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Black Note Forte Eliquid Review

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Hey, vapers, how’s your day going? I’m currently sat here watching Mister best-ecig play Xbox games and merrily vaping away, so I figured it would make perfect sense for me to let you all know what I think about it in my Black Note Forte eliquid review.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 3

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You know how much I love to scrutinise a good tobacco MTL liquid, which is what this one is. I went through a spate of really awful tasting tobacco-flavoured eliquids, almost giving up on them entirely. I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve had some real crackers make their way into my mailbox recently, and I’m so very happy about this. Ecstatic, in fact.

My Black Note eliquid haul was sent to me by the very fine folks over at, so before I go any further, I’d like to say a whopping thanks to them.

In my surprise package, I received the following:

About Black Note

I had a little read up on the Black Note company as, although I’d seen and heard of them, I hadn’t actually bought any to try for myself. Naturally Extracted Tobacco — NET — is something I’ve been investigating lately, mostly because I’ve been sent a few bottles to eliquid to try that have the NET wording plastered all over them. I figured it must be the latest new thing in tobacco-based vaping. You know … a bit like a new fad diet?

I was wrong.

I’m wrong a lot.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 9

From what I can make out, NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco), actually uses the real tobacco leaf to get the rich, deep and satisfying tobacco hit and flavour. According to the Black Note section of the Vapour UK website, the eliquids from this California-based company are meant to give you as close to a real tobacco taste as you’re ever going to get without actually having a cigarette.

Ooooh, I do love a good challenge. I’ll take that on, c’mon, Black Note, let’s go …

Before I put them under scrutiny, here’s a few more things you’ll need to know about Black Note:

  • Available in 10 ml bottles (£7.99 / 10 ml)
  • Also in 30 ml tubs — 3 x 10 ml bottles (£22.99 / 30 ml)
  • Nicotine strengths: 3 mg (Ultra Low), 6 mg (Low), 12 mg (Medium), and 18 mg (High).
  • 50/50 VG/PG

Now, before I go ahead with the atual Black Note Forte eliquid review, I just want to talk about some stuff I found — stuff I don’t quite understand.

So, I read on Vapour UK that Black Note was a California-based eliquid company. That’s cool.

I click on the ‘Black Note Forte’ page, and in the description, it says “Made in the Italy”.

A little bit of further reading tells me that the tobacco leaves are grown near Mount Vesuvius in Italy, which clears up that whole “Made in Italy” business, I guess.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 8

But then I looked at the cute presentation tube that the eliquid bottles come in. That has a Maltese address on it. I know that Malta is close to Italy because I’ve been there. My Nan used to live there and talks about it a lot. I still call Bugibba, “Buggabee” because I couldn’t say it when I was younger and it still makes me laugh today. I’m almost 100% sure that Malta is not part of Italy though.

Wait, I learned something else. This is what it says on the actual Black Note website:

“Extracted in Italy, Bottled in California”

What about Malta though? I’m confused. That is all. (It’s not hard to confuse me though, admittedly.)

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review [Burley Tobacco Blend]

So, I figured I’d kick-start the reviews off with Forte, seeing as I’m vaping with it right now. I actually started with Quartet. I not only managed to misplace the bottle, but also the notebook containing my random scribblings about the liquid too. They’ll be in one of my many handbags. I just can’t remember which one. I’ll dig it out … tomorrow. I’ll totally find it tomorrow.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 10

Anyway, back to the review — I received a 10 ml bottle of 12 mg Forte.


The website states:

“It’s Burley tobacco that gives some of the most famous cigarette brands their distinctive rich taste. Forte is a Burley blend, full bodied with a lot of complex undertones and a slightly sweet flavour. The secret behind Black Note Forte’s success is a simple one. Instead of using standard flavourings to mimic the characteristic taste of Burley tobacco Black Note have decided to use actual Burley tobacco.”

See — I told you that they used the actual leaf of the plant. That’s quite cool, right? At least then you know you’re not messing around with a bunch of artificial flavourings and stuff. There’s no need for artificial flavours when you have the real thing.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 7

I agree with “burley”. It’s definitely that. Very gruff and very deep, I was actually quite impressed by the power of it, especially as it’s a 12 mg and I’d normally vape somewhere in the region of 16 to 18 mg with mouth-to-lung liquids. It’s really powerful, especially that gruffness. If I were going to buy this one again, I’d actually be more inclined to choose the 6 mg, rather than the 12 mg I received.

I do think like the flavour on this one, but I think the gruffness is too much for me. It’s definitely a tobacco liquid I’d recommend to people looking for strong tobacco’y hit, not those looking for something to replace ‘lighter’ cigarettes. I found the taste a little difficult to work out with the burley demeanour. Almost like the gruffness is too overpowering. That’s just a personal choice because I actually know a few people who vape strong-flavoured tobaccos like this one. It’s just too much for me. Too overpowering.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 4

Despite that, the flavour, from what I can taste of it, is really decent. A deep and rich tobacco flavour that doesn’t taste artificial in the slightest.

Throat Hit & Vapour 

At 12 mg, this one had some serious throat hit. It’s a little too much for me. I would prefer to take things down a tad, but you can’t deny that this one packs a serious punch. It’s not one that I find easy to vape with first thing in the morning. I prefer a lighter vape. In really stressful situations, however, when I crave a cigarette the most, this Black Note Forte liquid sure does come in handy!

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 6

The vapour produced is about what you’d expect from a 12 mg 50/50 VG/PG eliquid. I didn’t feel like there was too much or too little. It was just right. I’ve used the liquid in a couple of devices/tanks, including the Kanger Geni Aero tank (that comes with the old JacVapour Series-E kit) on top of the V2 Cigs Trinity Kit, in the Blu Cigs Pro (even though it says you can only use Blu Cigs liquid with it because I’m badass), and also in the Kebor Cloud Auto Kit, which I’ve found is a much better MTL device than sub ohm device. I find myself using it quite regularly as an MTL device.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

I know I’ve been quite harsh in this review, but you must remember that it’s all based on MY opinions — my tastes and preferences. This eliquid was too strong for me in terms of gruffness, but I can’t deny that the flavour on it was a good one, and very close to that of tobacco. The clue is in the title really — it’s called the “burley” tobacco blend. And burley it bloody well is. Too much for me, but I know a few people it would be just perfect for.

Black Note Forte Eliquid Review 5

Would I buy Black Note Forte again? No, not this one, but that’s only because it doesn’t meet my personal requirements. It’s too much. Too burley and gruff. I would have probably enjoyed it more if it had been 6 mg.

Would I recommend Black Note Forte to you? Yes, but only if you’re in the market for a strong, tobacco flavour that comes with just as much gruffness as it does a hearty taste. If you’re looking for something more lighthearted than that, this one will kick you right on your ass.


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