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Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid Review

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Heeeeeey! What’s going on? What are you vaping with right now? Would you like to know what I’m vaping? It’s an absolute treat that came as part of the Vape Mail Monthly E-Liquid Subscription, and it’s what I’m going to talk about today. 

Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid Review 1

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I hope you’re sitting comfortably. It’s time for my Drip Hacks Cremeux eliquid review! 


I’d never tried or heard of Drip Hacks before my Vape Mail haul turned up, but a few people had told me that this was one of their favourite custard eliquids. I can be a bit weird with custard flavours because they’re so easy to get wrong. Very wrong. But I don’t think this one is wrong. In fact, I think it’s quite delightful. I’ll get to that in a moment. 

The UK-based company was formed in 2015, with the aim of supplying the market with “the highest quality yet affordable products”, and they now have a range of products that include one-shots, shortfills, and “Flava Hacks”. I think the latter is a kind-of sour “power-up” for your eliquid, but I’m going to have a closer look at them later on. 

Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid

The shortfill range is impressive, with somewhere between 45 and 50 flavours. (I lost count after 45 and couldn’t be bothered to go back to the beginning.) Butterboy caught my eye – butterscotch custard. I literally just devoured an entire packet of butterscotch Angel Delight. Four servings? Ha! Yeah, alright … 

‘Roly Poly’ sounds nice too – sweet, strawberry jam with sponge cake and cream. ‘Blood of Vikings’ also looks pretty delicious – rhubarb and custard. There seems to be a flavour to suit pretty much everyone, especially if you’re a cake/dessert fiend like I am. 

Anyway, I should probably talk about the flavour I *did* get sent, not the ones I’m buying next. 

Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid Review 

I’m just going to start by saying that I stared at the bottle for a good five minutes when I first pulled it out, trying to work out whether it said “Cremeux” or “Cremliex”. I had to Google it to find out which one it was. 

Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid Review 4

It also doesn’t tell you on the bottle which VG/PG ratio it is. I checked the website and Cremeux is 70/30 VG/PG — sub-ohm eliquid. 

I had nicotine shots included with my shortfill bottles, so I threw one in … after spending what felt like a billion hours trying to get the stupid plastic tips off the bottles.

Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid Review 2

First, I used a knife, then tweezers, and when I dragged the pliers out to lend a hand, all they did was pull and stretch the plastic tips, not pulling them off the bottle but instead simply lengthening them. It was a disaster. I was recording. My one minute of Instagram video was bred from HALF AN HOUR’S worth of faffing around. 

Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid Review 3

Seriously, what are they doing to these bottles? Supergluing them? 


Once I did manage to get the tip off the little nicotine shot, I whacked it in the shortfill bottle, gave it a good shake, and then left it to steep for a few weeks. About five, if you want to get specific. 

Helpful blog post: Eliquid: What Does Short Fill Mean?


Let’s get things going with the smell. This one smells so sweet in the bottle, I was sure I was going to hate it. Sickly-sweet. Too much of the sugary stuff. I think that’s why I left it on the shelf for such a long time. I’d hoped it might calm down after a little while of steeping, but it smells just as sickly-sweet today as it did on the very first day I opened it. It’s a teensy bit off-putting, to be honest. 

Drip Hacks Cremeux Eliquid


Thankfully, the eliquid is nowhere near as sweet as it smells. It *is* sweet — probably too sweet for some — but I quite liked it. It wasn’t too sweet for me, and we all know how fussy I get about that kind of thing. I definitely have a sugar line, and so many eliquid flavours I’ve tried have seriously overstepped it, particularly custard-based ones. 

Flavour Description: 

“A rich and decadent vanilla custard.” 

Straight and to the point. I like it. Mister best-ecig and I laugh so hard at some of the eliquid descriptions we find. They’re ridiculous, aren’t they? Like, I know they’re meant to sell the flavour, but some of those extravagant, over-the-top descriptions just aren’t necessary.

I do agree with the description, though. Cremeux does taste like vanilla custard. Not feet. Not Parmesan cheese. Actual vanilla custard. It’s already beating about twenty other custard-based juices I’ve tried in the past … 

Drip Hacks Cremeux

The custard isn’t too rich and the vanilla isn’t too sweet. And again, it’s definitely nowhere near as sweet as it smells. I don’t think you can make out the individual tones of vanilla and custard; they just blend together really nicely. Not too much of one or the other. I also don’t think it tastes like “cheap” or synthetic eliquid. It vapes really well — as a premium eliquid should.

Throat Hit & Vapour

I reviewed Cremeux in my Vapefly Pixie RDA, using the coils that came in the tank’s box + cotton by Cotton Bacon V.2, on top of the Vapor Storm Puma box mod @ 30 watts. I originally started at 40 watts but found it a bit too hearty. There was a lot of vapour, a lot of warmth, and a lot of booming custardness. I had to turn it down and work my way up, and my sweet spot for this particular tank+box+juice combo was 35 watts. 

Cremeux is a cloud-chucking eliquid for sure. At 40 watts, it almost felt like there was too much vapour in my lungs and I coughed my guts up. Between 30-35 watts, however, it was much easier for me. It’s one that I’d put in the “pisses Mister off during movies” category – there’s so much vapour that we can’t see the TV screen. He HATES that.

I don’t do it on purpose at all … ?

Drip Hacks Cremeux

As a final note, I didn’t realise my nicotine shot was nic salts-based when I first mixed up the flavour and vaped with it. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe I vaped a little less frequently than I would have done with a non-nic salts eliquid, but I wasn’t consciously paying attention to say either way.

Drip Hacks Nic Salts Nic Shot


Sweet, but not too sweet. A great blend of authentic vanilla and custard flavours. Really easy to vape.

I’m really glad I got this eliquid in my Vape Mail subscription package, as it’s definitely not one that I would have picked out and ordered myself.

Would I buy Drip Hacks Cremeux again? I really didn’t think I’d say this about a custard-based eliquid, but I would absolutely buy and vape Cremeux again. It’s lush. A bit on the warming side and probably slightly better suited to winter vaping than summer vaping, but still a very easy to enjoy flavour. I can understand why it’s such a popular one.

Would I recommend Drip Hacks Cremeux to you? If you like a custard eliquid, I think you’ll like this one. If you don’t like custard eliquids, I still think you should give it a shot. It’s really, really nice. I’m not the biggest fan of plain custards, but this is one I could easily vape over and over again.

For more information about Drip Hacks, check out – £9.99/50ml, nic shot not included.

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