Thursday , 2 April 2020

Announcing The New Vype eBox

Vype eBox

I’ve had mixed emotions when it comes to the Vype or GoVype range of products. I first tried the Vype ePen and absolutely hated it, barely even rating it with one star out of five. As you can see from the Vype ePen Review, some people agreed with me, some didn’t. Either way, the brand has recently released a second generation of the model, apparently better than the one before. I will, of course, give this new model a try and let you know what I thought about it in the new and improved review. Watch this space…

Moving on, I tried the Vype eTank which I actually had much better luck with. I quite liked this device and although I wasn’t overly impressed with some of the e-liquids I tried, the eTank itself is a decent device, perfect for a beginner which is technically what it’s been created for.

Moving on from that, there’s something new to get excited about! Vype announce new eBox and it looks pretty nifty if I’m being honest.

Vype eBox Vapouriser – £44.99

Vype eBox

It’s not a sub-ohm device before you get carried away, they haven’t gone that far. It is a box-style e-cig or vaporiser though, with variable wattages on offer, and the air-flow change option too. Essentially what this box does, and what the ePen and eTank doesn’t do, is give you a little more control over your vaping experience.

You have control over how much power the box is using, as well as the flavour you’re getting, the amount of vape the device produces when you use it, and more.

The wattages range from 4v to 12v, and there are + and – buttons as well as a LED screen so you know what power level you’re at. I quite like vapes with these screens – the JacVapour Series-B Tilt had one and everyone loves it. The Vapouriz VBox 40w doesn’t have a screen but does have a sequence of four lights which let you know how much battery is left. The VBox also doesn’t have a variable wattage option, the Series-B Tilt from JacVapour does. As does this new Vype eBox.

Vype eBox

There’s plenty of reasons why you might want to change the wattage of your vape. When you first wake up in the morning for example, you might not want a seriously strong vape. You might only want a little, light vape, to get you used to being awake and alive again. Turn the wattage down and that’s what you get – a little light vape.

After dinner, stuffed and happy, sprawled out on the couch, you might want a heavier vape, something really juicy and hearty to enjoy after that delicious meal. You’d turn the wattage up here, for more clouds and a stronger vape.

Public vaping might call for you to turn the wattage down a little, but showing off with friends might encourage you to up the power a little to show off the full capabilities. All I’m saying is, once you’ve gone for one of these variable wattage beauties, it’s hard to go back. It’s a cool little feature, a novelty for some perhaps, but one that definitely comes in handy.

Moving along and we come to that tank which is nestled nicely in the box-battery rather than being screwed on top of it. I’m going to be honest, I actually love this design. I have a habit of breaking my vaporisers because I leave them in my pocket when I sit down. I had the Vapouriz SubTank battery with a Vapouriz Aerotank and broke the tank because it was too long and bent in my pocket. I had the same tank on the VBox 40w from Vapouriz and that one busted too. They’re too long for me, or I’m too clumsy for them. The Vype eBox solves this problem by having the tank inside the design rather than plonked on top of it.

Okay, I actually quite like that feature. Thanks Vype!

In fact, there’s a whole bunch of features on the Vype eBox that I was super impressed with. I was a little on-the-fence when I first saw the news but the more I looked into it, the more I realised they’ve put some serious thought into this.

Vype eBox

Soft touch finish, stainless steel and glass components, nestled in together to avoid breaking, automatic charging cut-off after four hours, on/off battery to prevent battery-waste when you’re not using it, auto shut-down after 15 minutes of non-use to avoid battery-waste, a 2000mAh battery, dual coil and 11 wicks for a clean, rich and super-enjoyable vape experience, adjustable airflow…

Shall I go on?

At £44.99 I figured Vype would need to make their eBox something special. It’s quite expensive when you consider that you can buy the JacVapour Series-E right now for under £30, and the Vapouriz VBox 40w is under £30 too.

Does it warrant the price?

In theory, yes. There’s some pretty impressive features here, and the design is brilliant. You do get a bottle of e-liquid with the kit too.

In practice…? I guess you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for the review.

To take a peek for yourself, you can find the new Vype eBox HERE.

Have you tried the Vype eBox? Let me know what you thought! Would you recommend that others buy it and try it too?


  1. I have had my ebox for nearly a week and so far I am extremely happy with it. I agree that the vype e cigerettes were rubbish but the ebox is pure quality.


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