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Gloop Blueberry Donut Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Ecigarettedirect] How do you feel about a brand new eliquid review today? Because I’ve got some Gloop Blueberry Donut in my tank and I’d quite like to discuss it with you, if that’s okay? 

1 Gloop Blueberry Donut Eliquid Review

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Now, before I go any further, I should warn you that I’m quite the connoisseur of blueberry-flavoured stuff. During my time in Canada, my breakfast of choice was always a blueberry muffin and a large, double-double steep tea from Tim Hortons. No other breakfast would do. I could occasionally settle for blueberry pancakes, but I was really all about that muffin life. I still am.

So, bearing that in mind, I knew I’d be super critical of this flavour. When I get my hands on something blueberry flavoured, it had better taste properly like blueberries. If it doesn’t, I just won’t be happy … and you’ll all know about it. 


Gloop Awesome Sauce is a range of sub-ohm [high-VG] eliquids – 70/30 VG/PG – from Ecigarettedirect. They’re made in the UK and come in four flavours:

Gloop Eliquid Review

This is the my third review of the range and so far, things have been pretty awesome. These are exactly the kind of flavours I’d buy for myself, and they’re all lovely flavours too – fairly true-to-taste, in my opinion, and definitely moreish. If you’re interested in a recommendation, Hazelnut Cookie is my personal favourite. Still. Even after trying all four of them, which I now have.

As a final note before I start the actual review, it seems the price has come on the 50ml shortfills. They were £14.99 when I first reviewed Hazelnut Cookie. Now they’re only £12.99 – but nicotine shots still aren’t included. You can find the ones I used right here – Plusnic Nicotine Booster, 18mg/1.8%, 70/30 VG/PG, £1.99 each. Throw one of those in the bigger bottle [for 3mg], give it a good shake, and then let it steep for a couple of weeks … if you’re patient enough. 


I was patient enough to let Blueberry Donut steep before I vaped it, something that doesn’t happen often. It must have sat on the shelf for a good three or four weeks before I finally dripped it into my tank, and for once I didn’t taste it straight after vaping. 

Blueberry Donut Eliquid Review Gloop

In my experience, *all* shortfills taste so much better when you’ve left them to sit after mixing in the nicotine shot. The finished product (post-steeping) is sometimes completely and totally different from the initial just-mixed taste.

I’ve given this eliquid a try in a few devices now, but right now, as I tap up this review, it’s in the Aspire Cleito EXO on top of the Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W box. There’s a 0.4-ohm EXO [regular] coil in the tank, and my sweet spot for this little combo is 53 watts.


There’s no denying the fruity, blueberry smell you’re faced with as soon as you unscrew the bottle. It’s very strong and proper berry-like. Delightful, actually. If it tastes anywhere near as good as it smells, we’ll be on to a winner. 


According to the Ecigarettedirect website, Blueberry Donut is …

“A finger-lickin’ donut whose centre is absolutely oozing with wham-bam blueberry jam.”


First and foremost, this is a sweet eliquid. I like them sweet, but this is sweet-sweet — too much for me to continuously vape. About two tankfuls is my limit, so it’s something I’d be more tempted to grab with an RDA to avoid switching out an entire coil just to change flavours after a day.

Gloop Blueberry Donut

The inhale gives you a powerful burst of blueberry, and it’s a pretty decent fruity flavour too. Not too synthetic or plastic-tasting. Very thick and sugary and actually mouth-wateringly good. It almost tastes like you have an actual dollop of blueberry jam in your mouth.  

The donut side of things becomes more obvious in the exhale, but I don’t think it’s as big of a feature in the flavour as it should be. It takes very much a back seat, barely peeking through at all, but it does help to bring down the sweetness of the berries towards the end. And it’s more of a fried n’ crispy, seaside-style donut than a five-pack of soft n’ gooey jam donuts you’d get from your local Tesco. 


Yes, this one is a bit of a coil killer. I usually get a week or so of decent vaping out of a Cleito coil, even with the thickest, sweetest, most coil-busting of eliquids. With Blueberry Donut in the tank, it lasted barely four days. 

Gloop Blueberry Donut Eliquid

Gloop by name, Gloop by nature. 


Being sugary, this one can be a bit scratchy on the back of the throat after a while, and it definitely dries my mouth out. It’s not overly scratchy or rough to vape, though. I like it, just in small doses. 

Vapour-wise, this one’s quite the cloud-chucker, especially when you turn up the watts. I don’t think the Aspire Cleito EXO is that great in the vapour department – with any juice – but it kicked up a right little foggy mess with Blueberry Donut in the tank.


Not a bad eliquid, this one. I enjoyed vaping it. To sum things up …

  • Better in small doses (less than two tankfuls)
  • Gets quite sickly with repeated vaping
  • Kills the coil
  • Really juicy blueberry taste, not synthetic or cheap-tasting

Blueberry Donut by Gloop Review


I have a feeling this bottle might last me a while, but it is one that I’ll come back to every now and then. I think that’s what it’ll end up being for me — one that I grab every now and then when I fancy something very sweet and super fruity. It’s not an everyday vape flavour for me, but I do very much like it. 


If you’re on a budget and don’t feel like zooming your way through a coil every couple of days, this might not be the eliquid you’re looking for. You’re also probably not going to like it much if you don’t like sickly-sweet eliquids. But if you’re on the hunt for a candied blueberry flavour, I can recommend this one. 

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Review of Blueberry Donut by Gloop

Gloop Blueberry Donut
£12.99 / 50ml

*nic shots not included

Plusnic Nicotine Booster

*70/30 VG/PG 1.8%

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