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Gloop Sticky Strawberry Cake Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Ecigarettedirect] Hey, vapers. What’s going on in all of your lives? Tell me everything, starting with what flavour you’ve got in your tank today. In my tank, you’ll find Gloop Sticky Strawberry Cake, something I’ve been road-testing for the past few days. And now, I’m going to tell you what I really think about it. 

(I made that sound much more ominous than it actually needed to be. The eliquid is actually rather nice.)

Gloop Sticky Strawberry Cake Eliquid Review

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This is actually my fourth (and final) review of the Gloop range, so I won’t bang on about the company too much. The eliquid range has been created by Ecigarettedirect, is made in the UK, and consists of three other 70/30 VG/PG [sub-ohm] flavours alongside this one: 

You can get your hands on a 50ml bottle for £12.99, with space for a 10ml nicotine shot to boost it up to 3mg strength. Those aren’t included but I added one of the Plusnic Nicotine Booster shots to mine, 70/30 VG/PG 1.8%, also sent by Ecigarettedirect. 

Plusnic Nicotine Booster

And if you’re wondering which one is my favourite, I’m probably going to go with Hazelnut Cookie. I’ve wholly enjoyed vaping all of them but Hazelnut Cookie is nom-tastic. I actually said the words, “fricking lovely” and “addictive” in my review. 


I left my eliquid to steep for a couple of weeks after mixing and didn’t try it immediately. It’s an eliquid I’ve picked up again and again, so I’ve used in a number of different devices. I filled up the Aspire Cleito EXO tank [with a 0.4-ohm coil] with Sticky Strawberry Cake to help inspire me as I write this review, and I’m using it on top of the box that came with the Vaporesso Target Mini II kit. I’m struggling to understand the different settings on the box (as always), but it’s at 48 watts on the VW-S mode, in case you’re interested. 

Gloop Sticky Strawberry Cake Eliquid

Do I know VW-S mode is and what makes it different to other modes on the Target Mini II box?



Let’s take a big whiff from the bottle, shall we?

I’d say it smells like a light strawberry milkshake at first, but you get a thicker, cakey scent floating through it. Bizarrely, it smells lighter and more sweet-strawberry-like in the bottle than it does on the coil. Once it’s been dripped it smells heavier, like it has more substance to it. It makes a change for the flavour to be stronger than a smell, but this juice has managed it. 


“A super moist strawberry cake that is heavy on the icing and just too damn tasty for its own good.”

A few moist-haters will be triggered by that. I’m not laughing, I’m not laughing. 

Ha, I’m totally laughing.


Gloop Eliquid Review Sticky Strawberry Cake


Sticky Strawberry Cake is a very nice eliquid flavour. It’s sweet, but it’s light and sweet, not sickly-sweet. I’d definitely say it’s more of a milkshake-style strawberry flavour than an authentic one, though. Quite milky and creamy, without the tarty-tang you get from fresh strawbs. 

I’d probably be more inclined to describe this flavour as a regular cake with strawberry-flavoured icing, rather than a strawberry cake … if that makes sense. I think the flavours come through separately like that — the cake is quite distinguishable from the berryness. I’m really just splitting hairs, though; it does taste like it’s supposed to, and it is really nice. 

Sticky Strawberry Cake Gloop Eliquid Review


I’ve found all of the Gloop eliquid range to be decent, cloud-chucking juices. It’s not the most vapour I’ve seen from 70/30 juices, but it’s good enough for me. I can still cloud up a room in no time at all and piss off everyone in it. I remember thinking that Hazelnut Cookie was a bit sparse in the cloud department, but it’s not something I’ve noticed and/or paid attention to since I tapped up that review.

In the throat hit department, I got pretty much what I expected from a 3mg high-VG juice. It’s smooth enough to be an easy all-day, everyday kinda juice but still gives you enjoy of a kick to satisfy you. A good all-rounder, in my opinion. 

Gloop Eliquid Strawberry Sticky Cake Review


Sticky Strawberry Cake by Gloop ticked a lot of boxes for me. It was fruity enough to fulfil my strawberry wants and cakey enough to have that flavour element in there. Neither of the two elements overpowered the other, though. It’s nice and well-rounded and close enough to what you’d expect from the flavour description. 


Yes, I would. I actually really enjoyed all of the eliquids in the Gloop range and would buy most of them again. Blueberry Donut was a bit too sweet for me to vape on the regular. They’re flavoursome juices though, nice and smooth on the throat, and they chuck out a decent amount of vapour. I like my sub-ohm vapes cloudy and what these created was good enough for me. 


If you take your strawberry juices more milkshake’y than tangy this one will be right up your alley. A few of my vaping friends have given it a try and offered it the flavour thumbs-up, and almost all of the other reviews I’ve read online for it have been super positive. 

If you’re in the market for a new range to try, I can definitely approve Gloop!

Sticky Strawberry Cake
£12.99 / 50ml

*nic shots not included

Plusnic Nicotine Booster

*70/30 VG/PG 1.8%

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  1. What am I vaping today you ask? It’s sticky Strawberry Cake by Gloop ? Love the stuff! Great review and brilliantly summed up there! As soon as I saw your link on Twitter I had to jump over and hear your thoughts! Keep up the great work ?

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