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Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake – Shortbake Eliquid Review

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Recently, I’ve had a real obsession with salted caramel Kit Kats. It’s a proper obsession too. One that means I never eat just one Kit Kat Chunky at a time. I can’t. One is NEVER enough. One of anything with salted caramel in the name is never enough. Anyway, my newest candy obsession aside, you can imagine how chuffed I was when I went to the shelf of mixed-and-steeping eliquids to see what I could review next and came across this utter treat — Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake – Shortbake eliquid. 

Nom nom. 

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Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake 1


I’d never heard of Exceptional Vapes before this lovely vape subscription package turned up at my door. This is my first ever experience with anything they’ve got to offer, and that meant I needed to look a little further into the company. This is what I unearthed …

Exceptional Vapes are based and make all of their eliquids in the UK, a place called Heanor. (Never heard of it, but Google tells me it’s up in Derbyshire. I don’t know where that is, either … LOLZ!)

The company offers quite the variety of eliquids — Chubby Juice, Chubby Treatz, Classic Custards, Desired Desserts, The Biscuit Barrel, and more. I can’t believe there are so many … and that I haven’t tried ANY of them. With all those cake and dessert lovelies in the offering, you’d think I’d be all over them. 

Maybe I will now?

Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake 3

Alongside Salted Caramel Shortcake, there are two other flavours in the Shortbake range — Raspberry Shortcake and Strawberry Shortcake [on the Exceptional Vapes website]. If they’re anywhere near as nice as the one I’m trying today, I’m definitely going to be adding them to my basket at some point soon. 


I got a 50ml bottle of Salted Caramel Shortcake along with a few others in my Vape-Mail subscription box. (Click here to read more about it.) I also received a Drip Hacks nicotine salts shot to make 60ml of 3mg nicotine strength eliquid. 

Drip Hacks Nicotine Salts Nic Shot 20mg

Before I forget, the VG/PG ratio is 70/30. I’m hopin’ for some good clouds! 

I’ve learned my lesson with regards to short fill bottles and letting them steep once I’ve thrown in the nic shot(s). I have a system now and it’s all going well! This eliquid flavour was left to steep for five weeks before I started using it.

I didn’t try it immediately after mixing, so I can’t tell you how it tastes right away.

Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake 4


“Home made salted caramel sauce poured over a sweet shortcake base. A dessert lovers dream!”

I first attempted to vape this with my current taste-test tank and box combo — the Vapefly Pixie RDA on my Vapor Storm Puma box, but there’s something going on with my recent cotton purchase. It tastes weird. It’s not meant to, and from reading other reviews and stuff I can see that other people aren’t experiencing the same thing, so I really don’t know what’s going on. 

In the end, I managed to successfully review this eliquid in the Vaptio Tyro device.

(My latest vape-love, I must add.) 

Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake Eliquid Review


Salted Caramel Shortcake is obviously going to be a sweet eliquid, but it’s not quite as bad as you’d think it would be. Before I started vaping it, I had a weird feeling that it might end up being too sugary-sweet (like that Carrot Cake eliquid I tried and hated), but it’s actually not like that at all.

Does it taste like salted caramel shortcake? Yes, I think it does. It’s on the exhale that the deliciousness of the caramel peeks through, and the inhale is packed with a sweet shortcake flavour that is actually pretty realistic. With the salty-savoury twang that flicks the edges of the whole thing, I think a lot of people are going to like it. There’s no weird synthetic-ness to it, and it doesn’t dull down too much when you’ve vaped tank after tank of the stuff … which I have. 

I’m impressed! 

Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake 6


I like my sub-ohm eliquids in 3mg so this one was perfect for me. And I think it is pretty much perfect too. A decent amount of delicious-smelling clouds and just the right amount of throat hit made for a juice that’s smooth enough to vape from morning to night, but also with enough kick to be satisfying. I literally have zero complaints. I know, right? Shocking. 

Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake 7


Yeah, I’m totally down with this eliquid. If you’re a lover of mid-way sweet flavours, I think you’re going to like it too. Despite being fairly sweet, it’s not so sweet that you can’t vape it for a while. I can only vape with one or two tanks of the really sugary stuff at a time, but I’ve been vaping on this eliquid consistently for a couple of weeks now. I’m not bored with it, and I don’t fancy changing it up for something less sweet. I’m actually going to be pretty sad when the bottle runs out … which is going to happen fairly soon. I’ve not zoomed my way through a 50ml bottle in a while (I have so many to pick from and review!). It’s safe to say I like this one. A lot.

Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake Eliquid Review

Would I buy Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake – Shortbake again? I absolutely would. I also can’t wait to try the other flavours in the Shortbake range, and a few from those other lines. Those cakey flavours are right up my street. 

Would I recommend Exceptional Vapes Salted Caramel Shortcake – Shortbake to you? If you’re munching through those Salted Caramel KitKats as fast as I am, I’d definitely recommend giving this eliquid a try. Be prepared to enjoy it! 

For more information about Exceptional Vapes or the Shortbake range, check out – £10/50ml, nic shots not included. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Vape Mail subscription box, take a peek at my blog post or click on the banner below. 

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