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Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review

Hi, vapers! How are you all doing today? Today I would like to talk to you about an eliquid that I’ve been vaping for the past few weeks, on and off. It’s an MTL (mouth-to-lung) eliquid; one of the liquids I actually talked about in What is NET – Naturally Extracted Tobacco? I’m a huge fan of good tobacco eliquids (and a bit of a harsh critic), so I’m quite excited to tell you all about this one — Drake’s Eliquid Burley review.

? Big thanks to Drake’s Eliquid for sending me my vape care package! 

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 2

About Drake’s Eliquid 

Found in 2015, Drake’s Eliquid makes NET juices that I’ve had the pleasure of trying a few of now. Kentucky is my absolute favourite of the gang, but there are other flavours on offer:

  • Burley
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
  • Menthol
  • Havana

If you take a peek at the 50ml ‘unicorn’ bottles, a few more flavours are on offer:

  • Cavendish Pipe Blend
  • Corojo Cigar
  • Turkish Oriental

[Question: Why are they called “unicorn” bottles?]

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 6

All of these flavours are available in 10ml bottles (3, 6, 12 & 18mg) and 50ml 0mg bottles. Actually, it’s a 60ml bottle with room for a 10 ml nicotine shot.

My care package contained:

  • 0mg Burley 50ml short fill
  • 18mg 70/30 nicotine shot (10ml) [makes 3mg 70/30]
  • 12mg Burley 10ml

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 

I haven’t yet thrown together the 70/30 VG/PG short fill bottle. Please don’t ask me why. Okay, fine, I’ll tell you. I think I accidentally used the 70/30 nic shot bottle in another short fill bottle. Or I lost it? I’m not sure, but I will buy another one and fix my boo-boo. I can be such a turd-head sometimes.

I did vape the entire 10ml bottle of Burley by Drake’s Eliquid, however. It went down a treat.

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 5


Flavour description:

“Drake’s Burley Tobacco E-liquid is yellow to pale orange in colour, but towards white wine at the end. It has a smooth, warm tobacco taste that is accompanied by a gentle sweetness evident throughout your draw. In addition, on the exhale you will taste subtle notes of nuttiness.”

It’s not a sweet juice, but it’s not a bitter one either; something in the middle but with a woodiness wrapped around it. I definitely agree with smooth and warm, although, this one has got a distinct gruffness that I don’t think Kentucky had. I used to smoke B&H capsule cigarettes and I think that Kentucky would have been a flavour I’d have loved back then, to stop me smoking. Burley by Drake’s Eliquid is better suited to those who prefer a harsher, stronger hit; perhaps someone who once smoked a strong cigarette or rolling tobacco.

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 4

The exhale has a really nice smokiness to it, but it’s not so smokey that it takes over the whole thing. I actually think the depth of this flavour is impressive — lots of layers with really great flavours throughout. It’s definitely not a ‘flat’ eliquid — it packs a punch.

Little Note: 

Okay, so … I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to say what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it anyway. I have reviewed a couple of NET eliquid brands lately, Drake’s Eliquid being one of them. I’ll let you guess the other. The two are very, very similar — great tasting, great vapour production, wonderfully smooth and packing plenty of flavour. A couple of them even taste very similar too. The only real difference between them, aside from the packaging, is the price. One is more expensive than the other.

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 3

Drake’s Eliquid is the cheaper option.

That’s all I’m saying.

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review – Conclusion 

I vaped Burley by Drake’s Eliquid in a number of devices, including the Jac Vapour Series-S17 (fantastic MTL combo if you’re asking for my personal opinion), Jac Vapour Series-S22 (the green device in the images on this page), Wellon Tech Ripple, and even in the blu Cigs Pro. I loved it across all devices, even the ones that aren’t known for pumping out great flavour. It’s consistent. I like that.

A really great and gruff flavour, Burley isn’t my favourite of the gang, but it is still an excellent tobacco MTL juice. The fact that it is naturally extracted tobacco wins me over even more.

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 1

Would I buy Drake’s Eliquid Burley again? I would personally buy this eliquid one strength down if I were going to buy it again. It’s much gruffer than Kentucky, and perhaps a little too gruff for my tastes at 12mg. Knock it down a notch and it would have been a really pleasant, hearty vape; perfect for just after dinner. Out of the two, I prefer Kentucky. I’m not ashamed to say that Burley kicked my ass a tad.

Burley by name, burley by nature.

Would I recommend Drake’s Eliquid Burley to you? If you’re NOT looking for a gruff and ‘Burley’ juice, this one isn’t for you. I think this would be a liquid I’d quite like at 6mg in that 50/50 VG/PG ratio — 12mg was too much. (I’m not a fan of high-VG tobacco liquids, bizarrely.) Strong, bold, woody, and definitely gruff, I wouldn’t say this one is for those who prefer a lighter touch.

Still to come …

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 7


Buy it: Drake’s Eliquid Burley 10 ml / £4.99

Buy it: Drake’s Eliquid Burley Short Fill 50 ml / £19.99

Also: 10 ml Nic Shot  (to add to 50 ml bottles)  / £1.50

Check out what else they’ve got to offer:

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