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El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review

El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review 3

El Diablo Juices are a brand of eliquids that I’ve spotted a few times on Twitter but had never actually tried. It wasn’t until I went to say hello to the El Diablo people at the London Vape Show that I realised the array of e-liquid flavours they had on offer, and also how friendly they were. If you’ve seen my video on the London Vape Show, you’ll already know how much of a hard time I seemed to have spending money at that place. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here > A Vape Vlog 1: VAPEFINDR Presents: London Vape Show & Catchup. I not only managed to spend some of my hard earned pennies at the El Diablo stand, but I was also gifted a few flavours to try and review too.

Thank you so much for that, El Diablo! I appreciate it!

Out of what they had to offer, the El Diablo juices that I got my hands on were Sweet Voodoo – the subject of this vape juice review – as well as St Louis and Lime Cream Cupcake, and also Jose Luis, Mariachi, and Gabriela Rose, from what I believe to be their newer range. They all have the coolest packaging. The last three, when all three boxes are placed side by side, make up a cool, skull-and-crossbones themed picture. But that’s not why I bought them at all …

*It was.

El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review 5

I hopped on to the El Diablo Juices website to get more information on my juices. They offer Sweet Voodoo (and the rest of the Classic Range) in solo 10 ml bottles, as well as 3 x 10 ml, 6 x 10 ml, and 12 x 10 ml packs.

A 10 ml bottle is £5. The more you buy, the cheaper it is. 12 x 10 ml bottles come to £40, saving you £20 over buying them individually.

You can also buy Short Fills — £15 for 50 ml, £23 for 100 ml, ready for you to add your own nicotine shots in. 18 mg nic shot 10 ml bottles are £1.50 (on sale, usually £2) but were sold out when I peeked on the site.

Finally, you can get Sweet Voodoo (and the rest of the Classic Range) in what looks like ‘regular’ (MTL, low VG), and HiVG (sub-ohm, high VG), in 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg for the low-VG stuff, and 3 mg in the high-VG, sub-ohm stuff.

I have a point that I would now like to make …

On the website, the regular low-VG stuff didn’t appear to have any information on the VG/PG ratio. Until I looked at the other Sweet Voodoo products on offer, I didn’t even realise that there were two options — high-VG and low-VG. I probably would have bought the low-VG stuff by accident, thinking it was high-VG.


So, I clicked on the HiVG bottle and still didn’t find any info on the VG/PG ratio. I know it is high-VG because of the name, but I like to know the specifics. I’d also like for it to be noted on the bottle or box so that I don’t need to spend half an hour looking for the information online.

The ONLY Sweet Voodoo product on the El Diablo Juices website that DID have that VG/PG ratio was the Short-Fill bottle, where it states 70VG/30PG.

My 10 ml bottles were 70VG/30PG. I remember seeing these juices on Vape Club a while back, listed as 50VG/50PG, so I’m assuming that’s what the regular, non-HiVG eliquid is on the El Diablo Juices website.

Online vape stores: Please have the VG/PG ratio listed in the product description. It would make my life a lot easier. (And my reviews damn quicker!) Awesome, cheers, thanks!

El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review

I love a good strawberry-flavoured juice, although, I have found that a lot of them seem to taste the same these days. The market is saturated with strawberry-flavoured ejuice, from milkshakes to custards and everything else in between. As far as I’m concerned, in order to stand out from the crowd, you’d need to make a really good strawberry liquid.

El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review 1

👎👎 It has the name ‘Sweet Voodoo’. I get slightly annoyed when e-liquids have weird names because I need to Google it to find out what it actually is. I’m learning to get over it. I’ve had no choice. These liquid manufacturers keep coming out with even weirder names each time I grumble about it.


Let’s get one thing straight; all of these e-liquids smell delightful when you first open the bottle. This is the second one I’ve tried out of my goodie bag of vape tricks, and I did try a few of the El Diablo Juices flavours at the London Vape Show too. They all smelled delightful. Even the flavours I didn’t like the sound of had a wonderful, mouthwatering scent about them.

