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Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review

I’m going to throw my hands up and admit that I’ve had this little batch of eliquids for a really long time. I went sorting through a box of eliquids that I thought I’d already reviewed and came across a bag containing four Flavour Boss eliquids — this one (Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart), Tropical Typhoon, Purple Slush, and Pink Lemonade. Realising that I must have had them for quite a while, I got my ass into gear, found myself a sub-ohm tank, and started working on this Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart eliquid review.

(P.S. I’m sorry I’ve had these for so long without talking about them, Flavour Boss!)

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review 8

About Flavour Boss

This is my first ‘encounter’ with Flavour Boss, so I figured I’d dig around a bit and learn more about the company. I learned that they won “Best Value” in ecigclick’s 2017 Vape Awards, which is good. I’m assuming that means this eliquid is going to be relatively inexpensive then.

I did like the Boss Shot TM calculator on the website. I’ve been looking for one that’s easy to understand, so I’ve bookmarked it for later reference. Smart, right? You’ll find that here, just in case you’re interested.

It looks as though Flavour Boss is famed for creating Boss Shot — a range of one-shot concentrates — short fill eliquids. I talk about one-shot, DIY eliquids more in Eliquid: What Does Short Fill Mean? if you’d like a simple guide.

Anyway, I had a peek through the MANY flavours that Flavour Boss has to offer, and there were a few that made me chuckle. Dictators Lemonade Boss Shot … Lolz. Some of the names infuriated me a tad, though. Dark Matter Boss Shot. What’s that? At least from the dictator one you can kinda guess what the flavour is. If this is your first time to my blog, I should probably warn you that weird and wonderful juice names are a big grumble of mine. I almost overlooked the Early Bird Boss Shot entirely, assuming it was going to be a tobacco number. Nope. Thin vanilla sponge, thick vanilla cream, salted caramel sauce … YUM.

Silly, vague name it might have, but doesn’t that eliquid sound delightful?

Get in my basket.

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review

Right, let’s get one thing straight … the name is a bit much, don’t you think? (YES, SHE’S TALKING ABOUT THE DAMN NAME AGAIN.) It’s a mouthful to say out loud, and I don’t actually think I’ve said it correctly yet.

Lunch londies lutart

Lunch lemon ladies

Lemon tart ladies

Honestly, I’ve called this flavour all sorts. My bad.

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review 1

A few specifics –

  • Sub-ohm eliquid – 70/30 VG/PG
  • £1.49 / 10ml (Flavour tester — 0mg)
  • £6.99 / 60ml Short fill* (WHAT?!?)

*50ml eliquid in a 60ml bottle, add 10ml nic shot (not included) to make it up to 3mg nicotine strength. Price is usually £9.99. 


I was drawn in by this eliquid from the second I opened the bottle. It’s delightful. I want candles and air fresheners that taste like this stuff. Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart smells sweet, cakey, and lemony, all in one. But not like, generically lemony-cakey, because we all know that the market is SATURATED with lemon-cake-pastry juices; this one smells a little different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, though.

Whatever it is, it smells amazing.

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review 7


Flavour description:

“Tangy Lemon curd lavished over gooey Meringue, enveloped in delicious thin crust Pastry.”

I don’t think Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart smells like every other lemon-based eliquid on the market, and I don’t think it tastes the same as all the rest, either. That’s a good thing. A great thing, actually. I’ve worked my way through some really good lemon eliquids, but after a while, they all taste pretty samey. The only ones that instantly stick out in my mind are Lemon Cookie Dough by Sugar Pie Vapes, which has a got a spicy, wintery, warming taste to it, and The Rochford Project’s Lemon Lush, which is every bit as lush as it sounds.

And now I’ll need to add this one to the list of lemon-loves.

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review 6

It’s definitely more lemon curd than lemon fruit, with a tangy, yet sugary flavour. It almost reminds me of lemon cough drops/throat sweets but without the noxious medicine taste. Now I come to think of it, I actually think this one is a bit similar to the one that Vape Dinner Lady released … but better. (Sorry, VDL!)

I don’t think the juice is overly meringue-like, but there is a light sweetness to it. It’s not a heavy, thick sweetness like you’d get with a cake-type flavour. That makes sense, right? But again, I want to talk about how realistically lemon-curd’y this eliquid tastes. It reminds me of the cheap ol’ Tesco Value jam and lemon curd tarts that my Mama used to buy when I was a kid. I ate a lot of those tarts. I could go for one of those tarts right now … ?

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review 5

The 10ml bottle I received was 0mg nicotine, so I can’t talk about whether or not the flavour becomes diluted/muted once you add a nic shot. From the reviews I’ve seen around, it doesn’t appear to be the case. The Boss Shot product page has 90-plus reviews for Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart, and a lot of people have said that 4-6 weeks of steepage time gives you the best flavour results. 

Throat Hit & Vapour

Again, I can’t talk for Flavour Boss eliquid WITH nicotine in; I received a 10ml 0mg (no nicotine) sample bottle to test the flavour only. I was satisfied with the amount of vapour it produced, though. And I was happy enough with the flavour of this eliquid (and the other one I’ve tried) to order more. I’ll let you know how I get on with them, obviously.

Device used:

Vapor Storm Hawk tank + 0.2-ohm mesh coil, on Vapor Storm Puma box mod, between 40-45 watts.

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review 4

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Smooth but tangy, sweet but still sour, lemony but not too much … It’s a good one. It’s a really, really good one. Not exactly what I would call refreshing, though. More warming and hearty. Definitely easy to vape with, and I found myself going through the 10ml taster bottle in just a few hours. I was actually really disappointed when I ran out.

Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Eliquid Review 3


Would I buy Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart eliquid again? I absolutely would. It’s in my basket already, and I’m also very eager to try a few of the other flavours they’ve got on offer. Biscuit Eater absolutely sounds like something I’d enjoy, and Unicorn Milk sounds right up my street. But back to the lemon stuff – yes, I’m totally down for vaping this eliquid some more.

Would I recommend Flavour Boss Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart eliquid to you? If you want a really tangy citrus burst, this one probably isn’t going to be what you’re looking for. It’s softer than that. Definitely more sweet-tart than tang. It’s one of those warming flavours that I’d throw in my handbag for comfortable all-day vaping, especially now winter is looming. 

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