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Black Note Legato Eliquid Review

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Well, hello! How are things! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Black Note Legato eliquid review today. I’m assuming you’re in the market for a really good tobacco flavour if you’re reading this today, and you’re definitely barking up the right tree with this one. In fact, the Black Note range has been really pleasant all over. They’re definitely eliquids I’ll buy and vape time and time again. 

Black Note Legato Eliquid Review 2

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This is the last of the collection of Black Note eliquids I received in my care package to review, sent from, and I’m not really sure how come I forgot about this one — Legato — for as long as I did. It was only as I was raiding the to-be-reviewed box that I came across the four little 10ml bottles of this stuff, and I figured I should probably start vaping on them since they were going to go out of date soon. 

What are your views on out of date eliquid? Would you vape it? Or no? I have done, but only when they were just a couple of months past their expiry date. If it were any longer than that, I’d probably give it a miss … you know? 

Black Note Legato Eliquid Review 4

Black Note is a range of NET eliquids — Naturally Extracted Tobacco. These are my favourite types of eliquid, and I find that they usually pack the best, most authentic tobacco flavours. This is because the flavours are actually derived from tobacco plants themselves, hence the name ‘naturally extracted tobacco’. If you click on the little red link above, you’ll read everything I learned about NET eliquids, and also why they’re my favourite. 

Just in case you fancy a mini rundown, here are the facts — 

NET eliquids don’t use artificial flavourings, tend to be healthier and better for both you and your coil, and have the best (true-to-taste) tobacco-based flavours. They also tend to be a little bit more expensive, but that’s because the process to make the liquids is longer and more labour-extensive. Someone’s gotta get the actual flavours from those leaves, ya know? 

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I received a tub that contained 4 x 10ml bottles of Black Note Legato, 50/50 VG/PG and 6mg strength. Unless you hadn’t already guessed, they were mouth-to-lung [MTL] juices. I would usually have ordered 12mg in the MTL 50/50 stuff, so I expected Legato and the rest of the Black Note range to be a little less satisfying than what I needed. As you’ll soon start to realise, that wasn’t the case … 

Black Note Legato Eliquid Review 3


I’m not sure how come Legato ended up being the last of the Black Note eliquids I tried, or how come I forgot about the bottles I had for as long as I did. It was a bad move on my part because this eliquid is actually a really nice tobacco one — and one that I would have appreciated a while ago. I always turn to strong tobacco-flavoured eliquids when I get really stressed, and I think that’s because I really crave a cigarette during those times. Well, to say that I’ve been stressed over the past few months would be an understatement. Thankfully, things are looking slightly brighter now. (Phew.) 

Flavour description:

“Italian Kentucky Tobacco – Earthy & Nutty

Kentucky is an aromatic tobacco with a characteristic nutty flavour, and Legato captures this perfectly. Smooth, sophisticated and complex, with a whole symphony of mingling earthy notes.”

I actually agree with this. It’s definitely earthier (or muddier, as I like to call it) than the rest of the Black Note range, but I’m not sure I get much of a nutty twang from it. If it’s there, it’s pretty muted and subtle. I personally thought it was more ashy and earthy than nutty and earthy. Whichever way you want to describe it, it’s nice — one that new vapers (and cigarette quitters) would appreciate. 

Black Note Legato Eliquid Review 5

It does have an authentic tobacco flavour to it, and it comes through a lot stronger on the exhale than it does on the inhale. If you liked Forte, I predict you’ll like this one too. It’s a similar tobacco flavour (but not exactly the same), but I think this one (Legato) is slightly less gruff than Forte. The latter packs quite a punch and I’d recommend it more for those looking for a hard-hitting tobacco vape.


Being a 50/50 VG/PG eliquid I didn’t expect massive clouds, but it still delivers a decent, smoke-like puff of vapour. And the throat hit was very decent. In fact, it’s stronger than I expected. Not in a scratchy or sharp-on-the-throat way, but in an I’m-glad-I-didn’t-get-12mg way. I’ve got a feeling the 12mg one might have knocked my head off a bit. I can’t vape the strong stuff like I used to … Ugh, I think I’m getting old!

Black Note Legato Eliquid Review 6

I really liked how smooth this one was, and that made it an easy eliquid to vape at any time of the day. I have a really hard time with hard-hitting, gruff and throaty juices in the morning. They make me cough a lot. In turn, that makes my eyes water. And then my mascara runs.

Honestly … disaster. 


I really liked this one. Honestly, I have no idea how come the four bottles almost went out of date before I tried them. I vaped all four 10ml bottles in a row once the first one had been opened and taste-tested, and it’s one that I’ll remember in the future when recommending tobacco-based flavours for newbie vapers. It’s one of those flavours that would work really well for someone looking to substitute cigarettes with a vape, you know? 

Black Note Legato Eliquid Review 7

Would I buy Black Note Legato again? Yes, I definitely would. It’s nice and easy on the throat, but with enough of a kick to still be hearty and satisfying — even at 6mg. I had absolutely no troubles finishing those four bottles, let me tell you. 

Would I recommend Black Note Legato to you? If you’re in the market for an authentic, midway, tobacco-based eliquid that won’t knock your socks off and make you cough up a lung, but still gives you enough of a satisfying vape that you don’t feel the need to reach for a cig, yes — I absolutely would recommend this eliquid. I think newbies and veteran tobacco vapers will both appreciate this one. I sure did! 

Black Note Legato (UK) at Vapour UK – £6.75/10ml or £19.99 for 4 x 10ml bottles.

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