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Vape Juice – Eliquid

What is the Best E Liquid UK?

A question I am very commonly asked is “What is the best e liquid UK?” and the easiest way to answer that, and probably not the most helpful way, is to ask a question back – “What kind of vaping experience do you want?” I know it’s inappropriate to answer a question with a question but in this case, you really do need to know what you want before you go shopping for it. There are so many brands out there offering low-quality, cheap, internationally-made e-liquids that won’t be great for you, your bank balance, your ecig or your health. ... Read More »

ECig Troubleshooting: Why Am I Not Getting Enough Nicotine Hit With My ECigarette?

New to Vaping

One question I find myself being asked a lot is “Why am I not getting enough nicotine hit with my ecigarette?”  Sadly, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, but working your way through the factors that could be causing it is one way to getting the problem resolved. A few smokers I know have tried electronic cigarettes, and have given up on the idea completely before they have even given them chance. When I ask them why they gave up so easily, they say its because the e-cigarette doesn’t give them the nicotine hit they need, so even after ... Read More »

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review

BEST FOR TOBACCO: Tobacco  BEST FOR MENTHOL: Menthol  MY FAVOURITE: Pineapple £ / 20ml: £4.99 (Only available in 20ml bottles – £4.50 with my discount code)  DISCOUNT CODE: Use this link and discount code: BESTECIG10 to save 10% off site-wide! I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t really heard of Really Electronic Cigarettes until a friend started discussing them, and I recently ordered a starter kit and a number of bottles of e-liquid. You can find the review for the e-cigarette here: Really Electronic Cigarette Review. I’m very fussy when it comes to e-liquid, and I think there are far too many brands out there selling liquid that is under-par ... Read More »

ECigDelivered ELiquid Review

BEST FOR TOBACCO: Smooth Tobacco (2.4%) BEST FOR MENTHOL: Menthol or Fresh Mint  MY FAVOURITE: Strawberry Bon Bons £ / 10ml: £4.49 (Or get 3 x 10ml bottles for £8.98 with link & discount code) I’ve mentioned the great ECigDelivered deals a few times recently and if you’ve not seen them, you might want to check this one out: Save 50% With ECigDelivered Discount Code I recently ordered some ECigDelivered stuff myself, and just one of the things I had the pleasure of trying was a range of their e-liquids. Hence the need for the ECigDelivered review… And why you’re here! ... Read More »

JacVapour ELiquid Review

*Great flavours, easy on the throat, slightly on the pricey side but well worth it. Fast shipping! Firm favourite! Plus UK Made options for the health-conscious among you!* I’ve been a big fan of JacVapour for a while but I’ve held off a bit on buying their eliquid, mostly because it’s quite expensive when you compare it to other brands. One thing I’ve learned over the course of my e-cigarette journey, however, is that you generally get what you pay for and after having such great luck with both the JacVapour Series-E and 510 Twist, it was probably about time ... Read More »

Can You Refill The Vype ePen?

One of the things I seem to be asked a lot these days is “Can You Refill The Vype ePen?”. Now as you can see from the Vype ePen review, I tried it and it wasn’t really my cup of tea. For some people it does work well as a nicotine replacement method, and it tends to be especially popular among the older e-cig smokers rather than the younger ones who are looking for something bulkier, shinier, more powerful, etc. The Vype ePen doesn’t really look like other regular e-cigarettes. It’s not round for a start more oval in shape. It’s ... Read More »

What ELiquid Strength Should I Buy?

Getting into e-cigarettes is tough when you don’t have all the information you need. There are so many things that you will need to take into account; so many questions that you can’t seem to find the answers to. Questions like these, for example: What brand of e-cig should I go for?  Which are the best e-cigarettes?  Which e-cigarettes are the cheapest? Are these better? Should I go for a traditional two-piece design or opt for a tank-style cartomiser?  What eliquid strength should I buy? There are a few things you’ll need to work out before you start looking at buying ... Read More »

A Guide to E-Liquid: What’s The Difference Between PG and VG E-Liquid?

When it comes to ordering e-liquid, especially for the first time, things can get out of hand really quickly. You will soon learn that there are a lot of different brands out there, a lot of different strengths, mixtures, components, ingredients, flavours, and more. You want something simple but at first glance, it would appear life won’t be as easy as all that. That’s why I decided to help you along with this helpful guide – a guide to e-liquid: what’s the difference between PG and VG e-liquid? VG E-Liquid  VG or Vegetable Glycerin is a sweet liquid that is ... Read More »

V2 Cigs ELiquid Review

BEST FOR TOBACCO: V2 Red Tobacco  BEST FOR MENTHOL: V2 Peppermint MY FAVOURITE: V2 Chocolate £ / 10ml: £4.99  DISCOUNT CODE: – Get 10% off site-wide with this link and V2 CIGS discount code: UKWORDGIRL *Great bottle design, awesome value for money, safe ingredients, not the biggest range of flavours* V2 Cigs is a relatively new (ish) brand to the UK but on the other side of the pond in the States, they are a very well established brand and are known to be one of the best e-cigarette brands you can buy. Of course, with this kind of title you can expect the price to ... Read More »

No1Ejuice ELiquid Review

BEST FOR TOBACCO: Tobacco / USA Mix BEST FOR MENTHOL: Spearmint / Menthol MY FAVOURITE: Strawberry Mint £ / 10ml: £1.40 (with multi-buys) DISCOUNT CODE: Save 10% with this link and discount code: 9AF29B5F7140561 (You can only use the No1Ejuice discount code once so make sure you get your money’s worth!) *Fast shipping, AMAZING value for money, great flavours, various strengths, brand names, great feedback* I’d bought a few e-cigarettes from these guys (like the No1Ejuice EVOD Twin Kit) but hadn’t tried their e-liquids as yet. After seeing a great new deal on their website (plus using my 10% No1Ejuice discount code), I thought I’d ... Read More »