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Help! My Aspire PockeX is Leaking!

Aspire PockeX is Leaking

Well, ladies and gentleman, the thing that I warned you about in my Aspire PockeX review has happened to me. You know – the leaking thing. I’d read a few people complaining about a leak from their all-in-one device, usually a few weeks or months into using it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really pay that much attention. Mine worked fine, but then that’s how the story always starts, isn’t it …


Things were going so well for me and the Aspire PockeX. Even after all the confusion surrounding how you were meant to vape with it in the first place, I’d found my sub ohm style of vaping sweet-spot and we were getting along just fine. It was starting to become one of those vapes I turned to. Regularly.

I’d only just changed the coil, frustratingly, and filled the tank with the sweet taste of Sugar Pie Vape’s Maple Nut Brittle.

One inhale, fine.

Two inhales, fine.

Three inhales … Wait, what’s that? Where’s the liquid coming from?

Aspire PockeX is Leaking

My thumb was sticky and gooey. It had liquid on it. I figured I’d just dribbled a bit when I filled the tank up, wiped it off, and carried on vaping. I was working at the same time, so my mind was half on the laptop and half what I was vaping with.

A few minutes later I stopped typing and picked up my Aspire PockeX again.

One inhale, fine.

Two inhales, fine.

Three inhales … Wait, what’s that? Where’s the liquid coming from? Right, that’s gotta be a leak. I just wiped the damn thing.

Aspire PockeX is Leaking

I wiped it again and then vaped with it a few more times. It wasn’t long before I saw where the problem was situated, although I’m not entirely sure how to explain it.

As I was pressing the button to use the Aspire PockeX, e-liquid was dribbling out somehow. It was leaking. I don’t know why or how this is happening because the button is a good distance away from the tank filled with liquid. It’s an all-in-one device too, which makes it especially difficult to get to the root of the problem. The liquid was definitely coming from the button though.

The button is at least a full centimetre away from the start of the glass tank. If that’s the case, the liquid is escaping from the tank into the internal part of the design – the part where the battery is … surely? That doesn’t bode well. I mean, how can the liquid be seeping out through the button when the button is a good 1 cm + away from the liquid in the tank?


I’ve tried to resolve the problem. I figured, seeing as I’d only just changed the coil on the PockeX, it could be a coil problem. I changed the coil again, filled the tank with Maple Nut Brittle again (it’s a good job I got two bottles of the stuff), and vaped with it again.

One inhale, fine.

Two inhales, fine.

Three inhales … Right, there’s a leak from the button again. Now I’m super annoyed.

I looked at it. I unscrewed bits and screwed them back together. I looked at the manual. I looked online. Yep, there’s a definitely more than a few of us with the same problem, so that would suggest a design flaw.

The Aspire PockeX is flawed.

Aspire PockeX Review

Goddammit. I actually liked this one.

So, I’m going to need to change the review of the PockeX now. I’d originally given it 4 stars out of 5, but after all the confusion when I first got it out the box (between sub ohm vape style and mouth to lung vape style), and now the leaking problem … Well, I’m not impressed. I’m just a bit peed off. I’d bought new coils for this thing and now it’s broken. Well, I say broken, I can still use it but after three vapes there’s liquid around the button which I then need to wipe off. I couldn’t throw this in my pocket or bag now either. I wouldn’t want leaked ejuice getting all over everything else.

I’m demoting it. 2 stars. That’s it. It would have been 3 stars but there are quite a few vapers with the same problem. You’d think they’d have addressed this issue by now. It seems that Aspire and I don’t get along so well these days. (I’m sure they’re not that worried about that, haha!)

But yes, in short, my Aspire PockeX is leaking and there is nothing I can do about it. It worked fine for the first few weeks – about 8 weeks – and then it started leaking. And it’s a considerable leak too. An annoying, messy one.

Please let me know if you’ve experienced the same problem. Add your comments below. I’d love to know if you managed to solve your leaking Aspire PockeX problem too. I’d love to fix it if there is a way … (although I probably should just send it back).

