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Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 7

Apollo Ecigs kindly sent me a parcel of goodies — the Starter Kit MEGA Pack to be exact. It gave me the OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo, alongside 10 bottles of liquid (sub ohm). For £74.95, it’s not a bad little kit, especially as the OHM Go Vaping Kit also gives you both MTL and DTL vape options, and both coils are in the box …

That’s another review for another day though, right?

For now, I’d like to get started on the Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake eliquid review. This was the third bottle I tried out of the ten in the pack, Snickerdoodle Cookie by Snacks Eliquid coming first, and then Strawberry Rice Pudding & Graham Cookies second. The reviews for those are coming soon … I promise. I should probably do them in order. I hate order. I’m a big fan of mess and confusion …

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 8

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 

At the time of writing, I could only spot two Due Time liquids on the Apollo website, this one and Crisp Fiji, which I also received in my surprise package. Annoyingly, the website doesn’t give the VG/PG ratio. If it does, I couldn’t find it and I *really* looked for it. The bottle states 70/30 VG/PG.

The eliquid comes in three strengths — Zero (0 mg), Low (3 mg), and Medium (6 mg).

I received 6 mg — 0.6%. This is a tad higher than what I would usually go for. I’m a 3 mg kinda gal.


I wasn’t actually that impressed by the smell when I first opened the bottle. It does have a pleasant vanilla-y smell, but I didn’t think it was that strong. I actually didn’t have the highest of hopes for it … Sorry, but you know when you take a big inhale from a brand new bottle of eliquid and get very little from it? That’s kinda how it went down.


I used Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake in my Aspire Cleito EXO tank with 0.4-ohm original Cleito tank coils, and I popped that on the Vapour2 Trinity Kit box. The setup looked a bit weird at first, but I quite like it. Don’t you love it when you piece two ‘weird’ bits together and it just works?

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 3

The Vapour 2 Trinity box only goes up to 40 watts, so that’s the highest I went for the first few days that I vaped this liquid. I found myself coming back to it a lot. I usually have a number of tanks on the go at once, and a bunch of different boxes too. It all depends on my mood. It wasn’t long before Due Time’s Vanilla Bean Milkshake made its way from the Vapour 2 Trinity box, with its 40-watt capacity, to the Wismec Predator 228, with much more power. The Cleito 0.4 ohm coils state the recommended wattage is between 40 watts and 60 watts, so I figured I’d give it a shot at something higher.

I really like the new combo of Aspire Cleito EXO tank with the original 0.4-ohm coils. To all those people who suggested it — thank you. Honestly, it’s a great little tank now. Those EXO coils are crap. I wouldn’t buy them again if they were the last coils on earth.

Anyway, I’m digressing somewhat here. At 60 watts, I found this vanilla-y eliquid to be just as delightful to vape with as it was at 40 watts on the less powerful device. And it’s 6 mg too! Technically, this should be too strong for me. I didn’t find that was the case.

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 6

You can definitely taste the vanilla bean in this eliquid. It doesn’t taste like a generic, crappy vanilla. The market seems to be saturated with those nasties and I’m getting a little bored of trying them. This one tastes a little bit like the vanilla bean Innocent Smoothies. I’ll Google the name of it …

Yogurt, vanilla bean & honey! 

Oh my gosh, I love the stuff. That’s what this eliquid tastes like, I think, but without the honey. And a bit less vanilla-y. It’s delightfully vanilla bean tasting. Like an upmarket vanilla, if you like? An expensive Waitrose vanilla, not a Tesco value label vanilla.

Vapour Production & Throat Hit 

Considering this eliquid is 6 mg, I actually found it quite pleasant. I remember getting a Pocket Fuel eliquid in the pre-TPD sales that was 6mg, some rainbow stuff if I remember rightly, and it almost blew my head clean off. It was *that* strong. This one is not like that. It’s much smoother. The throat hit is more like a 3 mg than a 6 mg. That’s what I think anyway.

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 5

I really like the smoothness of this eliquid, and I also really enjoyed the vapour production. I don’t think the Aspire Cleito EXO is the best for vapour if I’m being honest, but I was still impressed with the combo. There was enough vapour to satisfy my sub-ohm craving. I probably would have wanted a teeny bit more, especially when I went up to the 60 watts, but I’m sure if I were to put this in my Innokin Scion tank (which is excellent for vapour production, in my opinion), I would get much more vapour out of it.

What I’m trying to say is that there is enough of it for me to not to care that it’s on the lower end of the vapour production spectrum. Where I’d probably rate it 4.5 out of 5 in terms of flavour (because I actually think it would be utterly heavenly if there were just the tiniest bit more flavour in it), I would only rate it 3.5 stars out of 5 in terms of vapour production.

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 2

I was very pleasantly surprised by this eliquid. There, I said it. I’m so used to being disappointed by vanilla flavoured liquids that this one was like a little heavenly burst of vanilla scented air. I should probably say MASSIVE thanks to Apollo for this little beaut. It didn’t take me long to finish the bottle, which brings me nicely to my next point …

Would I buy Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake again? Absolutely. 100%. A cracking flavour and a vanilla liquid that I can actually get on board with.

Would I recommend Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake to you? Wouldn’t it be funny if I said no now … Hahaha! I’m not going to say no. It’s a firm yes. If you like a nice vanilla (or you love those Innocent Smoothies), this one might just be right up your street. It certainly was mine.

A solid 4/5 eliquid, I reckon.

I just want a tiny bit more vanilla loveliness because I’m greedy, and a tiny bit more of the ol’ vapour. Apart from that, excellent stuff.

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake Eliquid Review 4


If you want to give this eliquid a try for yourself after checking out my Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake eliquid review, you can find it in the US store HERE – 60 ml for $24.95 / 120 ml for $44.95. You can also buy it from the UK store HERE – £4.95 / 10 ml. (Buying in bulk will open up discounts.)

Find Apollo Ecigs here:





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