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8 Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 1

There are a number of reasons why you’d want to make your coils last longer. For a start, the more you use, the more you need to buy, and that can bump up the cost of your vaping habit. In my experience, coils can last very different lengths of time, depending on what kind of coils you’re using, what brand it is, what tank it’s in, what liquid you’re using, and more factors besides.

Certain types of liquids are renowned for burning through coils much quicker than you’d expect, and there are certain coils (and brands of coil) that also have a tendency to burn out too quickly also. I’ve learned a few hacks and tips to make your coils last longer over the years, and I decided it was about time I shared some of them with you.

8 Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 2

1 – Use Authentic, Good Quality Coils 

Do you ever check the scratch-and-check authenticity foil pieces on the vape items you buy? I never used to do that. Shocking, right? I know. I’ll slap myself around the head for it, don’t worry. You really should get into a habit of doing this, for everything that comes through your door. I’ve read so many stories on the ol’ Twitterscope lately of people buying fake tanks or mods and not realising, or buying crappy, fake coils and throwing most of them away. Even the most reputable stores can have ‘accidents’.

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 3

If you make sure you check the authenticity of every vape item that offers you the service, you can send the items back and get GENUINE ones right away if there are problems. If you don’t check the coils immediately, and then you use a bunch and end up having a whole load of problems with them, the shop you bought them from is going to be … ‘iffy’.

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap coils, just because they’re cheap. Especially if they’re not authentic. I’ve used both cheap and expensive coils over the years. Some of the cheapies have been pretty decent, but more often than not, the slightly more expensive ones tend to work better. And, by more expensive, I mean big-branded. Although not all ‘big brands’ provide reliable vaporisers and vape accessories, let’s get that straight right now.

But … if you buy cheap knock-offs from some dodgy store on Ebay, there’s a good chance you’ll get what you pay for, you know?

2 – Don’t Buy Coils for Tanks You Can’t Get On With 

From a very early point, I realised that the Aspire Cleito EXO tank and I weren’t going to get along. That was definitely the case with the coils that came with it — 0.16-ohm coils. These are recommended to be vaped at 60 watts to 100 watts. Admittedly, this was well above what I was used to vaping with at the time. I think, up until that point, my highest had been 40 or 45 watts.

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 5

I gave up on those coils right away. The first coil in the box was faulty, and the second one just wasn’t fun for me to vape with. I did try the 0.4-ohm coils that are designed for the original Cleito tank by Aspire, and I have so much more luck with them. That’s actually a much better combination for me.

What’s the point of me telling you this story? Well, if you have a tank and you seem to go through the coils on that tank really quickly, perhaps it’s time to look at buying another tank. I know you might love the way it looks, but if it doesn’t vape the way you want it to unless you’re burning through coils at a daily rate, there’s a good chance there might be a better tank out there for you. Or, at least, a better combination of tank and box, perhaps?

Sometimes, it’s better to admit defeat and throw money at a tank or device you’re much better suited to. If I was still stubbornly trying to get on with the Aspire Cleito EXO tank with those 0.16-ohm coils, I dread to think how much money I would have spent on them by now. With the 0.4-ohm coils, I’m finding they last me about a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it all depends on what juice is going in there.

3 – Prime Them Properly 

I can’t express the importance of this enough.


Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 9

I had a very unfortunate situation with the Innokin Scion tank recently, and it was almost enough to put me off using the tank for life. It didn’t, thankfully, and you’ll be happy to know it’s still my every day, all-day vape. There was one time that I didn’t let the coil to prime for long enough though, and the taste that filled my mouth was so revolting, I actually had a little sick-in-mouth incident that I would much rather not talk about.

If you don’t prime your coil for long enough, there’s a good chance that it’ll burn out right away. Like, immediately, before you’ve even had a chance to get any use out of it. In the case of the Innokin Scion, I threw away £3.33 (the cost of one coil). Out the packet, into the bin. I was so annoyed. You only get three in a packet and they’re not TPD compliant so there are only a few places you can get them from.

If you prime your coil properly and for long enough, they’ll last you much longer. They’ll at least last you long enough to get a few puffs out of it. Honestly, I still haven’t recovered from that burnt taste.

4 – Don’t Vape Sweet & Thick Eliquids 

Again, the thicker your eliquid, the harder it is going to be on your coil. Sweetness works against it too, adding more compounds in the form of artificial sweeteners. I have this problem a lot because I vape with thick, sweet, and dessert-themed eliquids. I used to remember a friend that vaped with menthols all the time going through MTL coils quicker than I would go through the same coils with tobacco liquid too. The menthol liquid is generally thicker than the tobacco.

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 10

Sticking with the same idea, I’ve found that I burn through sub ohm coils much quicker than I go through MTL (mouth-to-lung) coils too. My Kanger Geni Aero tank, for example, that came with the Jac Vapour Series-E Kit (pre-TPD) can last over two weeks on a single coil, depending on the juice. I vape with tobacco flavoured MTL eliquids much more frequently than I vape with other flavours, and my MTL coils always last me forever. Usually two/three weeks or more. Maybe I’m just lucky?

This is more than likely because MTL liquid is much thinner than sub ohm liquid, with the higher VG concentrate. It is the VG part of the liquid that makes it thick and gloopy.

