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Best4Ecigs ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: Tobacco 
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Spearmint 
  • MY FAVOURITE: Strawberry
  • £ / 10ml: £2.50 – £3.50

*Fast shipping, great flavours & variety, a few stock issues, rave reviews everywhere I’ve looked, nothing but good feedback*

I’ve tried a lot of really good e-liquids over the years and I’ve also tried a few really bad ones. The blu Cigs liquid for example, I didn’t have the best of luck with whereas Vapouriz liquids are some of my favourites…. Depending on the brand of ecig I’m actually using.

I recently changed things up and ordered from a new website for my e-liquid, and the site in question is Best4Ecigs. Cheap and cheerful, they provide me with enough flavours to keep things interesting, and their bottles (as I later found out) are pure genius.

It’s the little things, right?

Now, I’ll start with the bad news. I’ve ordered from Best4Ecigs about three or four times and each time I bought e-liquid. The last time things went a bit wrong, although that was the first time UI’d had any problems with them. They sent out the wrong strength because they didn’t have the original strength I wanted in stock but rather than telling me, they just sent out a Premium version (rather than the regular PG stuff I would normally buy) instead. They later explained the stock issues on the phone and sent me another freebie out to apologise for the confusion. To be fair, the replacement they sent was Premium instead of regular PG, so technically I got a better liquid for a cheaper price.

I’ll give them this – their customer service guys are pretty good.

The Best4Ecigs eliquid I’ve tried so far: 

Best4Ecigs Eliquid

Best4Ecig Eliquid Benson BlendBenson Blend PG 2.4%

This was a really bizarre toxic yellow colour and to be honest, that put me off before I’d even poured it into the tank of my ecig. Once I had tasted it, my opinion didn’t change. I didn’t like this tobacco flavour. There’s a weird aftertaste that I can’t quite put my finger on and combined with the weird yellow colour, it doesn’t wasn’t right for me and I used barely any of it at all. If you want a good tobacco flavour, you should probably go with the next one…

Tobacco PG 2.4%

This is a really decent tobacco flavour and one that I very much enjoyed smoking. This is the one I would recommend to those choosing e-cigs as a way to quit smoking. It doesn’t taste exactly like a real cigarette obviously… It’s not one. It’s a pretty good comparison though. It’s got good throat hit, a nice amount of vapour, and it doesn’t stink when you exhale. A definite winner for me! I’ve actually gone through about five or six 10ml bottles of this one and it seems to have overtaken my pre-favourite of Vapouriz Classic Tobacco.

Menthol PG 2.4%

This is a decent menthol flavour and although I’m not really a fan, my friends really rate this one. In fact, Dan tried to order the same flavour a second time around (which is when the order went wrong) and they sent out the Premium Menthol Sensation variety of liquid instead.

Best4Ecigs Eliquid Menthol Sensation Premium Menthol Sensation Premium 2.4%

This one really was too strong for me, and it was even too strong for Dan who enjoys a much stronger tape than I do. We think it’s because it is the ‘premium‘ version but it had too much vapour and far too much throat hit for us to enjoy. Every time we inhaled, it was like a cold burst to the back of the throat and the lungs and after a while, it just made us cough and wheeze so we  stopped using it. If you’re going for the Premium versions of Best4Ecigs e-liquid, I’d go one strength down from what you would normally buy. So, if you’re a 2.4% smoker usually, opt for a lighter strength like 1.8%.

I am planning on trying the one of the Premium tobacco flavours Best4Ecigs offer so when I do, I’ll come back and update this with the new info!

Strawberry PG 2.4%

Again, a very nice smoke and it actually tasted like strawberry which made a refreshing change. I’ve come across too many e-liquids that don’t taste anything quite like how they are meant to and one classic example of this is when you use cartridges rather thank a tank or personal vaporiser style e-cigarette. It’s almost as if the flavour has been too diluted to enjoy. That’s why I moved onto the tanks – better flavour, better vale and better quality of smoke. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

If you like a sweet, fruit taste, you’ll like the Strawberry Best4Ecigs eliquid. I’d highly recommend it!

Banana PG 2.4%

I hate banana but Dan tried this one and again reported back that it tasted just as it was supposed to. A decent throat hit and vapour too – even the exhale smells like banana which makes a nice change. He said he’d definitely buy this flavour liquid from Best4Ecigs again.

