Thursday , 23 May 2019

E-Cigs – They CAN Help You Quit Smoking!

Right guys, let’s get to the heart of the matter here – you want to quit smoking. You wouldn’t be looking at the biggest and best e-cigs out there if you weren’t looking to quit smoking, or at the very least cut down. So, let’s get that question answered straight away…


Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?


The first time I ever tried my hand at an electronic cigarette, I managed to quit smoking for two years. One of those years I was using the e-cig, and the second year was even without that. It took me around eight months to give up completely, dropping a nicotine strength level every couple of months, and I can honestly say that being smoke-free was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

I have started smoking again since that point, and I’ve quit a few more times since too. E-cigarettes have helped me to quit smoking on a number of occasions, and although sometimes I don’t seem to be able to show the will power necessary to hold out from smoking at the most stressful periods of my life, e-cigs have always been my fall-back plan, as such.

The simplest way to explain quitting smoking with an electronic cigarette is with a couple of stages…


As you can see, you start your journey with electronic cigarettes on the highest strength of nicotine liquid or cartridges that you can muster. Some like it super strength, some don’t. The various strengths is something that I shall go into greater detail in later on.


After a little while, you simply start the “weaning” process. You stop smoking the high strength stuff, and move down to a medium strength. A couple of days of adjustment out the way, and you’ll be happy again. You’ll barely even notice the difference.


After a couple of months, you simply drop down another stage in the e-liquid chain. You go from the medium strength to the low strength. It sounds scary but it’s really not. It’s actually really easy. The only way to prove that is when you finally order that first e-cigarets starter kit! 😉


Again, you’ll spend a couple more months on the low strength stuff and then you make the final scary jump – low nicotine to zero nicotine. At this point of your quit smoking adventure, you’ll notice that you will probably have started leaving your electronic cigarette behind when you are busy doing other things. This is a good sign. This is a sign that you are starting to leave the habit itself behind. This will make life much easier for you later on.

Once you’re on the zero nicotine stuff, you’re no longer addicted to the nicotine at all. You are simply smoking your electronic cigarette because it is a habit. Why not stop using it now? You’re now smoke-free.

Although I would recommend only moving down a nicotine strength when you are completely comfortable, you can design your own time frame here. Some have managed to quit in just a couple of months. Some have taken a year. My best attempt was when it took me about eight months to quit smoking the e-cigarettes form start to finish. It worked for me. You never know, it might work for you too!

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