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Bryn’s Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. How are you all? What eliquid flavour are you filling your tank up with today?

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 2

I would like to share my Bryn’s Special Sauce Papricot Custard eliquid review with you today. It’s an eliquid I didn’t really hold high hopes for, to be quite honest, not only because I’m not the biggest fan of peachy-flavoured stuff, but also because my experiences with peach-flavoured eliquids up until this point have been a bit … well, up n’ down. None of the flavours have ever really stood out to me that much. There have been some okay ones and a couple that reminded me of Peach Schnapps too much to enjoy. (I can’t stand the stuff.) I found myself putting off reviewing this ejuice for a while … and I’m now feeling a bit bad about that. It’s actually quite nice. 

Sorry, Bryn. I judged your wares too soon. 

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The Edinburgh-based company has been around since 2010, and they’ve released a few vape devices and eliquid flavours that have become firm favourites in my collection. I use my VIM on a regular basis, and it’s usually the one I throw in my handbag for days out and about. The battery life on that thing is pretty awesome for such a dinky little device. I’m also a very big fan of the Series-S17. Not only that, I’ve been vaping with Jac Vapour eliquids for at least four years. 


There are a few flavours in this relatively new range now, including some yummy dessert additions just in time for winter. I’ve already reviewed Carrot Cake (in case you missed it), and I’ve still got Jam Pudding and Spiced Custard to come. 

If dessert eliquids aren’t really your thing, you could always check out one of the fruity delights. Alongside this one — Papricot Custard — you’ll also find Té, Sour Lime Sorbet, and Sour Blue Sorbet. 

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 4

I received the Bryn’s Special Sauce Short Fill E Liquid – 3mg Pack, which is £12.99. This gives you 40ml of 0mg eliquid, plus a 10ml 18mg bottle of nicotine to throw in and mix. Mine was the 80/20 VG/PG Nicotine Salts base. You can also add a 70/30 PG/VG nicotine shot in there, and a 70/30 VG/PG one, or a nic salt shot for an additional £0.50. 

In short, whether you’re looking for MTL vaping, sub-ohm vaping, or nic salts, there’s a little something for everyone. 

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 5


This eliquid actually smelled really good, which I think is what lured me in. The smell reminded me of peach yoghurts — tart, yet sweet, and I think you can smell an air of the custard in there, too. 

After throwing the nic shot in the bigger bottle, I gave it a good mix and then dripped it in my VIM’s tank, with a 05-ohm sub-ohm (DTL) coil. 

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 6

Aaaaaand this is what I thought … 


This one is super light and airy, and really easy to vape, too. It’s not particularly warming, but it’s not cool or refreshing either. I’d put it in the middle — one of those eliquids that you could easily pick up and vape all day long. 

The most obvious flavour in this eliquid (for me) is peach. Or apricot. I’m not actually sure, ya know. I’m not even sure that I know the difference between peach and apricot. I kinda always thought they were the same thing. But I know that this tastes like a nice peach yoghurt, rather than a bottle of Peach Schnapps. I’ve discussed my hatred for that drink enough in this blog, I think. (But just in case you’re intrigued and fancy reading about that time I was sick in someone’s fish pond, you can read all about it here >>> Decadent Vapours It’s a Trifle Eliquid Review.)

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 7

I think you do get a sense of that “rich vanilla custard” too, on the exhale. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s there enough to prevent the flavour from turning into a cheap, synthetic peachy one. I’d agree that it adds a rich, creaminess, and I don’t think the flavour would be as nice without it. 

In my opinion, I’d say that they got Papricot Custard pretty much spot on. It tastes as I would have expected it to, from the description. That seems to happen so rarely, don’t you think? 

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 9


I didn’t actually note that much of a change in flavour from the first time I tried it (immediately after mixing), to right now — four or so weeks later. I think it’s a more intense flavour, but I wouldn’t say that any of the ingredients got bolder or anything like that. This is one of those juices that you could easily get away with vaping immediately after mixing it up. There’s no gruffness, no flavour distortion, nothing like that. 


I’ve vaped Papricot Custard in a couple of devices. I started with the Jac Vapour VIM (with a 0.5-ohm DTL S-Coil), and I’m currently vaping it on the Vapefly Pixie RDA tank + Vapor Storm Puma box mod @ 40 watts. I’ve also given it a vape in Vapor Storm’s Hawk tank.

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 8

It produced a decent amount of vapour on both devices; although, as you’d expect, the RDA pumped it out a lot more. It’s a fairly light-on-the-throat eliquid, so I found the throat hit was nice — not too much and not too little. Right in the middle and just right. No scratchy coughing. 

I *did* notice that anything above 50 watts started to distort the flavour of Papricot Custard. It’s a bit of a delicate juice — very easy to burn. Thankfully, I rarely go higher than 45 watts on most devices. 


I like this one. I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s a really easy to vape flavour, not too winter-warming or summer-refreshing, and I think a few people are really going to love that peachy twang. The vanilla custard helps to stop it from tasting like synthetic peach. That’s what I personally feel like a few other peach-based eliquid flavours have tasted like. 

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 10

I’ve used up just over half the bottle, but I don’t like to vape it for more than a few tankfuls at a time. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but I think I get vaper’s tongue quite a lot with this flavour. It seems to lose its oomph after a while of vaping it, ya know? 

Would I buy Bryn’s Special Sauce Papricot Custard eliquid again? 

I *did* like this flavour, but I’m not personally the biggest fan of peach flavours generally. This is definitely one of the best peach-based eliquids I’ve tested, though. If I suddenly had a hankering for something peachy, this would be the one I’d reach for. 

Would I recommend Bryn’s Special Sauce Papricot Custard to you? 

If you like a peach yoghurt with a slightly acidic twang to it, I think this eliquid is going to tick a lot of boxes for you. It’s not warming custard, and it’s not summer-peachy. It’s somewhere in the middle, but it *is* quite a sweet flavour. I can see this one getting sickly after a few tanks for some.

Bryns Special Sauce Papricot Custard Eliquid Review 11


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