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E-Cigarette Troubleshooting: Why Is My E-Cig Battery Flashing?

This is something I’ve come across quite a few times in my journey with e-cigarettes. It’s also one of the most annoying signs that your e-cig will give you…. Your e-cig battery is flashing because it has more than likely run out of out ‘puff’.

E-Cigarette Troubleshooting: Why Is My E-Cig Battery Flashing?

Why is my e-cig battery flashing?

There are only a couple of reasons why your e-cigarette battery is likely to be flashing at you… It’s to show that you that it needs recharging and has completely run out of juice, or you’ve been sucking on it for too long and you need to take things easy.

Most e-cigs will have a cut off point for your safety so if you’ve been continuously inhaling on it for longer than about three or five seconds (normally five), it will start to flash, cut off the mechanics, and fail to make any more vapour and therefore throat hit. As a general rule, if you stop inhaling, give it a moment and then try again, you’ll have much better luck.

Of course, there is the old fail-safe – just plug it in, leave it to charge and then try again. Almost 99% of the time, your e-cig will be flashing because it just needs to be recharged. Give it an hour or more to let itself re-charge and you’ll probably be good to go!

The test … 

A good indication is what happens with your inhale when you press the button and everything starts to flash. If you are getting a bit of vapour, or the battery at least makes a noise, it’s probably running out of charge. If it doesn’t make any noise whatsoever, there is a good chance that your battery could be faulty. This is even more so the case when you have had the battery plugged in and charging for a while. If nothing at all happens with your battery but it just keeps flashing, even after you have had it plugged in for a while, it might be time to get in touch with the customer services of your particular brand of e-cigarettes and ask them the question – why is my e-cig battery flashing? They are more than likely going to suggest a couple of troubleshooting tips that worked for them, and if the situation can’t be resolved, organise for the faulty battery to be sent back, and a replacement sent back out to you.

A little bit of common sense …

There are a few common sense things you need to take into account here. If you’ve ever dropped an e-cigarette in your tea before, you’ll know that it starts to do all sorts of crazy things. For example, I once dropped a South Beach Smoke e-cig into my cup of tea and the light came on and wouldn’t turn up. Another e-cig was dropped in a puddle on a busy commute, and that one failed to give any vapour but lit up as though it would work… They all work in weird and wonderful ways when they have been manhandled so make sure your e-cig hasn’t been dropped, smashed, bumped, banged, or anything like that before you call up their customer services and end up being slightly red-faced!

Further reading: 

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  1. Hi aspire cf vv keeps flashing even when recharged

  2. I bought a aspire pocket e cigs yesterday and iv had it on charge overnight and the next day today it’s run a
    Out of charge at 3.00pm why does it run out of charge so quick , iv got a endure t 18 and that stays charged for a long tim

  3. I’m wondering why my vanilla kiss vapur is blinking ten times as soon as I inhale it??

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