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8 Tricks To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

Some e-cigarettes and vaporisers just leak. I know I probably shouldn’t say that but with certain models, I just find they leak a lot. I tried a Really Electronic Cigarettes clearomizer once and all it did was leak and gurgle but luckily, it seems to the minority of models. I have more non-leaking tanks than leaking ones.

 If you have found yourself with a leaky tank and can’t seem to stop it, try these helpful tips and tricks:

8 Tricks To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

8 Tricks To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

 1 – Check your tank

It sounds simple and it really is – unscrew it and screw it back together again. By that I mean the battery from the tank, and then the coil out of the tank too. The leak might be called a misalignment of the threading somewhere, and by unscrewing and re-screwing it back together again, the issue is usually resolved.

2 – Does your coil need changing?

Sometimes your leak is down to a coil that just needs to be replaced. If you’ve been using it for a few weeks, it starts to taste bad, or it’s turning your e-liquid into a thick, brown and gloopy mess, it’s a coil issue. Take the bad coil out, replace it with a fresh one, give the tank a good clean while you’re there, and screw it back together again.

3 – How are you storing your tank?

If you lie your e-cigarette down on its side a lot, you’re more likely to get a leak. It’s a gravity thing … The same can be said for your e-liquid bottles too. Whenever I have glass e-liquid bottles and I lie them down on their sides, they ALWAYS seem to leak.

If you’re putting your e-cig or vaporiser in your handbag, make sure it’s one a pen-pocket or similar so that it’s not lying down. You should also make sure you’re not leaving it on its side on the desk, bedside cabinet, coffee table … I’m sure you get the hint – don’t leave your ecig on its side.

4 – Are you inhaling too hard?

If you forcefully suck e-liquid through the mouthpiece, it’s going to come through. There is such a thing as inhaling too hard. If you have an ecig with air holes, opening them can make it easier to draw the air / vapour through, and you’ll also find that it works better. A very harsh inhale may quickly pull e-liquid through the chamber before everything has a chance to heat up, and this will result getting into places it shouldn’t.

5 – Have you over-filled your tank?

If you’ve just refilled your ecig tank and it’s started to leak and / or gurgle, there’s a good chance you have over-filled your tank. All you need to do is unscrew it, empty some of the liquid, give it a wipe and piece it back together again. If you continually over-fill your tank, you’ll break it eventually. The e-liquid will clog and congeal, meaning you won’t be able to screw it together properly, and it’ll also cause erosion and make it harder to screw together, meaning you’ll be more likely to break it.

6 – Are your watts high enough?

This only really counts if you’ve got a vaporiser or electronic cigarette on which you can change the wattage. I don’t generally use these so much, although there are a few awesome models you could look at.

The point I’m trying to make is that if the power isn’t high enough, you’re not making enough heat to turn all the liquid into vapour so although you’ll be getting some, a lot of it will be wasted and there’s only once place for it to go – in the mouthpiece and right into your mouth. It might be worth turning the power up a little to see if it makes any difference.

7 – Close the air-holes when you’re refilling the tank

Sometimes when you’re refilling, having those air-holes open can create a cushion of sorts of air, and when you’re refilling your tank, it can cause problems such as pushing the liquid where it’s not meant to go – in your mouth. To solve the problem, close the airflow system or air-holes before you refill and just open them again when you’re ready to use them.

8 – Double-check where you’re pouring the e-liquid

I know this sounds obvious but if it’s a new device and you’re using it for the first time, you might have accidentally poured e-liquid where it’s not meant to go. I’ve done it a few times, especially with the JacVapour Series E when I first got it – I forgot to put the coil in entirely and poured eliquid all through the mouthpiece and right onto my lap.

Just make sure you’re not pouring a little e-liquid into the mouthpiece as you’re refilling it. Simple but effective.

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So there’s my advice – 8 tricks to stop your ecig tank leaking. If you have any further advice you’d like to add, feel free to leave your comments below. Come be Facebook friends while you’re there – that’s where I post all the latest juicy gossip and deals / special offers.

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