Monday , 6 April 2020

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VAPEMATE Offer Eliquid Subscription Delivery Service


In case you didn’t see my recent post about VAPEMATE delivering coils right to your door with a monthly subscription delivery service that, quite frankly, impressed the hell out of me, you can find it here: VAPEMATE Offer Coil Subscription Delivery Service. I’ve always wondered why more companies don’t offer something like this. It’s tempted me, with my forgetful natural and constantly burned-out coils, and even more so now I’ve learned that you can have your eliquid delivered in this way too. Imagine having everything you needed to cape delivered to your door without you even needing to remember to ... Read More »

VAPEMATE Offer Coil Subscription Delivery Service


Hey, you lovely lot! How are you all doing today? I’ve found the coolest thing, and I felt it was only fair that I shared it with you. I just have a question – how often do you forget to order yourself new coils for your vaporiser / ecig? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that question will be NEVER. I very rarely remember to order coils before the one’s I’m using run dry, and I always end up spending a small fortune buying one’s I’ve never used before from local vape shops. Sometimes that’s a great thing, ... Read More »

Vype Announce The eTank Pro

Vype Announce The eTank Pro

Finally, finally, finally … I’d been waiting for Vype, or GoVype, to make a new vape announcement and finally they have gone and made it! It was only a matter of time, right? They had the cigalikes and the eTank, the ePen (although that was rubbish), and then they had the eBox – the box that had so much promise and just couldn’t handle the pressure. Such a shame … But now there’s something new on the table – the Vype eTank Pro, and at first, I got super excited about it. My first impressions upon looking at this device ... Read More »

Vaping vs Smoking – Which Is Cheaper?

Vaping vs Smoking - Which Is Cheaper?

One of the first things people ask me when we’re talking about vaping is whether or not vaping is really that much cheaper than conventional smoking with real cigarettes. I’ll be honest, vaping can be a hobby and it’s easy to get carried away. I have quite the array of tanks, complete e-cigs, various tanks, coils, bottles of random flavours of e-liquid, and a whole bunch more in my collection, and if you don’t keep a check of your vape spending, you can very easily blow £100 or more on a new ‘box mod’. When you first start vaping, before ... Read More »

Vaping Myths Debunked: Nicotine Causes Cancer

Vaping Myths Debunked: Nicotine Causes Cancer

I’m making it my mission to tell the truth about vaping. As a long-term vaper myself, and within a circle of friends who all consider themselves to be long-term vapers, I reckonI  pretty much know what I’m talking about. Well … most of the time. I started with the myth that e-liquid contains anti-freeze, and you can read me bust that myth here: Vaping Myths Debunked: E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze Now I’m looking at another crazy statement I’ve heard along the way – nicotine causes cancer. Believe it or not, nicotine doesn’t actually cause cancer. It’s not the nicotine in real cigarettes ... Read More »

Vaping Myths Debunked: E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze

E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze

I’ve heard so many ridiculous claims and myths about vaping over the years, I barely even bother listening or reading them these days but it suddenly occurred to me how many people WOULD and DO believe these ‘horror’ stories – things like e-liquid containing dangerous ingredients such as anti-freeze. It would be easy for someone to read that and be put-off by the idea of vaping entirely which is a sad thing because vaping CAN and DOES help people to quit smoking. And in case you didn’t see the recent documentary on TV about it, you can find the link ... Read More »

Announcing The New Vype eBox

Vype eBox Review

I’ve had mixed emotions when it comes to the Vype or GoVype range of products. I first tried the Vype ePen and absolutely hated it, barely even rating it with one star out of five. As you can see from the Vype ePen Review, some people agreed with me, some didn’t. Either way, the brand has recently released a second generation of the model, apparently better than the one before. I will, of course, give this new model a try and let you know what I thought about it in the new and improved review. Watch this space… Moving on, ... Read More »

#VapeKissMeThisValentines with Vapouriz

It’s always good to treat yourself for Valentine’s Day so why not do just that with the great vaping V-Day offers I’ve spotted on my web-travels. I’ve already looked at the Vype Valentine’s Day bundles, and the great eliquid offers over at VIP Electronic Cigarettes too, but now, it’s time to get serious. Whether you’re looking for something simple, something more complicated or something more fun, Vapouriz has it all. This was one of the first brands I used when I first came home to the UK after a spell away and needed to find a UK-based vape company and ... Read More »

VIP Electronic Cigarettes Offer Great Eliquid Multibuys!

VIP Electronic Cigarettes Photon Tank Review

I just so happened to be looking at the VIP Electronic Cigarettes website yesterday as I’m in the midst of writing the review for the VIP Photon Tank which I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying for myself. Upon browsing the website, I noticed they had some mega eliquid special offers and because I’m a nice person, I decided to share them with you! If you head on over to the Special Offers page, you’ll see a whole range of stuff, starting with 10ml bottles of eliquid for just £2.00 each. When you consider that these are UK-made liquids, you ... Read More »

Valentines Gifting Made Simple with Vype

It’s that time of year again folks, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to buy the loved ones in your life. Well if they’re a vaper or are looking at the idea of quitting smoking (again), why not look at giving them the gift of vaping? There are plenty of brands out there offering some pretty impressive Valentine’s Day e-cig offers and just one that I feel deserves a special mention is Vype. Vype ePen Valentines Gift Bundle  A great vape / ecig for the beginner’s out there, it’s not ... Read More »