Thursday , 18 July 2019

Vape Juice – Eliquid

Best4Ecigs ELiquid Review

BEST FOR TOBACCO: Tobacco  BEST FOR MENTHOL: Spearmint  MY FAVOURITE: Strawberry £ / 10ml: £2.50 – £3.50 *Fast shipping, great flavours & variety, a few stock issues, rave reviews everywhere I’ve looked, nothing but good feedback* I’ve tried a lot of really good e-liquids over the years and I’ve also tried a few really bad ones. The blu Cigs liquid for example, I didn’t have the best of luck with whereas Vapouriz liquids are some of my favourites…. Depending on the brand of ecig I’m actually using. I recently changed things up and ordered from a new website for my ... Read More »

How To Refill Your ECigarette Cartridges

This is one of the questions I am asked most often – How To Refill Your ECigarette Cartridges. It’s not tough once you know how but the first time you do it, you’ll probably screw it up because you’re worried about damaging your new toy! Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. I’ve definitely broken a cartridge or two. I’ve poured liquid directly into the atomiser (don’t do this), and even overfilled the filler material. This is why I’ve written this guide… How To Refill Your ECigarette Cartridges We’ll take it slow – go grab your e-cigarette! Right, now unscrew the ... Read More »

How To Refill Your ECigarette Tank

One of the things you’re going to need to learn pretty quick is how to refill the tank on your electronic cigarette. Now, cartridges are a different matter and that’s something I shall go into at a later date, but if you have a personal vaporizer, or one of the classic two-piece designs with a tank instead of a cartridge (a relatively new concept), you’re going to need to learn how to refill it. For a start, you’ll need to get the bits and pieces that you need – the e-liquid, some tissue to mop up any spills, and the ... Read More »

Today I Tried… Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco

You might have guessed that I’ve recently done a Vapouriz e-liquid order. I really like them for their cheap ecig eliquids and on top of being able to get six 10ml bottles for just £19.99, they are clearly labelled, have nice dropper-tips to make refilling your cartridges or tanks easier, and (in my experience) are a collection of really nice flavours. Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco was the one in question this time around, and I must admit, I enjoyed this one almost as much as I enjoyed smoking the Vapouriz Classic Tobacco one. Perhaps even a bit more so. I think ... Read More »

E-Cig Troubleshooting: Why Am I Getting E-Liquid In My Mouth?

E-Cig Troubleshooting: Why Am I Getting E-Liquid In My Mouth?

There is nothing worse than the taste of e-liquid in your mouth. It just tastes vile – once you’ve experienced it once, you’ll try your best to avoid it from ever happening again. It burns. It tastes like acid. Smoking this stuff is one thing but actually getting it in your mouth and tasting it is something else entirely. There are a number of reasons why your e-liquid will leak into your mouth. I shall start with the basics: Why am I getting e-liquid in my mouth? 1 – Have you overfilled your cartridge or clearomiser? I’ve done it many ... Read More »

Cheap ECigarette Liquid: No1EJuice Sale!

If you like getting your hands on cheap ecigarette liquid (and let’s face it, you’re probably not the only one), knowing where the sales are is very handy, right? Some websites out there can charge the earth for a 10ml bottle of eliquid, as you’ll see if you take a closer look at 10 Of The Best Cheap Eliquids. I don’t like paying anything over £4/5 for my bottles of juice, so I was quite happy when I found this offer from No1Ejuice: 5 x 10ml Hangsen e-liquid bottles for just £8.99! I’m a generic tobacco kind of person so ... Read More »

Cheap ECig Eliquid – Best4ECigs Multibuy Offers!

I love it when I find a bargain in the e-cigarette world and one of the best ways that I’ve found you can save money by using the biggest and best ecigarettes on the market is to look for cheap ecig liquid. As you will see if you look around on the blog, there are a number of brands that offer some pretty impressive deals when it comes to cheap ecig eliquid, but one of the cheapest that I’ve found is offered by Best4ECigs. They even feature on 10 Of The Best Cheap ELiquids. Are you ready to take a ... Read More »

Today I Tried… blu Cigs Menthol ELiquid

I was in my local Co-op today and I noticed that they had some menthol blu Cigs menthol eliquid next to the till. It was only £3.99 so I grabbed one. You can never have too many bottles of eliquid and at under £4, it was pretty cheap for the 10ml bottle. On the website, a 10ml bottle is £4.99 so technically I was saving a bit of money. 18mg strength, I’d class this a medium strength eliquid. It was very menthol-tasting too. It was almost too much for me – too harsh on the throat and airways. Considering it’s only ... Read More »

Today I Tried… Vapouriz Classic Tobacco ELiquid

I’ve always loved Vapouriz e-liquids because of their affordability, ease of use, and great flavours and even to this day, this is one of my referred places to get my e-juice from. Although there are other cheaper, and more expensive places with bigger or better bottles, and new and improved ‘UK-made’ flavours, Vapouriz ticks all the right boxes for me. A 10ml bottle will last me about two weeks with an atomiser / tank style e-cigarette, and if I am refilling the smaller ‘filter’-like cartridges, I tend to find that they last a bit longer. This 10ml bottle costs just ... Read More »