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Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review [NS20 Pods]

Today, I picked up my Aspire Gusto Mini for the first time in a little while. I’ve had so many different devices to review lately, some of my old favourites have been a bit unloved, and the Gusto Mini is definitely one of them.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 3

I’ve already reviewed the device VERY extensively. You’ll find not just one, but two videos on YouTube (first impressions + a proper review), as well as a full, written review on here. I haven’t really reviewed the flavours/pods I’ve tried in the device, though, and some of them are actually pretty damn awesome. Like, the pod I’m currently using – Element Honey Roasted Tobacco. I can’t help but think that the combination would make a great one for someone who was trying to quit smoking using e-cigarettes/vapes.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 1


Element (or Element E-liquids) is a pretty big American eliquid company and one of the very first sub-ohm eliquids I ever tried. Frost was the first one, and it’s so menthol that it was like a punch to the face. Thankfully, not all of their eliquid flavours are quite so thunderous. And yes, I mean thunderous.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 2

As well as the minty one that blew my brains out and made my eyes water, I also tried a strawberry-based one, but I can’t remember exactly which flavour. I do remember very much enjoying it, however, and that was me pretty much sold on the idea of sub-ohm vaping. Back then, it was a Vapouriz-branded sub-ohm vape pen that I dripped the juice into. Pod vapes weren’t even a thing back then. That Vapouriz device was a pretty decent device, you know. I’m actually a little sad they no longer make it.


My pods were NS20 pods, but you can also get NS10 pods, too.

NS20 = 20mg or 2.0% nicotine strength.

NS10 = 10mg or 1.0% nicotine strength.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 6

The pods are all 65% VG and 45% PG. (Apart from a couple of Purity ones, which are 70% VG).

The NS bit stands for nicotine salts. If you hadn’t already guessed, there is nicotine salt eliquid in the pods. That’s just one of the reasons why I think they’re great for new vapers/quitters.

Vape Club sent me my little vape haul, consisting of the Aspire Gusto Mini and a whole bunch of NS20 pods. I’ve also since been sent a few Vampire Vape NS20 and NS10 pods (Heisenberg and Pinkman), as well as a Nasty Juice one (Slow Blow). These are ALL nicotine salt pods. As far as I’m aware, ALL Aspire Gusto Mini pods are nicotine salt-filled, and it appears that new flavours are being added to the list, including Purity, Riot Squad, FAR, Dr Frost, and a bunch more.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 5

In case you’re interested, you’ll find all brands and flavours Aspire Gusto Mini pods available at Vape Club here.

3 x 2ml pods are £9.99.

9 x 2ml pods are £23.99.

Pods are available in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength, with the exception of the Purity ones. They’re available in the regular 6mg and 12mg strengths.

All pods can be vaped in both the MTL way and the sub-ohm way. You don’t need to change a coil, mode, nothing. Just vape the MTL way when you want to, and the sub-ohm way when you want to.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 7


So, just in case you’re not familiar with the idea of vaping nicotine salts, also known as nic salts, here are a few things you should know about them –

  • They are not the same thing as smelling salts … which is what I expected the first time.
  • They don’t taste like salt. Thankfully. Ew, can you imagine?
  • Vaping with nic salt eliquid is virtually no different from vaping regular eliquid …

… except you get the desired nicotine hit a little bit faster. Instead of needing, for example, 10 puffs to get the right amount of nicotine in your body, you’ll only need 3-5 puffs.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 4

A little warning: when I used Element NS20 pods in my Aspire Gusto Mini for the first time, I overdid it a bit. I chain-puffed like a mo’fo, just to see what would happen, and I gave myself headrush. It was almost like I was 14 and a new-ish smoker again! (Oh, the nostalgia!)


Right, I’d best actually talk about the flavour …

Flavour description:

“NS10 and NS20 555 Honey Roasted Tobacco eliquid pods by Element is a tobacco blend featuring a sweet flavour. The robust tobacco is combined with a smooth vanilla, roasted nuts and rich caramel for a layered vape.”

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 8

This is quite a gruff and hearty tobacco flavour, although it’s not quite as nutty as you’d think. It’s mainly tobacco-flavoured, especially on the exhale, but with a really good kick of nuttiness. It doesn’t take over, though, and the tobacco packs a real punch. I probably wouldn’t recommend this for someone who likes a light and airy flavour. This one’s deeper and bolder than most tobaccos. 

The honey isn’t overly obvious, peeking through on the inhale, but it does add a nice sweetness to the flavour. I probably wouldn’t have been able to guess the honey factor had I not known what this eliquid was before vaping it, but I’d definitely have guessed a sweet (ish), nutty-tobacco blend. Note that the description doesn’t actually mention honey at all. I’m guessing that’s what the caramel-bit is for. I wouldn’t say I tasted caramel, though. 

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 9

In terms of being true-to-taste, this one’s pretty much what you’d expect. It’s a tobacco flavour, slightly nutty, with a hint of a ‘lil something sweet.

I like it.


I can’t speak for the NS10 pods in this flavour (10mg) because I haven’t tried them, but I have tried NS10 pods in other flavours and I definitely think they are a bit lighter, both in terms of throat hit and flavour. Some of the NS20 ones (including this one) can have a bit of a kick to them, especially if you’re not used to them. I had a few little coughing fits the first couple of times I used them, but I’ve learned to take shallower inhales to start with, until I’m used to the way it feels. It’s not unpleasant or anything. I just find that the higher nicotine strength pods have a bit more of a kick to them after I’ve been sub-ohming for a few days beforehand.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 10

The NS20 pods are very satisfying, and I’d highly recommend them for brand new quitters. The throat hit is similar to that of a real cigarette, and the vapour is pretty on par, too. You do need more vapour from the Gusto Mini than you’d get from a cig, but it’s smooth, not scratchy.


The Element Honey Roasted Tobacco NS20 pod lasted me just over two days, vaping just the MTL way. (I’m not a fan of tobacco flavours for sub-ohm vaping.) I started using it on Friday morning, at about 10 am. I hadn’t quite got to the bottom of the pod when I changed it around lunchtime on Sunday, but I’m a bit scared of the end-of-pod/burnt taste, so I tend to switch-out a tad earlier than I should.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 11

Little note: I find that I use/think about my vape device LESS frequently when there’s nicotine salts eliquid in the tank/pod, and that’s kinda what nic salts are meant to do. You get the required nicotine amount in fewer inhales. I’ve had previous Element Eliquid NS20 pods that lasted for over three days, picking up the device just a few times during each day.

What’s the longest time a pod for the Gusto Mini has lasted you?

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 13


The Aspire Gusto Mini is usually one of the first devices I recommend to people who ask me for recommendations. You can’t really go that wrong with it, and with more and more flavours and brands being added to the pods, you’ve got plenty of options. I usually recommend this particular pod flavour to those who think a tobacco-based flavour might help them start with. It’s a memorable, well-rounded eliquid flavour for me, and I think the NS20 pods are pretty spot on for someone who wants to literally replace regular cigarettes with a vape device.

If you smoke ‘light’ cigarettes or only smoke a few cigarettes per day, I’d suggest going with the NS10 pods. They’re lighter, slightly less bold in the flavour department, and have less of a throaty kick to them.

Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review 12

Would I buy Element Honey Roasted Tobacco again? Yes, I would, and not just in pods for the Aspire Gusto Mini. You can buy a 10ml bottle of NS10/NS20 eliquid for £4.99 (or 3 x 10ml for £11.99) at Vape Club, and I’m planning on throwing those in my basket. Honey Roasted Tobacco is definitely a flavour I can vape all day, every day.

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