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Halo ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: Popular Blend   
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Spearmint Breeze
  • MY FAVOURITE: Crazy Custard 
  • £ / 10ml: £3.99 / 10ml 

I hadn’t tried the Halo brand before, either the eliquid or the e-cigarettes and vaporisers, but when I received my first ever package of Halo / ECigaretteDirect goodies, I was more than a little excited.

First, the t-shirt. Cue new selfie… Obviously.

Halo ELiquid Review

Secondly, the eliquids. Delicious sounding-flavours, UK-made stuff, recipes created from actual feedback from actual customers and months of research with brain-boffins and scientists. All the right technical jargon was there but had they got it right with their brand new range of Halo eliquids…?

I guess we’ll find out! 😉

Halo Eliquid Review

One of the best things about the Halo eliquid as a whole is the fact that you are told every bit of information you need to know upfront. Everyone’s worried about their juice these days – where it comes from, where its’ made, what it’s made from, etc.

Halo eliquid is made in the UK with a PG/VG ratio of 60:40. This means that the VG content is lower and you’ll get less vapour but more flavour.

Not only that, only EU grade nicotine is used – pharmaceutical grade at that, and there are no artificial added extras – colourings and that kind of thing. If you head on over to the website and check out this page, you’ll also see full test results for every flavour they have on offer, tested by scientists in the UK in a government approved lab externally.

Good to know right?

Oh and just for your information, at £3.99 for a 10ml bottle, it’s really not a bad price either.

Plus… There are 20 different flavours to pick from! (And they offer dripper / sub-ohm liquid too – 13 Sins.) I also tried these liquids in two different devices – the JacVapour 510 and the VIP Photon Tank (review coming soon…)

Now we’ve got the specifics out the way, let’s get to the heart of it. All the jargon is there, all the good boxes are ticked, but they do taste as good as they should?

These are the flavours I’ve tried so far:

Halo Popular Blend 1.8%

I love that you know what you’re going to get with the Halo brand of liquids and is definitely a plus point for the sake of this Halo eliquid review. The PG/VG is stated on the bottle as well as the website. I love that! (It’s the little things!)

Halo ELiquid Review

Not just stating the ratio, you can see a batch number and a BBE (mine said 04/17). Another big tick.

I really liked this tobacco flavour eliquid and it’s one I’m definitely going to order again. It’s easy on the throat, a really easy vape, and although there’s no loads of vapour, there’s enough to satisfy. You could get away with vaping this ejuice discreetly and subtly if necessary.

Halo ELiquid Review

Taste-wise, it’s not an overpowering tobacco taste like I’ve experienced with others. More of a subtle, easy vape. An every-day vape, if you like? Very enjoyable either way and as I said, one I’ll definitely be ordering again.

If you like yours strong, I’d go with 2.4%. The 1.8% was nice but quite smooth for me and I already appreciate a smooth vape. If you want a harsher hit, you’ll need to go higher.

Halo Crazy Custard – 2.4%

Slightly stronger than the Popular Blend because I tend to go stronger with flavours, Crazy Custard was every bit as delicious as the name suggests. It actually tastes like custard which is always a good thing, and although similar to the Vanilla Ice Cream (which I also tried), it’s more… Well, custardy really.

Halo ELiquid Review

It’s not too thick so I found it didn’t clog up my tanks or coils, and Dan absolutely loved it. He stole it and soon, everyone in his office was loving it too. The vapour that comes out smells GREAT!

Halo Spearmint Breeze – 2.4%

This has proved to be Dan’s favourite spearmint-menthol so far. He often complains that many spearmint-flavoured liquids don’t actually taste how they’re meant to but the taste and the smell were pretty much spot-on. Very much like a spearmint Polo.

Halo ELiquid Review

Again, slightly stronger than the Popular Blend because Dan likes his strong and as menthol-y as possible, it’s got quite the throat hit I found. Not too much but not far off for me. I probably would have gone with the 1.8% instead.

Halo Vanilla Ice Cream – 1.8%

I love vanilla flavoured liquids but I often find that they don’t taste much like what they’re supposed to and even if they do, they don’t seem to taste that way for very long.

Halo ELiquid Review

The good news is the Halo Vanilla Ice Cream eliquid tasted exactly like vanilla ice cream! So far, they seem to have gotten these flavours very much spot-on. I actually can’t wait to try more.

Quite a subtle vape, I almost wished I had gone for the slightly stronger strength with this one – 2.4%. It’s very smooth but not overly thick and out of the two, I think I preferred Crazy Custard. This one was a great flavour but just not as strong as I wished it had been.


I really did enjoy these eliquids and as far as flavours go, I think these might be the best for tasting as they should. Custard tastes like custard, vanilla tastes like vanilla, spearmint tastes like spearmint… There seems to be a running trend here.

Not only that, and I appreciate this is a weird thing to mention, but the bottles were easily-squeezed. Have you ever come across those sturdy little bottles that take all your pressure and force to squeeze anything out of? I hate those bottles. I like the Halo eliquid bottles – nice, simple design and easily squeezed. As I keep saying, in such a saturated market, it makes sense to pay attention to detail.

Halo ELiquid Review

The bottles do state that these e-liquids ARE NOT suitable for those with nut allergies. Just in case you were wondering. I personally never thought of that before.

All in all, I would seriously rate this brand of juice and I’d say this Halo eliquid review was a great success.

So, to check out the Halo brand of eliquids, click below. At £3.99 for 10ml bottles, I’d definitely say these were worth the money you pay for them, for flavour alone!

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