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Element Chocolate Tobacco Eliquid Review [Max VG]

[AD – Gifted by E-cigarette Direct] Hey, vapers! I’ve been vaping away with Element Chocolate Tobacco eliquid for the past couple of days, so I thought it was the time to tell you my thoughts. And they’re good thoughts! (Makes a change, eh? ?) 

Chocolate Tobacco Element Eliquid

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Before I carry on, I should probably let you know that I haven’t been vaping this eliquid in the “Max VG” way — the sub-ohm way. I’m really not a lover of tobacco-flavoured sub-ohm eliquids, but I do mouth-to-lung vape tobacco flavours every day.

To use this as MTL eliquid, rather than high-VG, I used the Vaporstorm Subverter box + Vapefly Pixie RDA + 0.5-ohm coil @ 20 watts, with the airflow bit open at just one hole. And then I vaped it the mouth-to-lung way, obviously.

For sub-ohm vaping, I have the airflow open all the way, watts bumped up to 40-plus. 

Element Chocolate Tobacco Review

In short, I haven’t vaped with Element Chocolate Tobacco the sub-ohm, big cloud way, but I will link to reviews I’ve come across that do talk about sub-ohm vaping the eliquid at the bottom of this post. 


Element is an American company that manufacturers eliquids, based in Florida, and all tested in the UK. They’re a brand I’ve been familiar with for a while, although I haven’t tried that many of them. In fact, my first ever sub-ohm experience was with Element E-liquid. You can read more about that right here. 

There are so many different flavours and types of eliquid I’d be here forever talking about them all, and there are various ranges to pick from. This particular eliquid is from the Element Tobacconist range and as the name suggests, they’re all tobacco-based. You can get them in both sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung (high-VG and 50/50 VG/PG respectively) types, in a range of nicotine strengths, and Element even teamed up with Aspire to create the Gusto Mini and pre-filled pods that go in it. 

In case you’re interested, I reviewed that too! > Aspire Gusto Mini. 


I got my hands on a “MAX-VG” [sub-ohm] bottle of Element Chocolate Tobacco. It doesn’t tell you the VG/PG ratio on the bottle or box (annoying), but after checking the Ecigarettedirect website, I can see that it’s 80% VG and 20% PG. 

It was also 6mg nicotine strength. I’d normally get 3mg in high-VG eliquid, or 6-18mg in MTL eliquid, but I asked for a mixture so I could compare the different strengths. 

Chocolate Tobacco Element Eliquid

You can buy it in 0mg (0.3%), 3mg (0.3%) or 6mg (0.6%), for £4.99 for 10ml at E-cigarette Direct. It’s also part of the 3 for £12.99 deal. (I’ve popped purchasing links at the end in case you want to take a peek for yourself after you’ve read the full review.)


It was actually the chocolate aspect of this eliquid that made me want to try it as a mouth-to-lung juice rather than a sub-ohm one. As I’ve said, I’m really not into big-clouding tobacco flavours, instead preferring custardy, candy, cakey treats for that. But I still wanted to give the flavour a try, so I asked a friend who knew about such things and he advised me to go with the above tank+box+coil+watts combo.

I’m glad I listened to his advice! 

Element Eliquid Chocolate Tobacco Review


“Steeped rich tobacco merged with soft notes of decadent chocolate Indulge yourself with this European flair of rich tobacco and creamy notes wrapped around decadent chocolate. This exquisite fusion of rich tobacco with notes of silky chocolate delivers moist and thick plumes of vapour.”


I very much like this tobacco-based eliquid flavour; although, to be honest, with chocolate in the name we already knew I’d love it, right? 

The tobacco flavour is full-bodied, authentic, and hearty, although not too full-bodied that it catches you on the inhale and makes you cough. I definitely agree with earthy but it mostly hits you at the beginning; the silky-sweet chocolate notes peek through on the exhale and make up most of the aftertaste. Overall, it’s a really good flavour but it was a lot more subtle than I expected. I’ve tried a few Element eliquids now, and they’ve all packed a pretty serious punch. One of the minty high-VG eliquids made my head feel so cold, my eyes were streaming for ages afterwards. 

Element Eliquid Review Chocolate Tobacco

Even comparing this one to other tobacco-based flavours from Element, such as 555 and Honey Roasted Tobacco, it’s much more muted and subtle. Personally, I think Chocolate Tobacco is easier to vape for longer periods of time whereas the others I would grab less frequently. 

As a side note, I actually gave Chocolate Tobacco a shot at higher watts, the sub-ohm way, and found it even more muted still. I could barely taste the chocolate. If I did like tobacco-based high-VG eliquid, I’d have been rather disappointed with the strength of the flavour from this one. 


The throat hit on Element Tobacconist Chocolate Tobacco was a little low for my liking, but that’s because the eliquid was high VG. Despite that, I found it satisfying enough to use the eliquid + vape combo for three or four days until the bottle had run out, without needing to reach for anything else. 

Chocolate Tobacco Element Eliquid


I know this is petty but it took me a solid fifteen minutes to get the nib out of the bottle out of the cap after it got stuck; therefore, I need to moan about it.

Look at it. I needed pliers. Humph.

Element Chocolate Tobacco Eliquid Review


I very much liked the taste of this eliquid, and the 10ml bottle has been nicely polished off. Earthy and traditionally tobacco flavoured but with a subtle chocolate sweetness at the end makes it an eliquid I’d happily grab every day. I do wish there was more flavour-oomph, especially the chocolatey end notes, but I think I’d probably get that from other VG/PG ratios, such as the NS10 and NS20 Element eliquids and pods, which brings me nicely to my next point … 


I fully intend to buy this eliquid again but I’ll be getting it in either the NS20 pods for my Aspire Gusto Mini or the NS20 Element bottles. This one, although nice, just didn’t quite hit the spot for me because of my aversion to tobacco high-VG juices. 


I’d probably consider this one to be a “safe” eliquid — one I’d recommend to vapers who wanted something tobacco’y but weren’t sure how much of the flavour they wanted. It has a very likeable taste, but it’s not outstanding in terms of flavour strength. 

Element Chocolate Tobacco
£4.99 / 10ml


Mix & Match
3 for £12.99

Various brands included

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