Oh and just so you know – banana and strawberry Best4Ecig eliquid tasted like a delight fruit cocktail. If you get the chance, mix the two together!

Spearmint PG 1.6%

This particular menthol delight was Dan’s favourite and I quite liked it too. It’s almost as if you are smoking Spearmint Polo’s. They were always my favourite Polo’s.

Sadly this liquid is only available in 1.6% which is quite annoying, although it gives a pretty powerful hit so aside from puffing away on it more regularly  than you usually would, you probably wouldn’t notice too much of a difference.

After discussing the matter with their customer service representatives, they have stated that Spearmint is one of their most popular flavours so they are looking to increase the strengths available in that particular one. Woo hoo!

E-Liquid Bottle

Best4Ecigs Eliquid Needle Tip

I know this sounds like a rather strange feature to focus on but honestly, once you have tried one of the Best4Ecig eliquid bottles, you’ll start to wonder why more ecig brands aren’t selling their liquid in this style of bottle too.

There is a very long, thin needle-tip to the bottle that makes it easier than ever to refill your ecig cartridges or tanks. I found these bottles super useful for the cartridges as it’s easier to point the end of the needle right in the centre, preventing overfilling, spillages, and also stops the  eliquid getting into the centre tubing which leads to the battery becoming faulty.

The same applies for tanks and personal vaporisers too. It’s easier to avoid the centre. Tubing with these pointier bottles, so you won’t have that liquid in the mouth situation going in after you’ve refilled it. There’s  a lot less eyes too – I definitely make less of no mess with these bottles than I do with other shaped bottles like those offered by Vapouriz.

They come in their own individual little boxes, and they are cellophane wrapped to which prevents any loss of flavour and also makes sure there are no spillages in transit. You’ll be surprised at how rough your mail guys can be with your parcels. I’ve had a couple of eliquid bottles leaking on arrival over the years and trust me, it’s never a pretty sight.


As strange as it sounds,some e-liquids (such as Vapouriz) seem only to be compatible with certain e-cigarettes. I don’t have this problem with Best4Ecigs.

Let me explain.

After a while, I found the Vapouriz e-liquid was burning out the coils on my Kangertech EVOD very quickly. I was actually going through them at a rate of about one or two per week which is definitely much faster than you should be using them. Thinking it was a faulty e-cig rather than the liquid, I then went on to buy the No1Ejuice Twin Battery Kit and the same thing happened.

I replaced the coils in both e-cigarettes and then tried them with the new Best4Ecigs e-liquid and they were absolutely fine.

It does sound a little strange but my opinion is that some liquids are just too thick for certain e-cigs to handle them for long. Vapouriz definitely offer great e-liquids with good flavours and a big range of them too but there were a few issues with various e-cig models. I’ve had no issues with the Best4Ecigs stuff in ANY of the e-cig brands I’ve tried the liquid in so I think these guys have now become my new favourite.

As with most ecig brands, the more e-liquid you buy, the cheaper it proves to be so if you buy in bulk, you’ll get much bigger savings. You could even be getting your 10ml bottles for as little as £2.50 each. If you want to buy just the one 10ml bottle of PG liquid, you’ll be paying £3 which still isn’t a bad price when you compare them to some of the other brands I’ve tried and tested. Some of them out there charge almost £10 for one 10ml bottle and although these tend to be luxury, premium brands, that’s a little more than I’d be willing to pay, that’s for sure.

Shipping has always been super fast in my experience from Best4Ecigs, and for £2.95 not only is it First Class delivery, it’s also signed for. I’ve always received my order the next day, even on Christmas Eve.

Why Should You Buy Best4Ecigs E-Liquid?

Firstly, if you’re running low on liquid and starting to freak out, don’t. Best4Ecigs have the fastest shipping I’ve experienced. It’s there the next day in most cases, and you can track your order too.

Secondly, there are more flavours than you could shake a stick at. We all like variety and as well as giving you a whole bunch of flavours to try  you can even mix different blends together to come up with new flavours. Maybe I should start telling you about my interesting recipes….?

Best4Ecigs Eliquid List

Thirdly, they are strong enough liquids to give you a really good amount of throat hit and vapour. If you’re going for the Premium e-liquid, I’d actually recommend going down a strength level. The regular, stronger one might be too much for you… It was for Dan and I!

Finally, they offer really good value for money and there are always great multibuy offers available. Why not check out the Best4Ecigs site and have a peek yourself?

Best4Ecigs Eliquid

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