5 – Don’t Chain-Vape 

I can be a nightmare for this sometimes. I’ll have the vape in my hand for hours, just chain-puffing away. You shouldn’t do this, and there are a number of reasons why. Vape devices get really hot when you use them for prolonged periods of time. You’ll burn your hand. It also increases any risks. Fire hazards and all that.

Not just that, the coils will definitely burn out quicker. Burning through coils quicker means more expense. You’ll need to buy more of them.

Let’s use the Innokin Scion tank as an example.

When I use the Innokin Scion tank on top of my Wismec Predator 228 ‘normally’, the coil will last me close to two weeks. Sometimes even longer than this. By ‘normally’, I mean vaping with it for a bit in the morning, having a few cheeky puffs between morning and lunch, having a wee chain-puff at lunch (because that’s how I used to smoke), and then a few cheeky puffs between lunch and dinner. That’s about the time that ‘regular’ people finish work, so a little bit more chain-vaping happens, and then you have dinner and socialise or whatever. Then some more chain-vaping just before bed. That’s what I would consider ‘regular’ vaping … for me.

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 11

Source: bestecig

When I chain-vape, however, I chain-vape for large portions of the day. When I’m busy working on a project, for example, I can sit at the laptop for 4 or 5 hours straight and happily vape the whole way through. You can barely see me when I’m done, but I’m always surrounded by a wonderful haze that smells of something fruity or dessert-like.

Chain-vaping makes me go through a coil for the Innokin scion tank in three or four days. The difference between regular and chain-vaping is pretty incredible.

Regular vaping = 2 weeks (ish)

Chain-vaping = 3 or 4 days

6 – Don’t Vape Eliquids Containing Food Colouring 

The clearer your eliquid is, the easier it is going to be on your coil. Food colourings just add another compound to the juice that your coil needs to work with. If the juice is already a thick one, that thickness PLUS the food colouring can really work against the average coil.

Also, there are things to be said about colourings in eliquid. It’s a topic I’m looking at in more detail, but I seem to read a lot about vapers who would rather avoid them.

7 – Vape at a Lower Wattage 

The higher the wattage you vape at, the quicker you’ll go through the coils. I’ve definitely found this to be the case with my Aspire Cleito EXO tank (with the original Cleito 0.4-ohm coils). When I use the device on the Vapour2 Trinity box mod (maxing out at 40 watts), the coils last me for ages. A couple of weeks, in some cases, depending on what liquid I’m vaping with — thickness, etc. When I switched the box mod over to something more powerful — the Wismec Predator 228 box, for example, and started vaping with it at 60 watts, I changed the coil in about a week. It might just be a coincidence, but y’know …

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 12

If you’re running low on coils, and you know the next shipment won’t be for a little while, go easy on the watts. Turn them down a bit, if only by 10 watts or so. The lower you can go, the longer the coils will last you. The higher the wattage you vape at, the harder the coil is having to work, therefore, the quicker you’re going to go through them.

8 – Build ‘Em 

I don’t build my coils, but I hear it’s much cheaper than buying stock coils. I’ve heard through the grapevine that vape reviewers find coil-building easier for reviewing liquids too. To be fair, they have a point. It *is* hassle having to clean out a tank and grab a brand new coil for a liquid that you may or may not even like. I quite like it that way though. I’m sure I’ll get around to building coils eventually, and even if I’m crap at it, I’m sure there are people that you can throw money at to build your coils for you. In fact, I’m sure I know one of those nice chaps on Twitter > Chris Grimes. People have said the nicest things about his coils.

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 14

Source: Chris Grimes

But I know a lot of people who just can’t be bothered with building coils. I might even be one of those people. I like to think that my reviews are for those people — the people who enjoy stock tanks with stock coils and aren’t too bothered about twisting bits of metal and sticking some fluff in it.

>> I know the process is much more complicated than that, don’t worry. That’s why I’m not doing it. In fact, when I asked Chris Grimes what he thought, he said this:

“Yeah, make-your-own sounds easy, lol. The more advanced builds can take hours to make 1 pair. Some people don’t realise this. Handmade ones will last a little longer due to the fact the wire I use is manufactured here in the UK. Plus, they’re thoroughly cleaned x 3 times during & after the coiling process, and polished. You won’t get coils like that from a factory, where they’re mass produced. Things like machine oils and carbon dust can be on these factory-made coils. OK, my coils may be more expensive, but they last if looked after with proper cleaning and re-wicking. Some have had them last over 3 months”

So, if you want to save some money on your vaping habit and you feel like getting hands-on, building your own coils can help. I can’t say whether or not they last longer because I’ve never tried them myself, but everyone I know who builds coils tells me they do last longer.

Tips to Make Your Coils Last Longer 13

Source: Chris Grimes

So, those are my 8 tips to make your coils last longer, but if you’ve got any great tips of your own, feel free to shout them out. There’s a nice little space at the bottom of this post where you can leave your comments, and you can always get in touch via the medium of social media too. What devices do YOU find zoom through coils too quickly? Or, have you found an eliquid that kills coils in mere moments? Let me know. Let us all know. Stop the rest of us from making the same mistakes … 😉

Thanks so much for reading, as always, and I hope you found these 8 tips to make your coils last longer useful. Give me a shout if you give any of them a try for yourself, I’d love to know if they worked for you.


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*Big thanks to Chris Grimes for giving me permission to use his images and words for this post. If you wanted to learn more, you’ll find him in the following places:

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