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Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review

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Prelude by Black Note was one of the eliquids I recently received from Vapour UK. NET — Naturally Extracted Tobacco — has become my go-to when buying tobacco MTL eliquids, so you can probably guess how excited I got when these little delights turned up. After reviewing Forte the last time, I decided to bring you the Black Note Prelude eliquid review today.

Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review 3

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I discuss the benefits of NET eliquids a lot on this blog. Just in case you haven’t seen them, there a few other posts and reviews you might want to check out:

I love the authentic taste that you get from NET stuff, and I’m talking across the board too, not just from one particular flavour or brand. I have found a couple that I didn’t like the actual flavour of too much, but they were still really great-tasting tobacco juices and ones that I would most definitely recommend to new and old vapers alike. It would appear that I’m not the only ‘weird’ one out there, clinging on to both mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm vapes, desperately not wanting to pick a favourite. Maybe I’m not as weird as I think I am … ?

About Black Note 

Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review 4

Vapour UK sent me my little Black Note haul, and these were the four flavours I got my hands on:

  • Forte (Burley Tobacco)
  • Legato (Italian Kentucky Tobacco)
  • Prelude (Virginia Tobacco)
  • Quartet (Latakia Tobacco)

Other flavours available:

  • Solo (Menthol Blend)
  • Sonata (Cavendish Tobacco)

Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review 6

I haven’t tried those two yet. I feel the menthol one would be totally wasted on me.

I’ve already explored the benefits of NET in a lot of detail in the links posted above, but here are a few more details that I feel are very important:

> No ingredients you can’t pronounce the name of, including Acetoin, Acrolein, Diacetyl, Ethylene Glycol Diethylene Glycol, or Acetyl Propionyl.

> Six-week maceration process that gives you clean eliquid — great taste & no gunkin’ up of your tanks and coils.

> Black Note — as a company — have SPECIFICALLY stayed away from flavours that the FDA would consider as “pleasing to minors”.

> Specialises in tobacco flavours only.


Pretty cool stuff, right? I know, that’s why I like ‘em! And I really do. Even the flavours that aren’t quite to my taste are still good tobacco flavours, and I think there’s an eliquid for everyone too. Forte — Burley Tobacco — is really gruff and great for those who once smoked high-strength cigarettes, or who would like to make the switch from high-strength cigarettes. Prelude — Virginia Tobacco — tastes pretty much like its namesake, Golden Virginia, so those who once smoked (or still do) roll-ups might quite fancy the taste of it.

Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review

  • 50VG/50PG
  • 3mg (0.27%)

Website Description: 

“Flavour Profile: Savoury & Bright

Virginia tobacco sets the stage for the light, bright, and naturally sweet taste of Prelude. Grown in the sandy plains surrounding the Italian Alps, Virginia tobacco leaves are flue-cured to perfection.”


Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review 2

Quick question: How can the flavour profile be “savoury and bright” when it’s also “naturally sweet”?

Also: I don’t think it tastes savoury at all. I think it’s actually one of the sweetest tobaccos I’ve tried in a while, and really delightful too. Forte was a little too much on the gruff side for my liking, but I think this one — Prelude —  is spot on. No bitterness, no weird aftertaste, it wasn’t too strong for me … It was just right. Lovely jubbly.

The taste itself is actually very tobacco-like. I’d compare it to Golden Virginia tobacco — a sweet tobacco taste, with a softness to it.

Prelude has nowhere near the throat hit of Forte, much smoother on the back of the throat, but still packing enough to make you feel satisfied. We must remember that my bottle of Forte was 12 mg, whereas this bottle of Prelude is only 3 mg. I wouldn’t say it was weak though. Not at all — still very satisfying, even for the low nicotine strength. I can’t stand weak tobaccos that make it feel like you’re vaping nothing but fresh air. And while we’re on the subject of vaping air, this one gives you a decent amount of vapour. I like it.

Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Mild, smooth, and with a really nice, sweet-tasting Virginia tobacco flavour, Prelude by Black Note really is one of the most ‘easy-going’ tobacco MTL liquids I’ve found so far. It’s a really good one — it sits in the middle with not too much or too little taste, and no weird aftertaste or bitterness.

Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review 1

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to vape on, but still packs some punch, I’d recommend getting a slightly stronger version. 3 mg was really good for me, but it is a little on the lighter side. I’ll grab a 6 mg bottle next time and let you know if I notice much of a change. I DEFINITELY noticed the difference between 3 mg and 12 mg — Prelude and Forte.

Would I buy Black Note Prelude again? 100%. I have a few tobacco MTL eliquids on my love-list right now, and this one is most definitely one of them. I would suggest this one as a starting point. It’s safe, but not boring. Does that make sense?

Would I recommend Black Note Prelude to you? Absolutely! If you’re a beginner to the world of vaping, I reckon a 3 mg or 6 mg bottle of this would be a really great-tasting, safe substitute for cigarette smoking. If you’re a long-term vaper, I still think you’d appreciate the great flavour of this one.

It’s definitely a tobacco I’ll be remembering for all the right reasons.

Black Note Prelude Eliquid Review 5

Worthy of 5/5 stars! 


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