RIP Aspire PockeX. It was fun while it lasted.



  1. I have exactly the same problem. I don’t what to do. I assume – and fear -, just like you, that the liquid may enter the battery.

  2. Mine leaks too, but it seems to come from around the air holes above the tank. I took it back to the shop where I bought it and they took it apart, inspected and cleaned it. I was told that it would leak because of the juice I was using…. I use Wiz Mix Brain Freeze, bought at the same time as the PockeX, which is apparently a “thin” juice. Basically I feel like I was fobbed off!

  3. I just got mine it did not leak till I refilled it but I took it apart cleaned it thought I did something wrong and I was. I was toking all of the mouth piece the black part . so I stated just toking the top of mouth piece and no more leaking. I was doing that anyways but when I refilled it I just thought hmm ill get more smoke like this. na don’t work good that way. TY for your review. I do think I need a really good tank with lots of smoke but that’s lots of money and more use of juice. Trying to save money from not smoking now 3 yrs. yea for me. I think the smoke is what I like to see.

  4. I just noticed the same thing. I only just made the switch from smoking one week ago. Not a good start. I suspect that if you under/over wind the bottom this is the root of the problem.

  5. I had the same problem after about a week, there was juice coming from the button area. I still don’t understand how that is possible with the cup design and everything, but there it is. Flavor is also god awful and for mtl it’s awful as well. For dtl it’s awful as well.

  6. I had the same problem and found that if I tighten it to tight it leaks so I tighten it and stopped once I feel the strain which sorted my leaking!! Hope this helps

    • Thanks, Tony!

      Thanks so much for the advice. This hasn’t helped, sadly 🙁 I’ve screwed, unscrewed, flicked, changed bits, waved it around, performed a magic spell on it … haha! I think I just need to accept that this little device and I just don’t get along. It seems I’m not the only one too, judging by some of these comments!

      Thanks for reading, and for your comment too!
      Have a great day!

      Kim @ 🙂

      • Try replacing the glass/ tank. Mine started to leak too which turned out to be a crack in the glass I’ replaced it it works fine now

      • Have you checked the glass tank. The glass is very thin and cracks very easily. If this happens then it will leak. I am changing mods because of this. I am on my second one because the glass breaks way too easy.

        • Hi Arcane,

          That’s very annoying – I’m sorry you’re having such problems! I did look over my PockeX when it leaked, but I couldn’t see any visible cracks or damage. I have seen a lot of people saying the same thing, though.

          What do you think you’ll move to if you can’t get a PockeX that doesn’t leak?

          Thanks for reading & commenting!

          Kim ?

        • I changed tank has not helped.

  7. Gah! After refilling twice in a hour I came to the conclusion that my blooming aspire pockex is leaking. Took me a while to realise, duh! I can’t actually tell where it is coming from. I have dismantled it, cleaned it and am now going for refill number three. Not a happy bunny grrrrrrr

  8. mine also started leaking after a couple od days. I did however pintpoint exactly where it leaks from and that is around the joint connecting the lid and mouthpiece to the tank, I took the white rubber seal out of its groove , cleaned out the groove and washed the white rubber seal under the tap and it still leaks. also tried filling it actually below the fill line so it has less than it should have in the tank and it still leaks.
    I will keep you posted if I solve the problem cause I do actually like the aspire pockex.

    • Replace the tank it’s either cracked or broken. There is no way that use can get into the battery itself where the button is located. Or maybe one of the rubber gasket is bad but it turned out to be a cracked glass so I bought like 4 of them for less than $10. I replace the tank and I haven’t had a problem since. Good luck

  9. Same thing here. Noticed after changing coil. (just bought a 5 pack) that the liquid was going down fast, then noticed often sticky round the barrel. Definitely leaking from power button. Really liked the set up as well.

  10. Mine just same, took it to the shop for advice, the guy said its commen. Wasted so much liqude .
    May have to buy a diff make.

