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Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review 1

Seeing as I’ve not long polished off the bottle, I figured that right now would be the perfect time to bring you my Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky review. I recently received a surprise package of eliquid treats from Drake’s Eliquid. The mix of 10 ml and short fill bottles included the following flavours:

  • Burley
  • Virginia
  • Menthol
  • Kentucky

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review 7

Out of that beautiful little lot, Kentucky wasn’t the first flavour I went for, but it has ended up being a really easy tobacco mouth-to-lung eliquid that I’m sad to have run out of. I actually think it might be my favourite of the gang too. Don’t quote me on that yet. You know how my mind changes. I’m a fickle beast. I haven’t finished them all yet … There’s still time for things to change.

Who are Drake’s Eliquid? 

A UK-based eliquid manufacturer, Drake’s Eliquid was founded in 2015 and offers Naturally Extracted Tobacco e-liquid from “the four corners of the Earth”. Alongside the flavours that I received — the original lineup — Drake’s have also released Havana, a Havana cigar blend.

I’ve also noticed a few more flavours in the 50 ml section: Cavendish Pipe Blend, Corojo Cigar, and Turkish Oriental. Doesn’t the last one sound really intriguing? I’m intrigued.

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review (12mg, 50VG/50PG)

So, this is what Drake’s website says about the Kentucky NET tobacco eliquid:

“Drake’s Kentucky is a distinctive fragrant Kentucky tobacco, with a slightly smokey taste tinged with a woody flavour.”

I talk about my love of tobacco MTL eliquids a lot on this website. I love sub ohm vaping too (my “side chick”), but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my “OG” — the mouth-to-lung tobacco vapes. In terms of how much of each, I probably actually vape MTL and sub-ohm equally. I tend to find the tobacco MTL vapes are perfect for when I’m out and about, and for those times when I’m super stressed and probably would once have reached for a cigarette. I’m not the biggest fan of drawing attention to myself, vaping on those big cloud-chuckers out in public.

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review 4

I talk a lot about Drake’s Eliquid — NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) in particular — in another post that went live recently: What is NET — Naturally Extracted Tobacco? Cleaner, less coil-busting, and generally ‘safer’ to vape on than some other eliquids, there are a lot of benefits to reap from these natural tobacco leaf-based juices. Of course, the one thing you definitely can’t forget about is the fact that these NET eliquids are meant to taste just like the real deal — tobacco. They’re derived from the plant itself after all. You’d expect nothing less, right?

So, do they taste like the real deal?

This one — Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky — absolutely tastes like the real deal. That’s what I think anyway. If I were to suggest mouth-to-lung tobacco liquids to beginners, this one would be in the top three. It might even hold the top spot. Smooth, but with enough of a throat hit to make you feel like you’re really vaping something, it has a GREAT taste. You’re never going to find something that tastes *exactly* like a cigarette does unless you actually smoke a cigarette, but in terms of substitutes that come pretty damn close, this one is well up there for me.

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review 6

I think you can definitely tell the difference between Naturally Extracted Tobacco eliquid and non-NET eliquid, which I’ll go ahead and call ‘regular’ eliquid. I have tried a few NET brands now; they’re smoother, much nicer to vape with, and they’ve got a distinct taste. Or rather, they’ve got a distinct clarification to the taste. I vaped only NET eliquid for a few weeks and then changed to a bottle of ‘regular’ stuff; I can most definitely tell the difference between the two. Oh, I also know which of the two I prefer too. (It’s the NET stuff.)

What DOES Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Taste Like? 

Well, Kentucky tastes like tobacco; a good one, not a really pants one. It definitely has a distinct taste. I like the distinctness. There’s a good and solid, unique flavour, not just tasting the same as every other tobacco on the market.

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review 5

I didn’t find it super bitter, something I have found with other tobacco eliquids. I didn’t find Kentucky by Drake’s Eliquid to be overly sweet either. There was a definite woody touch to it though; it runs delicately through the inhale, coming out a tad stronger in the exhale.

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review – Conclusion 

I REALLY liked this eliquid. I’ve been vaping with this one pretty consistently since it arrived, making use of the big 50 ml short fill bottle alongside a smaller 10 ml bottle. (I don’t know if there is meant to be a difference, but I didn’t notice any difference between the 10 ml bottle and the larger, add-your-nic-shot short fill bottle, in terms of taste.) There isn’t really anything I don’t like about it. I like the taste. There are various strengths available, but I really liked the throat hit and vapour that mine produced.

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review 2

Would I buy Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky again? Absolutely YES. This is a really cracking and decent tobacco MTL eliquid. This + the Jac Vapour Series-S17 (with MTL coil) has become my go-to combination. (See photo above.) When the battery for the S17 runs out, I just switch it over from the old Jac Vapour Series-E battery or the battery that comes with the Apollo Ohm Go Kit.

Would I recommend Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky to you? Most definitely. This is exactly the kind of tobacco mouth-to-lung (50VG/50PG) I would have been on the hunt for when I first made the switch from smoking to vaping. It has a really good taste, a decent amount of throat hit and vapour, and I find it really enjoyable to vape.

This is a 5/5 ⭐️ tobacco juice for me.

Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Review 3


Buy it: Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky 10 ml / £5

Buy it: Drake’s Eliquid Kentucky Short Fill 50 ml / £20

Also: 10 ml Nic Shot 18mg (to add to 50 ml bottles)  / £1.50

Check out what else they’ve got to offer:

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*Prices & information correct at the time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: Kentucky + other flavours were sent to me by Drake’s Eliquid for a review. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand/manufacturer.

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