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BEAR Flavors Grizzly Eliquid Review

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I had a really weird journey with this one — BEAR Flavors Grizzly eliquid. I vaped it before I read the ingredients/flavour description, and what I thought it tasted like was NOTHING like what the flavour description suggested. To be honest, it was all quite bizarre, but not entirely unpleasant … 

Let me explain. 

BEAR Flavors Grizzly Eliquid Review


I’ve already reviewed a few of the BEAR Flavors range (see here) and discussed the company at great length, so I won’t repeat the same ol’ stuff and bore you half to death. Instead, I’ll tell you that BEAR Flavors is the child of VapeFindr, and the range was released back in 2017. Vape Club originally sent me the package of eliquids, but it seems BEAR Flavors are no longer available on their website.

I’ll include links to where you can find this range of eliquids at the bottom of this post, but the VapeFindr website looks to have been closed down. Not just the shop section; the whole thing. As has the London Vape Show website. What’s going on there, then?

BEAR Flavors Grizzly 

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I actually forgot about this eliquid for a little while because the bottle looked really similar to another BEAR Flavors one — Panda. (The one that tastes just like Jammie Dodgers.) It was only as I was doing a sell-by-date check that I realised there was a whole flavour there I hadn’t yet reviewed! 


Grizzly by BEAR Flavors

As previously mentioned, I “blind” taste-tested this eliquid. That means I tried it, jotted down my notes, and then compared it to the flavour description, etc., to see if it all tallied up. I made a proper mistake taking that approach with this eliquid review, let me tell you, because what I guessed was 100% not what the flavour was meant to be. 


I received a tub of 4 x 10ml Grizzly eliquids, all 3mg. 

It’s 80/20 VG/PG [sub-ohm] eliquid. 


I gave the eliquid a good sniff before I dripped it into my tank — the Vapefly Pixie RDA on top of my Wismec Predator 228 box. 0.5-ohm on the coils, bumped to 40 watts. You know, just in case you’re interested in the specifics. 

The smell, though. O-m-gosh, I got some nostalgic vibes from it. It smells exactly like the red Schloer stuff. A bit winey. Fake wine, though. Grape juice-kinda stuff. It smelled quite pleasant, actually. I’d have bought it for the smell. 

Grizzly by BEAR Flavors 1


Grizzly by BEAR Flavors is quite a dry flavour. Not really gruff or packing a punch or anything like that, more like a dry white wine or the dry scratchiness that accompanies a glass of cold cranberry juice. Do you know what I mean? That’s actually what I was convinced the eliquid flavour was when I first starting vaping it — cranberry juice, or something cranberry juice-based. Fruity, sweet, but with a slightly tangy, sour edge … and with that dryness, it definitely reminded me of cranberry juice. 


“A ferocious Cruller with Cinnamon dough and slices of Apple!”




Well, I buggered that up quite spectacularly, didn’t I? I didn’t get it right at all. Like, not even the smallest, slightest little bit. 

I tried the juice again after reading that, and I still don’t really get where they’re coming from with it. I can’t taste vanilla in the slightest, yet it’s right there in the list of flavourings on the label. There’s also cinnamon, which I couldn’t taste; pastry, which I also couldn’t taste; and blueberry … which I’m assuming is what I guessed as cranberry. 

This eliquid is NOT true to taste. It DOES NOT taste like it says on the label. Not to me. 

Despite that, the eliquid flavour itself isn’t too bad. If you liked that red Schloer stuff, you’re going to like this eliquid flavour. It’s pleasant. Summery. A bit like a dry white wine. But it’s definitely not a mix of blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla and pastry. LOLZ, not at all. 

BEAR Flavors Grizzly Eliquid Review 1


Although I quite liked the actual flavour of BEAR Flavors Grizzly eliquid, I did find it too dry. It’s not bad after a while, once you’ve had a few puffs out of it, but it’s a real cough-inducer right away. That doesn’t make me happy. 

Vapour-wise, I got pretty much what I would have expected to get from an 80/20 VG/PG eliquid. I just couldn’t get over the dryness. I always diluted my dry white wines with a bit of lemonade and some ice. That’s kinda what I’d like to do with this juice. 

BEAR Flavors Grizzly Eliquid Review 2


Although not an unpleasant flavour in itself, this is not what I would have expected the combination of individual flavours to taste like. How did something blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon, pastry-based turn into non-alcoholic wine? Answers on a postcard, please.

Would I buy BEAR Flavors Grizzly eliquid again?

Probably not. It’s a weird little situation because I’d have bought and liked the flavour a lot if it had been marketed as a cranberry juice/red grape-based one. It’s not, though, and that’s a little off-putting. Although, to be honest, I’m really not sure why, but there you go. 

Would I recommend BEAR Flavors Grizzly eliquid to you?

If you want something that tastes like blueberry pastry, you’re going to scratch your head with this one. If you’re looking for an eliquid that tastes like a cold, dry cranberry juice to enjoy on a summer’s evening, you might just like it, though. 

BEAR Flavors Grizzly Eliquid Review 3

And if you have tried this flavour, I’d definitely be interested in learning how you thought it tasted it. Did you agree with me on the dryness? Totally taste the blueberry? Or did you get something else entirely? 

Let me know down below! 

Thanks so much for reading today, folks! Enjoy the rest of your day! 

£10.95 / 50ml
includes nic shot to make 3mg
£12.99 / 40ml
4 x 10ml bottles


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*Prices & information correct at time of writing. 

HONESTY POLICY: These BEAR Flavors eliquids were sent to me by Vape Club for a review. I did not pay for these products. I wasn’t paid for this review & I will not be paid for any of my HONEST reviews. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand/manufacturer.


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