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How To Clean Your E-Cigarette Tank/Atomiser

If you have opted for one of the tank style e-cigarettes with the refillable clear atomiser on the top of the battery, keeping it clean and well maintained is the only way that you can ensure it works for as well and as long as you need it to. By avoiding cleaning out the tank, you are giving yourself more problems in the long run, as you will soon find out.

How To Clean Your E-Cigarette Tank/Atomiser

As you can imagine, the atomiser or tank gets quite sticky along the journey of you smoking it, and by not cleaning it out, you are going to find that it gets clogged up, burns out easier, and is likely to fail quicker than tanks you actually take care of.

The good thing about these tank-style e-cigarettes is that you can see right through them, meaning that you won’t be letting it run dry and risk burning it out. This makes cleaning easier, you see. The more you let it run completely dry, the harder the sticky stuff is going to be to get rid of.

Refilling the cartomiser of Vapouriz Fuse. Click for more details.

Refilling the cartomiser of Vapouriz Fuse. Click for more details.

For the most part, you probably won’t need to clean your tanks that often, especially if you replace the coils regularly, which I tend to do. I like the taste of a brand new coil or cartridge. You might find this out yourself when you begin to use them.

If you do need to clean your e-cigarette tank out, you can do so with the following steps:

Step one: Unscrew the tank or atomiser from your e-cigarette battery. Never try to clean it while it’s still attached. You’ll break it. Trust me, I’ve done it. It might seem like the quicker option but it won’t be.

Step two: Most atomisers or tanks can be pulled apart fairly easily, so get the lid off (where you would normally refill) and take the centre coil out (the section that has the wicks and needs to be replaced every now and again).

Step three: Hold the atomiser upside down over the sink to get rid of as much of the liquid contents as you can. Ideally, you want to do this when you have used the liquid in the atomiser up. It’s a nightmare trying to clean it out when it still has liquid in it.

Step four: Drip feed warm water into the atomiser and tip it upside down to flush it out. You’ll need to do this a few times, and you may even want to get a cotton bud to get rid of the stuck on sticky stuff. You will want to avoid getting liquid into the centre part of the atomiser, otherwise, you’ll struggle to smoke with it for at least a day or so afterwards.

Step five: Blow into the atomiser to try and get rid of any excess water and then leave it to try on a piece of kitchen roll for a couple of hours. Don’t try and use it again until it is completely dry. Remember you are screwing this on to an electrical battery… electricity + water = not a good combination.

If after all of this, your smoking experience still isn’t a great one, and the burning taste continues, it’s time to replace your atomiser or tank. I generally buy a new tank every six months or so, but that’s without washing them out because I’m too lazy. With brands such as Vapouriz or Jac Vapour, you can completely rebuild your cartomizer, replacing the wicks and coils (which are generally much cheaper) rather than the entire tank. I have managed to make the same coils (from Vapouriz) last me for about six weeks without washing anything out, but you’ll definitely notice the difference from new to the point of replacement. A fresh tank will always give you a better smoke so if you don’t have spare coils to hand, at the very least give it a rinse.

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