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Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers! How are you today? It’s snowing as I write this. Like, really snowing. Blizzard stuff. It’s too cold to go out, that’s for sure, so it just makes perfect sense to sit in, wrap up warm, grab my vapes, spare coils, and endless bottles of eliquid, and start reviewing. It’s time for the Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo eliquid review. What else is there to do during snowy weather? It’s not like there’s anything good on the TV!

(Although, I did watch season one of ‘Save Me’ on Sky Box Sets yesterday and thought it was blimmin’ brilliant.)

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review 1

As soon as the postman passed over that bright, metallic green packaging I knew exactly who this wonderful lot had come from: Decadent Vapours! YES! I recently tried a few of their delights on video, which you’ll find here: Decadent Vapours Eliquid Review [Toffy, Purpello, Cafe Brasiliano, Creme Anglaise & Froot Bomb].

This care package contained six of Decadent Vapour’s brand new range, in short-fill format.

The flavours I received were:

  • Choccywoccymoo 
  • Bluebarb
  • It’s a Trifle
  • Lemon Puff
  • Strawberry Bonbon
  • Tropi-Bongo

I know, right? A-MAZ-ING! These ALL sound like flavours I would buy myself, with the exception of Tropi-Bongo because I can’t stand bananas. Blurgh. I’ve successfully managed to avoid banana-based eliquids right up until now.

What else do you need to know about Decadent Vapours? 

How about this:

  • They’re made in the UK
  • Free from DEG, Diacetyl, and Acetyl Propionyl 
  • Available in High VG & 50/50 VG/PG 
  • Nicotine strengths – 0mg, 3mg, 6mg 
  • Usual price: £17.95 for a 60 ml (contains 40 ml) short fill bottle 
  • Right now price: £14.95 

*I didn’t find information on the actual VG/PG ratio of the ‘High VG’ stuff. 

**I’m not sure if the short-fill kits come with nicotine shots, etc. included, but I’m going to check this. My kit contained 1 x 1.8% 10 ml Nicotine Boost (98.2% VG) and 1 x 10 ml 100% VG Diluent. 

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review 10

These can be found here:

18mg VG Nicotine Boost 10ml

100% VG Diluent (100 ml, because I couldn’t find little 10 ml bottles)

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review

Out of all the bottles that were in my Decadent Vapour ‘care package’, Choccywoccymoo was the one that smelled the best. In fact, we might as well get started with that …

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review 7


It ACTUALLY smells like a big ol’ mug of hot chocolate and, being the chocolate fiend that I am, I was all over it like the proverbial ‘tramp on chips’. All. Over. It.

I think my bottle or bottle cap may have sprung a leak during the shipping process, sadly. I’m assuming that’s why this particular bottle smelled so much stronger than the rest of them in the jiffy bag, plus the liquid around the actual cap kinda gives the game away.

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review 6

(For the record, the leak didn’t make its way out of the cap. Nothing else in the bag ended up covered in liquid too. It seemed to leak inside itself?)


“Take your taste buds on a luxuriant jaunt to our ritzy rich, hot chocolatey, milky river – sprinkled with the flotsam of velvety marshmallows.” 

Oooooooh. Sounds good, right? So good. I’m a big fan of a really chocolatey hot chocolate, so this one had better taste as good as it smells. In cold and snowy weather like right now, it would be a shame not to jump on the hot-choc bandwagon. If only I had an actual hot chocolate to drink, life would just be perfect.

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review 4

So, what does the eliquid taste like? Absolutely bloody delightful, that’s what Choccywoccymoo tastes like. It’s delightful. Not one of those weak and watered-down hot chocolates from a machine, but a really good one, made with thick milk and real chocolate. Like, lovingly, handmade hot chocolate, with squirty cream on top, chocolate sprinkles, some chocolate sauce, and pink and white mini marshmallows.


The exhale brings out an almost-powdery taste to the chocolate, like a real Belgium chocolate treat. Proper chocolate, none of this advent calendar fake stuff. Not that I mind that stuff, of course. Feel free to send all uneaten advent calendars my way.

It’s obviously quite a sweet liquid, being made up of all the very best sweet things, but I wouldn’t say that it is too sweet. I didn’t find it to be sickly. In fact, I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m usually the kind of vaper who gets bored after a couple of tanks of the same juice, but I vaped this one constantly for a while. At least a week. It tastes just as great as it did on the puff I just took, as the one I took the very first time I vaped it. None of that dwindling down to a flavourless puff of air after a few hours, or with repeated use. I hate that.

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review 2

It tastes EXACTLY as it should do, and EXACTLY as I would have wanted it to. It’s really nice. When I say that it actually tastes like a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, I mean just that. You can taste the chocolate, and plenty of it too. I don’t wish for any more flavour. Any more of anything, in fact. I actually think any more of that chocolateyness in it would spoil it. It’s perfect, just as it is.

Alongside that delicious, sweet chocolate, you can taste a creaminess that I think other similar eliquids are missing, and just a touch of sweetness, which definitely comes across as a few sprinkled marshmallows. It’s a very clever flavour – very well put together.

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review – Conclusion

I mostly used this eliquid in the Aspire Cleito EXO tank + 0.4-ohm (original Cleito) coils, on top of the Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W, at 50-60 watts.

What do I think about Decadent Vapour Choccywoccymoo? Well, I love it. I really love it. I haven’t actually tried that many chocolate-based vape juices, which is odd seeing as I’m such a chocolate fiend in real life. Honestly, I really am. You should see how many share-sized chocolate bars and packs I get through on my own. I’m not even ashamed of it.

Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Eliquid Review 8

But, out of the few chocolate eliquids I have tried, this one probably holds the top spot for me. It’s truly delightful. I thought Purity’s Belgian Cocoa was great (and I really did, too), but this one is something else. Different, admittedly, but still better. That’s just my personal opinion.

👍 Choccywoccymoo tastes exactly like a thick and creamy hot chocolate, with cream on top, and marshmallows too.

👍 It’s packed with flavour that lasts the distance.

👍 Oh, and it produces oooooooodles of vapour.

(It’s a great one if you want to blow some great vape tricks!)

Would I buy Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo again? YES! Without a shadow of a doubt. I’m vaping it right now. *Blows vape clouds at you to prove a point.*

Would I recommend Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo to you? YES! You won’t be disappointed by this eliquid. There’s plenty of flavour. I’m always moaning about juices not having enough flavour, but this one is spot on. There’s plenty of good flavour too, and it tastes so much better than I expected. A VERY positive Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo eliquid review.

10/10! An absolute new favourite/obsession for me.

Buy here 🍫☕️👉 Decadent Vapours Choccywoccymoo Short-Fill 60 ml Eliquid

Don’t forget to check out Decadent Vapours here too:

*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: This eliquid was sent to me by Decadent Vapours for a review. I did not pay for these vape products. I was not paid for my review and I will not be paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the store, brand, or manufacturer.
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