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E-Cigarette Batteries: Manual vs. Automatic?

Manual vs Automatic E-Cigarette Batteries

If you’ve ever shopped around for the biggest and best e-cigarettes, you’ve probably already noticed that there are a couple of types of battery available. There are long ones and short ones, coloured ones and white ones, patterned ones,  and now there are manual and automatic ones… How are you meant to make your mind up? Which are the best e-cigarette batteries for you?

There are a lot of things that I can say about manual and automatic batteries. Let’s start with a brief introduction, shall we?

Automatic Batteries

The automatic batteries for your e-cigarette are the ones that do everything for you. When you start to inhale on your e-cigarette, a sensor is triggered and this is what causes the chain reaction to turn the liquid into vapour. It’s the lazier option, if you like, and is most like a genuine smoking experience.

Manual Batteries

The manual batteries for your e-cigarette are the ones where you need to put in some of the hard work. When you start to inhale on your e-cigarette, you need to press a button that is present somewhere on the battery to initialise that chain reaction.

What’s The Difference?

With manual batteries, you decide when to press that button. This means that you have total control over the battery. When you have complete charge, and you only press the button when you need to, you could be potentially saving money. With automatic batteries, they can often be triggered by a loud noise or a knock, and I often found that the light was on the e-cigarette when it was at the bottom of my handbag. This can lead to a complete waste of battery, and it will die quicker.

On the other side, the button does stick out a bit from the battery of the e-cigarette. This means that it can also be depressed if it hits against something else in the bottom of your bag, or in your pocket. This could also lead to a wasted battery life and a need to recharge quicker.

Now, there are both pros and cons for manual and automatic e-cigarette batteries. For example, the automatic option is a sealed unit which means that you get the full force of the inhalation. The manual battery can have tiny gaps in the unit where the button stands, and this can mean that some of the puffing is completely wasted, escaping out through the unit itself.

With the button-operated e-cig battery, there can sometimes be a small delay between pressing the button and the unit activating the vapour process. It’s something hat is easily gotten used to, but on your first e-cigarette, or if you are looking for something that closely mimics the action of ‘real’ smoking, this can get really irritating.

One massive thing that it is important to remember is that the sealed, automatic e-cigarette batteries are easily mimicked by other companies to make cheap replicas. The button is much harder to recreate so for better quality e-cigarettes, the manual ones are a great one to look for.

Of course, what works for me might not work for you. My partner loves the button-operated e-cigarette batteries whereas I would much rather have a manual. I’m too lazy to press the button, and it’s a pain in the backside looking for the button with your fingers when you try to take a drag. What I would advise is to buy a kit that offers both and get one of each… You’ll soon find your own personal preference!

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  1. Do not wanna say i am lazy person to press button but i love automatic batteries. When i ordered starter kit from Vapour2 it was not included..what was no problem so i ordered some extra. It is great that i do not do anything just enjoying lovely flavors:-)

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