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Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats Eliquid Review

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Hello, vapers. What’s going on? I’ve spent a few days vaping on a new eliquid, so today, I would like to talk about Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats eliquid. It’s been steeping for about three or four weeks, maybe a tad longer, and I hate waiting any longer than that to try new flavours. I’m so impatient. How about you? 

1 Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats

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Ethos Vapers is an American “premium” brand that was founded back in 2014, and the company offers quite an array of interesting eliquids and flavours. Green Apple is part of the “Crispy Treats” range, but there’s also the “L!X” nicotine salts range, a “Candy Treats” range, and a whole bunch of other flavours in various formats.

Going back to Crispy Treats since that’s the range I’m talking about today, you’ll also find Original, Fruity, Blueberry, and Strawberry flavours, in various different eliquid types — with and without nicotine salts, in 30ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles, for both sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung vaping. 


This eliquid was part of a monthly eliquid subscription package, sent to me by Vape Mail. I also received Melon Twist by Ohmsome, Pistachio Gelato by Ice Cream Man, and Salted Caramel Shortcake from the Exceptional Vapes Shortbake range. 

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I got a 50ml bottle of 0mg nicotine strength eliquid [sub-ohm – High-VG] Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats, plus a Drip Hacks nicotine salts-based nicotine shot to throw in there. 

Together, that gave me 60ml of 3mg nicotine strength, eliquid — exactly what I would have ordered.

After chucking the nicotine shot into the larger bottle and giving it a good shake, I left it to steep for about three and a half weeks before I started vaping with it.

3 Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats


Okay, so, I know the name is “Green Apple Crispy Treats”, but why does the box show what appears to be slices of a green apple on some sort of Ryvita-style slice? Is that a thing people eat? I’ve never had apples on Ryvita, and I like both apples and Ryvita. Am I missing out on something here? 

Also … is that what the eliquid is meant to taste like? Because I’m not sure I’m down with that. Slices of green apple on crunchy fat-free/taste-free/everything-free crispy slices just isn’t an eliquid flavour I’d be happy ordering … ya know?

4 Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats

Waaaaaaait a minute, now I’ve looked at it a bit more, it might be a bit of marshmallowy-rice-crispy cake, not a Ryvita slice. That would totally make more sense. 

Don’t worry. I’m just overreacting and jumping to conclusions, as always. 


Once I’d taken a peek at the other flavours offered by Ethos Vapors in the Crispy Treats range, and then figured out that I wasn’t going to be vaping something that tasted like green apple on Ryvita crackers, I came to the conclusion that the entire Crispy Treats line would be marshmallow rice crispy cakes plus something. In this case, green apple. 

5 Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats

Straight away, the flavour of this eliquid reminded me of another I’d tried — Purity’s Twisted Turnover. The Purity one was really strong, though. And super gruff. I personally felt like it had too much flavour, but I did enjoy it in short bursts — a couple of tankfuls here and there. 

Green Apple Crispy Treats isn’t as flavoursome as Twisted Turnover, but that’s a good thing. It’s much more palatable. Lighter. Softer. Rounded off around the edges. There’s no smack in the face with what was almost burnt apple. Instead, you’re met with a really nice and light fruity flavour. Authentic enough to know that it’s an apple eliquid, but sweet enough to realise it’s been blended with something. I probably wouldn’t have guessed it with a marshmallow rice crispy cake, but after reading the flavour description, I don’t think they’ve done a bad job in replicating the sweet treat.

Speaking of which … 

Flavour Description: 

“Warm, Sweet and Gooey. An enticing blend of delectable, sweet marshmallows baked into an exquisite home made desert! Everything you loved about a crispy treat packed into a bottle of pure savory perfection.”


Green Apple Crispy Treats Ethos Vapors

I think sweet marshmallow is one of the main flavours in this eliquid. The apple does come through, but it’s quite muted and discreet. I thought it would have been the main burst of flavour since that was the actual name of the juice, but even with a few extra weeks of steeping, I still didn’t really find that fruity hit coming through as strong as I thought it should. 

Green Apple Crispy Treats is a really pleasant eliquid, and I’m glad that it’s not quite as flavoursome as that Purity one I mentioned, but I do wish the green apple was slightly more obvious. The longer you vape it, the more it just tastes like something sweet — a generic, sweet cakey flavour. Vape with a bit more and you’d never even know it was an apple flavour at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very nice, easy to vape eliquid, but it definitely dulls down fast.  

The bang is all upfront with this juice. It doesn’t get more exciting and fruity the longer you leave it, unfortunately. 

2 Green Apple Crispy Treats Ethos Vapors


As lovely as this eliquid is (and it really is lovely), it’s not one that I’d pick up to vape with all the time. It seems to zoom through coils so quickly. Much quicker than any other juice I’ve tried recently, even some of the really super-sweet ones. 

I vaped Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats in a couple of different devices — the Vapefly Pixie RDA on top of the Wismec Predator 228, and also in the Jac Vapour VIM + -0.5-ohm S-Coil. I definitely replaced the cotton in the Pixie RDA quicker than I’ve had to with other juices, and the poor VIM’s coil needing replacing after just a couple of days. 

It’s nice … but it’s definitely one of the coil killers. 

3 Green Apple Crispy Treats Ethos Vapors


Green Apple Crispy Treats is a pleasant eliquid — one that is easy on the throat and not too harsh that it makes you cough a little when you start vaping it. I definitely coughed with Purity’s Twisted Turnover, and I didn’t pick up it all that often. Too much for my delicate little throat. 

I had no complaints with the throat hit and vapour produced by the eliquid. With my RDA combo, it was really quite nice at 40-45 watts, although I did find that things got a bit distorted and too warm if I tried to get close to 50 watts. It was also easy to vape in the Jac Vapour VIM. Again, no complaints. 

Green Apple Crispy Treats


I *did* like this eliquid flavour, but it’s one that I got bored with quite quickly. It tasted pretty good at first, and I thought the apple hue would get stronger the longer the juice was left … but it didn’t. That part of it was first to fade away, leaving more of a marshmallow flavour with a delicate sweet apple aftertaste. It probably should have been more the other way around. 

Would I buy Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats eliquid again?

Probably not, to be honest. It’s not a bad flavour at all, but I don’t think they’ve got the combination of flavours quite right. That’s just my opinion. There are a lot of different juice flavours out there now, so I think there would be another one better suited to me. I’ll keep lookin’! 

Would I recommend Ethos Vapors Green Apple Crispy Treats eliquid to you?

If I were going to recommend this eliquid flavour to anyone, it would probably be to someone who had just started vaping, wasn’t sure of strong flavours yet, and just wanted to test the waters. It’s a light and decent enough flavour to get along with, but it’s not the greatest apple eliquid. Easy to vape, but just not enough of the actual apple flavour for me. (And for a few other people if other reviews are anything to go by.)

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