El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review 2

This particular one definitely smells like strawberry. That’s always a good start, right? I mean, it is a strawberry-based flavour. It has a real fruity, sweet tang to it though, not overly tang-tastic or tart, but sweetened off with just the right amount of sugar, in my opinion. I do think it smells like a creamy strawberry too. Not a strawberry jam, something a bit creamier around the edges. Not quite so tart, you know? A bit like strawberry candy, not a *real* strawberry flavour. Does that make sense?


“Sweet, ripe strawberries covered in lashings of thick whipped cream, topped with a sprinkle of sugar. Full of rich, creamy flavours but light enough to be an all day vape. A firm favourite with the El Diablo team.”

I decided to use El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo as the first juice in my Kebor Cloud Auto Kit 40W. I then went on to use it for a while in my Aspire Cleito EXO with 0.4-ohm original Cleito coils. Well, you know how much that beast drinks liquid, especially when you use those original Cleito coils which give you a larger tank capacity … I’ve grown to like it, but I’ll never love it. I probably won’t buy more coils for it.

A lot has happened since I *first* started piecing together this El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo eliquid review. Check this out, for example: Aspire Cleito EXO: The 0.4-Ohm Update

El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review 4

I did find this juice a bit dry. I don’t know if that’s the right word. Not poor quality or bad tasting or anything like that, but just dry. I’m not sure if it’s a flavour thing – perhaps a different flavour wouldn’t be as dry? But, you know how you can get sweet and dry wines? This is a dry one, despite having quite a sweet flavour. Not too dry to stop me from devouring the entire bottle in a couple of days though. I actually quite like it. It’s evidently not TOO dry.

You can taste the strawberry, which is, obviously, a good thing. It’s most definitely a sweet and creamy juice, rather than a tart and tangy one. The strawberry is strong enough not to be dragged down by the cream, which is there, but not too much. It’s not overpowering. In fact, no part of it is overpowering. It *does* taste like it’s supposed to, although it doesn’t have the strongest burst of flavour. It’s quite muted. Not too powerful or in your face. I almost wish there was a little more of a punch packed in there, but if you’re looking for a really nice, midway strawberry delight, I think you might like this one. There’s something very pleasant about it. It’s not sickly-sweet or violently tangy, and the cream hasn’t taken the fun out of the strawberry.

Taste-wise, I actually think they’ve got this juice spot-on. I wish there was more of it, but the flavour is lush.

El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review – Conclusion

It’s a nice eliquid, don’t get me wrong, but I think I would have preferred slightly more flavour. Just a bit more. Like 5-10% more. The flavour that it does have is delightful and everything is in all the right places though. It tastes just how I would expect, but if I were to give PERSONAL recommendations, I would want a slightly smoother juice and one that has the teeniest bit more flavour too.

Would I buy El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo again? I did like this juice, particularly in terms of flavour, but I think it might have been a little too ‘dry’ for my tastes. If I’m being brutally honest, I probably wouldn’t buy this juice again, but that’s all down to MY personal preferences. It’s lovely tasting, but not quite smooth enough for ME and it doesn’t have quite as much flavour as I would have hoped for.

Would I recommend El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo to you? I think you would really enjoy this flavour if you preferred ejuices that weren’t overpowering or too in-your-face. It’s got a lovely, sweet strawberry burst to it, but it’s not too much that it blows you away. I like mine with a bit more flavour, but this is still a lovely, fruity juice that is well worth a try. I very much enjoyed the 10 ml bottle I had.

🔗 Buy El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo (HiVG) HERE.

🔗 Check out what else El Diablo Juices has to offer HERE.

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El Diablo Juices Sweet Voodoo Eliquid Review 5

* Prices & information correct at time of writing.

Honesty Policy: Part of my London Vape Show vape haul was gifted to me by El Diablo Juices for the purposes of a review, alongside items I purchased. I was not paid for my review and I will not be paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the store, brand, or manufacturer.

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