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How to Use Less Eliquid When You Vape

How to Use Less Eliquid When You Vape 1

“What’s the point in vaping when you spend double as much money on eliquid than you used to spend on cigs?”  “Shut up.”  Just another little conversation between Mister best-ecig and I in which he might have had a bit of a point. Hands up if you’re a vaper that spends way too much on their vape habit each month.  🙋🏼‍♀️ 🙋🏼‍♀️ 🙋🏼‍♀️ In fact, I’m going to put my hands down. I’m nowhere near as bad as I used to be. Gosh, don’t even get me started on the #vapeenvy I used to get. Sadly, when I buy the ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Eliquid Nicotine Strength Is Important

Eliquid Nicotine Strength 3

One thing that will make a massive difference to how successful your quit-smoking journey will be, is the nicotine strength of the eliquid you use. There are now SO MANY different types of eliquid on the market, with different PG/VG ratios, flavours, nicotine strengths and more, and I wouldn’t blame if you’d avoided trying vaping just because you didn’t understand it all. Seven years of vaping later and I *STILL* don’t understand it all. I do understand what I need to understand in order to successfully vape, however, and that’s what I’d suggest to you as a strategy. Just learn ... Read More »

Eliquid: What Does Short Fill Mean?

What Does Short Fill Mean? 1

Someone asked me a question on Facebook the other day — “What does short fill mean?” It’s a good question. I had to Google it a while back, and I figured other people would probably ask the same question. So … why not write a blog all about it? Smart, right? I know. I’m taking a bow as we speak. What Are Short Fill Eliquids? Short fill eliquids are eliquid bottles that are not quite full. No, the company hasn’t ripped you off a bit. They’re meant to be like that. It was someone’s genius idea to get around the ... Read More »

What is NET – Naturally Extracted Tobacco?

Naturally Extracted Tobacco 6

I keep hearing a lot about NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) and figured it was time to investigate. A few NET eliquids have made their way to my door lately. As I researched the stuff, I realised that there was a lot more to it than meets the eye. * There are affiliate links in this review. Please see the Honesty Policy at the bottom of this post for more details. The first thing I’ll say about NET — Natural Extracted Tobacco — is that it tends to be more expensive than other, ‘regular’ eliquids. For example, one brand that I’m ... Read More »

Understanding E-Liquid: Why PG & VG Matters

Why PG & VG Matters 3

Getting the right mixture of VG and PG in your eliquid is just as important as finding the right box mod, the right tank, or the right all-in-one device (also known as AIO). I once met a new vaper who was trying to use MTL (mouth-to-lung) e-liquid in a sub ohm device (the Aspire Plato) with a sub ohm coil. Obviously, I knew this wouldn’t work for him. Being a new vaper, he didn’t know what the right kind of eliquid was, and he was about to give up and start smoking again until I came onto the scene and ... Read More »

My Top 3 Eliquid Finds of 2016 – Sub Ohm

My Top 3 Eliquid Finds of 2016 - Sub Ohm

2016 was the year that I really decided to delve into sub-ohm vaping, and because of that I tried and tested a wide range of eliquids. Some of the reviews have made their way onto the website, some are still waiting in the wings and will come soon. I decided, however, that it was time to do a run-down of the top 3 eliquid finds of 2016 … for me. Some of you may disagree with my choices, obviously, and that’s the problem with eliquid – the reviews are subject to taste. I don’t like menthol liquids, but I know ... Read More »

What is “Vapers Tongue”?


You may have heard of the term “vapers tongue” and if you haven’t heard of it, there’s a good chance you may have experienced it. It’s when you lose your sense of taste while you’re vaping – all of a sudden you can’t taste whatever it is you’re meant to be vaping. It’s a pretty annoying experience, although it can be combatted. You just need to know how … Vapers tongue is also sometimes known as flavour fatigue, and it’s basically when you become so used to a flavour that you literally cannot taste it any longer. Obviously the first way ... Read More »

VAPEMATE Offer Eliquid Subscription Delivery Service


In case you didn’t see my recent post about VAPEMATE delivering coils right to your door with a monthly subscription delivery service that, quite frankly, impressed the hell out of me, you can find it here: VAPEMATE Offer Coil Subscription Delivery Service. I’ve always wondered why more companies don’t offer something like this. It’s tempted me, with my forgetful natural and constantly burned-out coils, and even more so now I’ve learned that you can have your eliquid delivered in this way too. Imagine having everything you needed to cape delivered to your door without you even needing to remember to ... Read More »

8 Tricks To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

8 Tricks To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

Some e-cigarettes and vaporisers just leak. I know I probably shouldn’t say that but with certain models, I just find they leak a lot. I tried a Really Electronic Cigarettes clearomizer once and all it did was leak and gurgle but luckily, it seems to the minority of models. I have more non-leaking tanks than leaking ones.  If you have found yourself with a leaky tank and can’t seem to stop it, try these helpful tips and tricks: 8 Tricks To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking  1 – Check your tank It sounds simple and it really is – unscrew ... Read More »

Vaping Myths Debunked: E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze

E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze

I’ve heard so many ridiculous claims and myths about vaping over the years, I barely even bother listening or reading them these days but it suddenly occurred to me how many people WOULD and DO believe these ‘horror’ stories – things like e-liquid containing dangerous ingredients such as anti-freeze. It would be easy for someone to read that and be put-off by the idea of vaping entirely which is a sad thing because vaping CAN and DOES help people to quit smoking. And in case you didn’t see the recent documentary on TV about it, you can find the link ... Read More »