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DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake Eliquid Review 


Another day, another forgotten eliquid. I’d like to share my DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake eliquid review with you lovely lot today if you don’t mind? This actually came in the haul with my Apollo OHM Go Kit, and I left it on the shelf for a while because it was a higher strength eliquid than I’d usually have — 6mg instead of 3mg. Also, there was that whole leaking/busted OHM Go device thing going on …

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The first few times I tried the juice were dramatic, and I found myself drinking or wearing more of the eliquid than I vaped. 


DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake Eliquid Review 1


I know nothing about DSRT eliquid, even after doing a bunch of searching. I think they’re made in California, by Apollo Vapes, but I couldn’t really find much more than that. To be fair, it took me about six weeks to realise that DSRT was a play on the word ‘dessert’. 

I’m guessing that’s why people call me ‘Trigger’ from time to time … 

There are a number of flavours in the DSRT range on the Apollo website, and as well as Mint Chip Milkshake, you’ll also find Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich, Strawberry Cream Cannoli, and Raspberry Cheesecake. They all sound bloody delightful, don’t you think? I would like to hear from you if you’ve tried any of them. Let me know your thoughts in the space for comments below this post. Please and thank you!

Mint Chip Milkshake Eliquid DSRT


I’ll get things started with the flavour description: 

“Vanilla bean ice cream gets turned up with chocolate chips and a tasty dose of fresh mint to bring you the perfect milkshake.”

I got a 10ml bottle, 6mg nicotine strength, high-VG eliquid. It doesn’t tell you on the website what VG/PG ratio the eliquid is, and it’s not obvious on the bottle. If you look really closely, squinting a bit, you can see that the ingredients list 70VG/30PG. 

This 10ml bottle is £4.95, but the more you buy, the more you save. I couldn’t find a larger shortfill bottle. 

Mint Chip Milkshake Eliquid DSRT


Do you remember when the humble Vienetta was the staple dessert of every family dinner? The mint one was always my favourite, and that’s just what I think this eliquid tastes like — a mint chocolate Vienetta. Bizarrely, though, I don’t think it contains cooling agent, despite the minty name. I kept waiting for the icy throat hit to come … and it didn’t. There’s either so little of the cooling agent in this flavour that you can barely taste it, or there’s none in there at all. 

Either way, I like it. 

DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake Eliquid

On the inhale, it’s warm and chocolatey, with the mint flavouring coming through more on the exhale. The flavour is thick, and it’s definitely obvious what it’s meant to taste like. There’s no denying the chocolate, mint, or ice cream tones, and they’re good — none of that cheap, synthetic-tasting crap. 

I originally filled my Apollo Portal tank (that came with the OHM Go kit) with this eliquid, but the device didn’t work that well, so I wasn’t given a proper opportunity to flavour-review. I managed to review DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake properly using my Vapefly Pixie DRA, on top of my Wismec Predator 228 box, at about 30-40 watts, 0.5-ohm on the coil. Going above 45 watts (ish) really messed around with the flavour. It started to taste a bit like a burned cookie. 


I received a 6mg bottle of the 70/30 VG/PG eliquid, and that was a bit harsh for me. It kept grabbing the back of my throat, causing a tickly cough. I would definitely have enjoyed the juice more if it had been 3mg — my regular strength. I *do* ask for a random mix of flavours and strengths from the PR folks, though. Sometimes, I prefer the stronger stuff. Not this time. 

DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake Eliquid

Vapour-wise, I got a decent amount. Not too much. Not too little. Just as I would have wanted from a 70/30 VG/PG eliquid. 


I liked this eliquid, although it was definitely a bit on the gruff side for me. The flavour is bold and just as it should be, and there’s no overpowering iciness to ruin it all. I hate that. As I said before, this one either has the most minuscule amount of cooling agent or nothing at all. It’s very much a warming minty flavour, not a cooling one. 

DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake Eliquid

Would I buy DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake eliquid again? Yes, totally, I love Vienetta, and I love the way this juice tastes. I’d get it in 3mg next time, though.

Would I recommend DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake eliquid to you? If you want an icy kick, you’ll be disappointed with this one. It’s not there. What is there, on the other hand, is a really nice, ice cream flavour with a lick of mint and a splash of chocolate — just the right amount of all three. (In my opinion.) If you like the minty-chocolate Vienetta, you’re going to like this. 

For more information on DSRT eliquids, take a peek at the Apollo website.

If you ever have any vape-related questions, feel free to give me a shout!

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