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Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers! How’s your day going? Thanks for stopping by, I’m assuming you’re here to read all about DIY liquid today. Because that’s what this is — the Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster eliquid review — it’s an easy-mix kit that allows you to make larger bottles of eliquid than just the piddly 10 ml bottles the TPD allows. You get your big bottle of flavour, your little bottle of nicotine, often called ‘nic shots’, and it’s simply a process of mixing the two together.

bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Review 2

Bestcigliquid like to make life easy for you too. When you head on over to the website, you’ll see that things are clearly marked out. Things are broken down by eliquid type (there are various ranges I haven’t yet checked out), and then by flavour type too — fruity, dessert-flavours, tobacco, menthol, etc.

When you do finally come to the flavour and type of eliquid you’d like, you choose the desired bottle size, add the nicotine strength you want to vape with, and whether or not you’re using VG or PG nicotine. This is the bit where I get a bit lost, I must be honest. The kits themselves don’t include nicotine (from what I can make out), but you can buy that from the site too. (You’ll find that HERE.) A 10 ml bottle of (VG) Nicotine Shot 20 mg is £0.85. If you have a 50 ml bottle of Easy Mix, you’d need half a bottle for a 2 mg strength finished product. You’d need 1 full bottle for 4 mg strength, 1.5 bottles for 6 mg … The website tells you how much you’d need for each one.

I received a 100 ml bottle of Easy Mix. In order to make my 100 ml bottle my desired strength of 3 mg, I had to add 1.5 bottles of VG Nicotine Shot 20 mg.

Does that make sense? (I do show you how to do this in the video. You’ll find that HERE.)

The website states that you should use VG Nicotine Shot 72 mg (rather than 20 mg) with 250 ml Easy Mix bottles. The higher nicotine strength is also recommended for the Best Shot products that are sold on the Bestcigliquid website.

Now, that’s the important info out the way, let’s get back to the review …

Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Eliquid Review 

I received three different flavours in my surprise package from Bestcigliquid — Biscuit Monster, Pink Lady, and Lesley’s Lemon Cheesecake. I have noticed that not all flavours are available at all times. I can’t seem to find Biscuit Monster in the Easy Mix list right now, for example, and when I first received the package, I couldn’t find in-stock nic shots on their website. (They are now in stock.) When I recorded the video, I couldn’t find ‘Pink Lady’ on the Easy Mix list either … Don’t even get me started on that one.

I have found Biscuit Monster in the ‘One Shot Eliquids (Nicotine Shots Supplied)’ section of their website, but it seems to be out of stock. That’s HERE.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t find the website that easy to work my way around, but that might just be me.

Making the Liquid 

The website might not be that easy for me to figure out, but the liquid was super simple. The label on the bottle even states how many of the smaller bottles I would need to add to get a 3 mg strength finished product. I threw 1.5 of the smaller bottles into the larger 100 ml bottle (which isn’t filled to the top to allow for the extra 15 mg of nicotine) and then gave it a good shake.

bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Review 1

I asked if I would need to allow the liquid to sit (“steep”) for a while before I could use it, and they said no, I could go right ahead and use it right away. However, the flavour would become more intense the longer I left it. I figured I’d make up the batch, throw some of it into the smaller bottle to use right away, and then leave the rest for a few months. I could see how it tasted right away, and then how it tasted after it had steeped.

I’m a genius, right?


I liked the smell of this one. I love a good biscuit, so I figured I probably wouldn’t go far wrong with a biscuit flavoured juice. The ‘monster’ part of the name kinda made me assume it would pack a powerful punch, although that wasn’t represented by the smell. I liked it, but it wasn’t all-powerful.

If I was going to review it by the smell alone, it would have gone a little bit like this – “Meh.”

Taste – Right Away 

The website states:

“A one of a kind dessert flavour, extremely popular in recent months, it has a biscuit and cake base with vanilla and cream. It’s a delicious dessert E liquid.”

Of course, I had to try it as soon as I had made the bottle up. This was the first one I made up if I remember rightly. You know, because I’m a biscuit fiend and all.

When I first started using the liquid, I loved it. I used loads of the stuff. It’s a really nice juice, very gruff, and with some serious ‘monster’ about it, despite the weak smell.

bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Review 3

The taste of this juice is very biscuity. I know, I know, you want it to be biscuity, right? But … well, I think it might be a bit too biscuity. (I’m never happy.) In the video, I used the words “almost-burnt” and I still stand by that.

You know when you have a biscuit vape that is a bit not-nice? Almost like you’ve left freshly-baked biscuits in the oven for too long and they’ve come out too brown with those really dark, horrible-tasting bits around the edges? That’s the taste I had from this liquid, but only after a few days of using it. The first couple of days, I loved it. But then it seemed like I’d “over-vaped” with it. I don’t even know if that’s a real thing?

I thought perhaps the coil had burned out very quickly, but it seems to be the same across different devices. I always like it for the first few days, but then I just find it a bit too biscuity-gruff. Almost burnt.

I used Biscuit Monster in a number of different devices, but mostly with the Innokin Scion Tank (+ 0.5-ohm coils), and also the tank that came with the Vaptio P-III Gear kit. I seemed to like it the most in the Vaptio tank, in fact.

Taste — 3 Months Steeped

The flavour definitely intensifies the longer you leave it. I actually think it mellows out a bit too. I go back to it every now and again and I definitely enjoy it every time. I can taste more of the biscuit and slightly less of the gruffness now it’s been sat there for a while, but it’s still a liquid I find myself using for short bursts only.

Throat Hit & Vapour 

My Biscuit Monster liquid was 3 mg nicotine strength. I’d have chosen that strength if I had purchased the liquid myself, and I really enjoyed vaping with it. It was a bit gruffer than the other juices from the same range, such as Lesley’s Lemon Cheesecake, but I think that has to do with the deep, gruff flavour. Every now and again, I found it hit me a bit harder on the back of the throat.

Vapour production across the Bestcigliquid Easy Mix range was impressive, I felt. And the vapour smelled lovely too. Saves on air freshener … 😉

bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Review 4

Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

I found this one really tough to review. I really enjoyed the taste of it at first, but it just seems like maybe I went on biscuit overload, perhaps? I’m not sure what the reason, but I just enjoyed vaping with Biscuit Monster in short bursts. This isn’t the same across ALL Bestcigliquid Easy Mix juices, just in case you were wondering. The Lesley’s Lemon Cheesecake review will be coming soon. I VERY MUCH enjoyed that one, and I found the flavour delightful each time I went back to it. Consistently. Not just for the first few days.

Oh, wait, I should have said: ⚠Spoiler Alert!⚠


Would I buy Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster again? I’ve had this bottle for some time now and I’ve not managed to work my through it yet. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the flavour of this liquid, but only for a tank-full, two at most. Any more than that and I just think I get too much gruff, almost-burnt biscuit-ness. It’s packed with a little too much of a punch for me.

Would I recommend Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster to you? If you really like biscuit juices that are packed with a deep, rich biscuit punch, I reckon you’ll like this one. It *IS* a good biscuit flavour, and it tastes like a biscuit … I just think it’s a bit too much biscuit after a while, that’s all. It’s not one that I could vape every day.

You can check out Bestcigliquid for yourself here:

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*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: These Easy Mix eliquids were sent to me by Bestcigliquid. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand/manufacturer.

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