Thursday , 5 December 2019

De-Bang eGo-CE Starter Kit vs. Vapouriz Fuse – Which ECig is Best?

You may remember that very recently, I told you about two great e-cigarette deals that I had come across on Groupon. If you’ve not seen them yet, you should check out the following:

A lot of people have asked me which one of the two e-cigarettes is better for beginners, so rather than keep repeating myself, I’ve decided to tell you which one I prefer here… Don’t say I don’t do the hard work for you!

I’ve used both the Vapouriz Fuse and the De-Bang eGo-CE, and I ordered them both from Groupon. They are essentially the same price, for the same kit, and pretty much do the same thing. So which one should you go for? Which ecig is best?

Which ecig is best?

We’ll start with the e-cig itself…

Out of the two, I much preferred the Vapouriz Fuse. Although both starter kits are the same price, I just felt that the Fuse felt more sturdy and not quite as easily broken. Although the De-Bang eGo-CE is still a decent e-cigarette, the make-up wasn’t quite as solid as I would have wanted it to be. In actual fact, I dropped it about three or four weeks after I got it and the clearomiser cracked. I didn’t end up buying a replacement and just chose to stay with the Fuse by Vapouriz instead.

What about the e-liquid?

Although I didn’t mind the e-liquids that came with the De-Bang, I’ve been a firm favourite of the Vapouriz e-liquids for years and I still reckon they are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Plus they’ve recently changed their recipes and suppliers to ensure that they are SAFELY made in the UK which you can’t really argue with. You want your e-cigarette to be healthy, don’t you? You’ll need to ensure that your e-liquid is too. Plus, Vapouriz have more flavours on offer and many more creations you can create by mixing a blend of two or three varying flavours. The possibilities are literally endless!

What about the battery?

Both starter kits offer you a 650mAh battery and in turn, they will give you roughly between four and six hours worth of “regular” usage. That’s the theory anyway but if I’m honest, they were both about the same. As you can see from the Vapouriz review, I managed to get between five and six hours worth of use out of a full charge when I first got it. Obviously the more you use it, and the more times you recharge, the quicker the battery will die so after a few months, you may find that a full battery will only offer you four to five hours. That’s the case with most rechargeable batteries and you can expect the same from your e-cigarette ones.

Throat hit and vapour…?

The Vapouriz Fuse gives you more vapour, and a better, deeper throat hit too. Although the De-Bang e-cig doesn’t fall far behind, I just found the Fuse felt better to smoke and overall, offered a better smoking experience.

If you are looking for something more discreet (less vapour, making it less noticeable when using out and about in public), the De-Bang is the one to go for but if you want a more reliable smoke, I’d definitely suggest the Vapouriz Fuse.

In conclusion…

I really liked both of the e-cigarettes I tried from Groupon and out of the two, I will need to lean more towards the side of the Vapouriz Fuse. When asking which ecig is best, there are a lot of things to take into account and after I had done all of that I worked out that although they cost the same, and other packages offered you the same, Vapouriz was a more much well-known brand (with better reviews), and I preferred their e-liquids too.

Which ecig is best?

If you’re looking at the De-Bang eGo-CE starter kit and the Vapouriz Fuse starter kit on Groupon right now, go with the Vapouriz. I’ve been ordering from them for years and have never had a problem, and I really can’t recommend their products enough. Plus when you’ve run out of e-liquid and fancy ordering some more, check the discount codes – there’s normally a cheeky discount code on there! 😉


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