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Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription

[AD – GIFTED Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription]

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 1

Well, hello! How are you today? 

Are you following me on Instagram? Weird question, I know, but if you are, then you’d have seen the little announcement I made a little while back, talking all about one of my recent vape hauls. 

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Before I go any further, let me just give a massive thanks to Clouder Club for sending me my Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription. It’s a little box of wonderfulness. Thank you!

I’m a big fan of subscription boxes. I’m signed up to makeup subscription boxes (because the miniatures are cute and I’m developing a teeny-tiny obsession with teeny-tiny things), period subscription boxes (sorry, lads), and until I learned I couldn’t eat peanuts or seeds, I was even signed up that Graze box subscription snack thing. Now that’s a subscription box worth getting. I miss it. A lot. Sad face. 

Anyway, nibbles and nuts aside, I jumped at the chance to try one of Clouder’s vape subscription boxes. I’ve mentioned these monthly boxes a few times over the past few years, and I’ve come across companies/websites who deliver eliquid, coils, and pretty much anything and everything else you could think of vape-related. Back when I was a beginner vaper and didn’t know how much of everything I’d need, running out of eliquid was a fairly regular occurrence, and I’d have been quite thankful for an eliquid delivery/subscription service back then. 

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 2


I actually mention Clouder Club in an old video on my neglected and unloved YouTube channel, recorded after a not-so-pleasant experience at a vape expo. A representative from Clouder came up to me and introduced himself, one of the very few who actually bothered when they thought I was a customer [and not a “reviewer”/vape website dudette], and handed me a business card. Once I’d gotten home, I did some Googling and stalking, and I learned that the company offers 1-hour delivery in certain areas, bringing you all the eliquid you could possibly need at short notice. You know, in case you forget to order eliquid before you run out or whatever. Or you decide to take up vaping on a whim one Thursday afternoon, sat at home watching Judge Rinder. 

Unfortunately, deliveries weren’t available in my area at that time (two years ago-ish), so I filed away the business card and forgot all about it. I’m not sure they were offering a subscription service at the time, but I don’t recall seeing one. 

**The subscription box started in September 2018. I found the info on the blog. 

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 3


There are three different levels to the Clouder Club vape box subscription — 

  • Gold is £14.99 per month, giving you 120ml of eliquid.
  • Platinum is £26.99 per month, giving you 240ml of eliquid. 
  • Diamond is £36.99, giving you 360ml of eliquid. 

Let’s just talk about the price for a moment, before we carry on. 

£14.99 for 120ml eliquid? That’s pretty good, right? I’ve paid £6/7+ for a 10ml bottle of “premium” eliquid before, especially when Naturally Extracted Tobacco ejuices first started popping up. Even if we’re talking in terms of short fill bottles, £14.99 is a pretty decent price for 120ml of juice. I received a bunch of T-Juice eliquids in my Clouder Club box, all 10ml, 50/50 VG/PG, and 3ml strength, and those bottles would have been £5.99 for 10ml if I’d ordered them separately, or roughly £54 for all 9. And it becomes better value for money the higher up the boxes you go, too. If you sign up to the Diamond package, you’re getting 360ml of eliquid for £36.99, amounting to just £1.02 per 10ml.


After you’ve signed up for a new account for the Clouder Club vape box subscription, you are taken to a page where you tell them what your eliquid preferences are. You can choose five flavour profiles, including nicotine salts, and you then need to choose a PG/VG preference — high-VG, low-VG, 50/50 VG/PG, or no preference. After that, you pick your strength — 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. 

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 4

The Clouder website states: 

“Your box will contain no more than 50% in short fills to ensure variety, nic shot included.” 

This actually answers an earlier question I had. I saw short fills in the website images but only received 10ml bottles in my box. I was also curious to see whether or not the nic shots would be included. 

Once you’re done with all that you’re taken to the checkout page, where it’s time to part with your hard-earned cash. UK Tracked & Signed Delivery is £2.99.


So, I had 12 x 10ml bottles, totalling 120ml of eliquid. No short fills for me this time. 

My treats included – 

Vapourcore Core in – 

  • Yum Yum
  • Gold Tobacco
  • Tom and Cherry

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 5

T-Juice in – 

  • High Voltage
  • Bohemian Custardy
  • Jack the Ripple
  • Clara-T
  • Green Steam 
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Strawberri
  • TY-4
  • Vamp Vape 

They were all 50/50 VG/PG and 3mg strength. Reviews are all to come! Don’t forget to follow me on social media if you don’t want to miss them, or you can subscribe to receive email updates. 

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 6


I think I’ve told you most of what you need to know, but I do feel like I should add that you can pause, cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. There’s no commitment. You haven’t got to sign up for a minimum of 12 months or anything like that. 


If you do like the eliquids that you’ve been sent, you can re-buy them from the Clouder Vape Shop. I had Vapourcore Core Tom and Cherry in my box, and you can buy that one for £3.49 / 10ml. 

The Vape Shop is home to a bunch of vape kits, too, ranging from the Vapourcore Proto 650 kit for £14.99 right up to the Smok Procolour 225W Kit for £70. You’ll also find coils, batteries, tanks, mods, and other accessories. 

Delivery is FREE, within 1-3 business days, and there’s no minimum order. 


Clouder will deliver eliquids right to you — at home or at work — within one hour, in selected locations. There are over 2,000 different juices on offer, and at the time of writing, there were 62 vape shops participating. Unfortunately, there was nothing in range for my postcode. I think it’s mostly London based. 


Throw your postcode in the box and the map will give you every vape shop in your location, as well as opening hours, contact details, etc. I found a few that I didn’t know existed when I took a peek! 

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 7


I like the idea of vape/eliquid subscription boxes. You have the opportunity to try 12 new eliquid flavours each month if you get a Gold box like mine, and you can pass on the ones you don’t like, ordering more of the ones you do like. 

Flipping things around a little, I know of a few vapers that find diddy 10ml bottles too fiddly. Just a little suggestion (and I’m totally gonna take credit if the company actually does it) — maybe add a box where people can choose whether they get big bottles or little bottles? I personally don’t care, but there are going to be vapers who would prefer one or the other. 

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 8

Lots of 10ml bottles = lots of waste.

I’m trying to cut down on my plastic over here. I did have a look to see if there was some kind of recycling scheme on the Clouder website, but I didn’t see anything. If this is something you’re interested in, I would definitely recommend keeping your eyes peeled for a blog post coming soon. I’m talking about how you can recycle those old eliquid bottles and earn yourself some free vape stuff at the same time … 

Don’t get me started on the blue shredded paper packaging crap. My cat loves to eat that and you know what they say: what goes in must eventually come out …


Ew ?

So, what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Would you sign up to a vape box subscription service? Would you sign up to *THIS* one? I’d love to know your thoughts, especially if you’ve purchased from/used Clouder before. Let me know in the box below, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Have a fabulous day! 

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 9

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