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Best UK ECigs 2016

Best UK Ecigs 2016

So… 2016 has finally hit us and it’s time to re-evaluate the best UK ecigs 2016. And probably some of the worst too… Lots of people ask me what I consider to be the best ecigs on the market right now. Which ones offer an easy, smooth vape? Which flavours are the best? What’s the best quality eliquid? In fact, I get asked a lot of questions about vaping, all of which I aim to answer on this website and on the Facebook page. So, if you ever have any questions, feel free to shoot them at me. If I ... Read More »

£400 Christmas Vaping Hamper Giveaway with ECigaretteDirect!

With the news that ecig giveaways are going to be banned from May 2016, ECigaretteDirect have decided to celebrate by offering you the chance to win a bumper £400 Christmas vaping hamper! Ending on December 17th, 2015 at 11:45pm (and prizes awarded on December 18th, 2015 at 12:00pm) just think of all the stuff you could give away to fellow vapers instead of paying out your hard earned cash on Christmas gifts and presents! Or you could keep the entire lot for yourself… Just don’t tell anyone you won the prize! Even if you did decide to give away some ... Read More »

What Happened to Neo Cig?

It had been a while since I’d last ordered from Neo Electronic Cigarettes so I didn’t realise anything was wrong at first. It was only when I’d posted a picture on the Facebook page of one of the kits I happened to be using on that day when a ‘liker’ commented – What happened to Neo Cig?  The products on their online store had been ‘out of stock’ for a while, and now the website seems to be down completely. Nothing happens when you type those words into the web address bar… Why?  I first tried their customer services number. ... Read More »

7 Things You Should Know About Dating a Vaper

7 Things You Should Know About Dating a Vaper

So… You’ve met this new guy or girl. You’ve been talking for a while and all of a sudden they drop into conversation that they ‘vape’. You know nothing about it being either a smoker or a non-smoker, and you’re not entirely sure what it all means. You’re not really sure what to expect when you date a vaper. Well, these are the 7 things you should know about dating a vaper! 1 – You’re probably dating an ex-smoker. That’s right! If you’re dating a vaper, there’s a good chance they were once a smoker. There are so many stories ... Read More »

9 Things You Might Not Know About Electronic Cigarettes

New to Vaping

It’s often wise to get the facts before you start anything new in life and when it comes to vaping and using electronic cigarettes in place of regular, ‘real’ cigarettes, that is definitely the case. If you’re toying with the idea of switching from regular cigarettes to their electronic counterparts, here’s a few facts that might just tip the scales in the right direction. 9 Things You Might Not Know About Electronic Cigarettes   1 – You will save a small fortune!  Think about it – you’re spending about £10 per day on your cigarette habit. That’s £300 in a ... Read More »

Can You Fly With Electronic Cigarettes?

Recently Dan went to Amsterdam and before he went, he had a panic because he wasn’t sure of the rules and regulations surrounding travelling, and to be more precise, flying with electronic cigarettes. Could he vape in the airport? Was vaping allowed on the place? Could he even take his e-cigarette on the plane with the recent new security structures put in place? We realised between us that neither of us had a clue what the answers were to any of these questions and on asking many of our vaping friends, we realised that they didn’t have a clue either. ... Read More »

Can You Recycle Electronic Cigarettes?

Ecigs, electronic cigarettes, vaporisers, whatever you want to call them – millions of people are using them every day. When millions of people are using them every day you have yourself a small problem on your hands. Now you have something new to dispose of or recycle. These clever little gadgets might be helping people to quit smoking every day but the old cartomisers or batteries, what do you do with them all? I’ve developed quite the collection of ecig components over the years but when it comes to the regular clear-out, I always wonder if there’s something better I ... Read More »

StopTober 2015 – It’s Not Too Late!

If you have missed the boat for StopTober 2015 but still fancy giving it a shot, why not start now? It doesn’t really matter whether you start on the 1st October or the 1st December. The point here is that you at least give it a shot – you at least give quitting smoking for 28 days a shot. Because when you do, you’ll be part of something pretty special. StopTober 2015 is the largest stop smoking campaign to date with many countries around the world now adopting this UK phenomenon. In simple terms StopTober is the challenge to stop ... Read More »

What is the Best E Liquid UK?

A question I am very commonly asked is “What is the best e liquid UK?” and the easiest way to answer that, and probably not the most helpful way, is to ask a question back – “What kind of vaping experience do you want?” I know it’s inappropriate to answer a question with a question but in this case, you really do need to know what you want before you go shopping for it. There are so many brands out there offering low-quality, cheap, internationally-made e-liquids that won’t be great for you, your bank balance, your ecig or your health. ... Read More »

ECigs Available on Prescription? Hardly Necessary…

It looks as if the future of electronic cigarettes is changing. With recent news that Public Health England had not only backed the idea that vaping or using e-cigs could help you to quit smoking, but also suggested that ecigs available on prescription could be the future for the NHS. See: “British smokers urged to start vaping by health officials” – Daily Telegraph As good as this news is for current vapers and those wishing to start vaping, it’s an idea that has gotten tongues wagging. It also appears it has divided the nation. Studies performed by Action on Smoking ... Read More »