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Bryn’s Special Sauce Sour Lime Sorbet Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Jac Vapour]

Hello, vapers! How’s life? What’s new? Let’s talk about eliquid! I tend to make menthol or cooling agent eliquids the last ones I test when I’m sent a range of them to review. I almost always go into the review with a slightly negative mindset, sure that I’m going to dislike the flavour before I’ve even dripped it into my tank. That was definitely the case with Bryn’s Special Sauce Sour Lime Sorbet, and even more so because the juice was a higher nicotine strength than I’m accustomed to. 

This review is a classic case of why that mindset is wrong. 

Bryns Special Sauce Sour Lime Sorbet Eliquid Review


Bryn’s Special Sauce is an eliquid range created and sold by Jac Vapour — a Scotland-based vape company. I’ve had the pleasure of trying a fair few of their eliquids over the years, and all of their vape devices, but a few products I would like to personally recommend to you are –

We’ve had an up-and-down journey over the years, but their customer service has always been awesome. And I’m still using Jac Vapour vape parts (tanks, etc.) five years after I bought them. I didn’t like the Wee VIM (or, rather, it didn’t like me) and my journey with the Series-S22 was a bit choppy, but the VIM and Series-S17 are two vape devices that I don’t think I’d cope without now. And I’ve still got Series-E parts that work. I stockpiled coils, etc., when the TPD changes came about and the various companies were selling older stock off cheap. The tank that came with that vape pen is still one of my favourite mouth-to-lung tanks. 


I got my hands on 3 x 10ml bottles of Sour Lime Sorbet – 6mg nicotine strength. This is higher than what I would have purchased myself [3mg], but I usually ask for a “surprise” package when offered PR products. I like to get a mix of eliquid strengths so that I can compare them. I usually buy 3mg in sub-ohm [high-VG] eliquid, but there have been times when 6mg has been better for me. 

This is not one of those times, just in case you were wondering. 

Bryns Special Sauce Sour Lime Sorbet Eliquid Review 2

The eliquid is VG/PG 80/20. 

I reviewed this eliquid in both the Jac Vapour VIM and the Vapefly Pixie RDA + Vapor Storm Subverter box mod @ 40 watts, 0.5-ohm on the coil. 


I knew when I went into this taste-test that the eliquid was probably going to knock my socks off. Cooling agent eliquids + me = not a happy vaper. Throw a 6mg juice into the mix … Yeah, I didn’t expect things to end well.

Sour Lime Sorbet Eliquid

At first, that prediction was true. The first few puffs I took absolutely crippled me, and I’m sure I coughed up actual, vital body parts. It was too icy. Too strong. Too much. At about puff number six or seven, though, I actually started to taste something. Not just an icy fog cloud, but a real, actual flavour – and it was definitely limey! 

The inhale offers up a real icy burst, but you can tell that there’s a hint of something zingy in there. It’s when you start to exhale that the lime hit happens, and it really does happen. It’s not a weak-ass lime; it’s one that packs a real punch. I think Jac Vapour has got the zing-factor spot on. 

Sour Lime Sorbet Jac Vapour


“Combining light, bright and mouth-watering lime notes with a strong, iced finish, his new Sour Lime Sorbet is a truly sour taste sensation that will leave you wanting more. Balancing the delicacy of Persian lime, with the more acidic and zingy Key Lime, with a twist of lemon, Sour Lime Sorbet packs a hefty citrus blast of flavour.”

I quite like key lime pie-based eliquids, although I’ve not had the pleasure of trying that many of them. One that definitely stands out in my mind is a Pocket Fuel treat – Key Lime Pie. This one, by Bryn’s Special Sauce, is now another one I’ll remember, and for all good reasons. The 6mg was a bit too strong for me, but I swapped some 6mg for 3mg with a friend and I found it much more palatable. 

Jac Vapour Sour Lime Sorbet

Sour Lime Sorbet is very refreshing — great for the summer. It’s also more tangy than sweet, making a nice change from my usual, sugar-loaded, cake-based juices. At 6mg, I never would have agreed with “light and bright”, but the 3mg version was both of those things, and I’d definitely nod in agreement to “mouth-watering”. 


I won’t lie, 6mg kicked my ass. HARD. If I’d have based this review on that alone, it wouldn’t have been that positive. However, when I swapped for the 3mg, I found the eliquid much easier to vape. It’s easier on the throat, didn’t make me cough up my spleen, and didn’t make my eyes water. The 6mg version did all of those things. There might possibly have been a lung in there, too. 

Sour Lime Sorbet Bryns Special Sauce


For a cooling agent eliquid flavour, this one wasn’t so bad. And it just goes to show that nicotine strength really does make a difference. My menthol-lovin’ pal absolutely LOVES this eliquid in 6mg, with its smack-in-the-throat hit of cooling agent. I couldn’t stand it. On the other side, he found the 3mg too weak and wouldn’t have bought the flavour again had we not switched. I very much preferred it.

Would I buy Bryn’s Special Sauce Sour Lime Sorbet eliquid again?

Yes. And I can’t really believe I’m saying that. There are so few icy eliquids that I would actually go out of my way to replace once the bottle ran out, but this one is definitely one of them. At 3mg, though … Not 6. 

Would I recommend Bryn’s Special Sauce Sour Lime Sorbet eliquid to you?

If you want a strong, icy hit to the throat, you’ll dig the 6mg. If you don’t, go for the 3mg. This one’s a decent lime-based flavour, not weak or sugary or with a weird aftertaste. Just an impressively authentic lime flavour. 

Interested in learning more? Check out Sour Lime Sorbet at Jac Vapour.

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