — very tangy and refreshing and oh-so-perfect for the summer, but I literally have no clue what the individual flavours that make it actually are. I’m still going with summery, light berries, but what that exhale twang is, I don’t know. 

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 7

I guess I’d best look up the actual flavour … 

Flavour description: 

“Fresh Pink Of Bel Air eliquid is a combination of summery fruits with a crisp finish. The pink fruit flavour creates a tropical taste, that plays between sweet and tart for a balanced vape. On exhale, a sweetened aloe vera creates a cool and tangy finish with underlying sugary notes.”



*That’s* what I thought was citrus/grapefruit? No wonder I didn’t figure it out. To be honest, if I’d known there was Aloe Vera in the flavour, this would never have been an eliquid I’d purchase for myself. I’ve only ever tried the stuff once, in a drink, and I’m pretty sure I got it from a Costco-style place in Canada. Blurgh. That’s all I’m saying about that experience. Blurgh. 

This juice, however, does not taste blurgh. I’m assuming Aloe Vera is the weird and tangy, yet sweet flavour I can taste more on the exhale, and it adds a really nice, unique twist on things. Nothing at all like that weird drink I had. 


100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 5


The flavour does intensify the longer you leave it to steep before vaping, but it’s definitely one that you can vape right away after mixing. There’s no initial gruffness or distorted flavour to worry about. Everything settles down nicely, and pretty quickly. 


I have found that 100 Large eliquids offer plenty of vapour, with an easy-on-the-throat hit. This one is no exception, but you do get a bit more of a sharpness with that cooling agent addition. I have no real complaints; it just took me a little while to find the sweet spot on my vape. 


This is a really refreshing, light, and easy to vape eliquid, and it’s packed with flavour, too. Lots of it. You certainly can’t call it boring, or like any other. The unique flavour is just part of the reason why this one is so good — it’s one that I’ll remember for all the right reasons. 

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 1

Would I buy 100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air eliquid again? Yes, I would. I liked this one, even though I couldn’t actually work out what the flavour was. It’s one that I’m definitely going to pick up again once this big bottle runs out. 

Would I recommend 100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air eliquid to you? If someone were to say to me: “What would you recommend for a good and refreshing summertime vape?”, I’d probably suggest this one. It’s definitely easy to vape, and not too harsh on the back of the throat. A good all-rounder if you ask me. 

More information about 100 Large at Large Juice Vape Co.


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