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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?


This is a question that I am very often asked, especially as I go about my day, e-cigarette in hand. I’ve tried some of the worst and best e-cigs out there and although there are some that probably aren’t great for your health because of their cheap and shoddy build and nature, the majority of the bigger names out there; the reliable, reputable companies; their e-cigarettes are perfectly safe. They wouldn’t still be on sale if they weren’t.

A lot of big names have reported and investigated the idea of e-cigarettes over the last couple of years, and even the BBC has had something to say about it, reporting both positive and negative sides of the story.

Over the last two years alone, the amount of people using electronic cigarettes have tripled. We look a little closer at the statistics of smokers versus e-cig smokers these days in E-Cigarette Etiquette – Things You Need to Know. With that many people smoking them, and more and more people jumping on the bandwagon everyday, don’t you think someone would have flagged them up if they weren’t safe for you? 

Of course, there are always going to be stories in the media of the bad stuff surrounding e-cigarettes. for example, The Mirror reported a woman whose e-cigarette had blown up in her face while she was using it. In fact, they reported a couple of similar stories too. What you need to remember is that although this was a tragic incident and one shouldn’t be taken lightly, it is a one-off incident. We are guaranteed to hear about the bad stuff in the media. You’re hardly going to hear her story if she had successfully quit with the e-cig, are you?

The bad stuff you hear – you shouldn’t take it lightly. There are reports that using en electronic cigarette can stimulate a gene that is normally associated with mouth cancer, for example. These reports are ongoing and more studies are being done to prove the reliability of them. The thing you need to remember is this – smoking a “regular” cigarette will probably kill you in the long run. The more you smoke, and the longer you smoke, the more likely it is you are going to die of something smoking-related. We all know this already though, don’t we?

When you make the switch to electronic cigarettes, the toxins found in the liquids and cartridges (when you use a reputable and reliable company) are so slight, the chances of you suffering with the same medical conditions that smoking can cause are dramatically reduced. The thing with real cigarettes is that they contain a load of chemicals alongside the nicotine that you are inhaling. You are putting a lot of nasty stuff in your body. You’re not burning anything with an electronic cigarette so the chances of those dangerous chemicals being in your system are reduced massively. That’s all there is to it really.

As a long term e-cig smoker of around six years, all I have to report are good effects from e-cigarettes. I don’t get quite as breathless when I walk or attempt to run up a flight of stairs. After initially putting on a little bit of weight, I’ve managed to lose five stone. That’s the thing with quitting smoking and making the change to e-cigs… You’ll be a lot healthier and fitter, and that means that achieving things like losing weight will be easier.

E-cigarettes are still a relatively new concept and this means that long-term health effects won’t be known yet. Could we all die in fifteen years? Yes, we could. Could we all be smoke-free in fifteen years and living healthier, thinner, happier, richer lives? Yes, we could. I took the bull by the horns and made the change and so far, everything I’ve got to say has been positive.

What about you? Have you made the change already? Are your thoughts positive?

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