    • Hi, Morad,

      That’s so disappointing! It does seem to be quite a common problem judging from the comments here too …

      Let me know what else you try. I’d love to know how you get on!

      Merry Christmas ?

      Kim @

  11. i don’t have a leak problem but my 2 month old one has 2 its started to get very hot after not a lot of use . it hot around the metal at the top near the mouth piece, and the second is that juice looses taste and tastes slightly burnt quickly.. if i open it and let air in i get the taste back but i have to do this a lot… going to go back to the vape shop but got little confidence in them as in the past they have not been that helpful.. does anyone know my rights?

    • Hi, Edwina,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with the PockeX. I’m pretty sure Aspire have a 3-month warranty on certain products, so it might be worth getting in touch with them to see if they can help you? The vape shops I’ve used have generally been quite helpful in my experience, so I’m sorry to hear that you’re not that confident with yours.

      When was the last time you changed the coil? It might be worth trying that first. Also, what kind of eliquid are you using in it? Hopefully, we can figure it out for you ?

      Merry Christmas ?

      Kim @

      • i tried new coil and several different liquids.. i have been in contact with the shop by email and they said bring it in.. will update once i done that.. thanks for getting back to me.

      • h had contacted Aspire directly before posting on here and they did not want to know

      • i went back to my shop today with my defective vape and they where just great.. they tested is as i used it and had the same problem, they cleaned it and although a little dirty nothing much was found so they tired it again and they couldn’t put up with the burnt taste so did not expect me to.. i was given a brand new replacement which has improvements like the charging port is not longer on the bottom . so far so good.. and my warranty starts today so if i do have any issues its all covered.. i strongly recommend buying from a good seller and am so glad i did.. ours is the Vapourium Gosport.

    • Hi. The reason it gets hot is that the coil is attached to the top of the tank and not the bottom, which is the norm on most vape kits. If you keep drawing on it very frequently it will get hot. Also having a black drip tip, which absorbs heat quicker, doesn’t help either.

  12. I have two aspire pockex and both leak from the button. The older one seems to short circuit, because the wattage is higher now and it always tastes burnt, even after changing the coil many times. No doubt the leak goes around electronical parts.

  13. on the back of the box it says ,
    leak proof design, and its got a warranty card inside,
    mine started leaking after using the coil for 5 weeks,
    then changed coil and all is fine again,
    but time will tell,

  14. I got a white one in December. I loved it—then it started to leak now and again were you unscrew to fill the juice. i like others thought it was something i had done but it wasnt. i took it back to the shop were it was cleaned and had the top seal replaced. This did not work.By then it was the Xmas holidays so I didnt get back to the shop til January. i took it back again and the top part was replaced but again to no joy. So I had enough last week and had it replaced by the shop last Thursday. this time I got a black one. i was so happy with it over the weekend but was still wary after what had happened with the white one. Guess what!! by Sunday it was leaking exactly like the white one–just randomly seeping up around the top where you screw it apart, so back to the shop today-once again new seal and top but you’ve probably guessed by now its STILL the same. so its of to the shop again tomorrow. Very disappointed as I really liked this wee e-cig.

    • This is so frustrating! I’ve had similar problems. I changed coils and o-rings, the only thing I didn’t change was the device. I did get in touch with Aspire and they told me they wouldn’t do anything for me, despite me telling them how many other customers seem to have had the same problems 🙁 I’m really disappointed in this product and with their customer service.

      I hope you managed to find something that works for you!

      Kim 🙂

  15. I have worked this out to stop leaking from the power button, take apart and fully clean and dry out, screw coil in very tight , place tank over top, then fill inbetween coil and tank, screw lid on not so tight, when you screw lid off coil should remain inside with tank, only lid should come off, as long as the coil stays in tight this won’t leak….

  16. I was having this issue – juice going EVERYWHERE when I was vaping and was filling up constantly, I’d leave it in a drawer for an hour then go back and it would be empty! I also thought it was coming from the button.

    I went into the shop and he said there’s no chance it’s leaking into the battery as there wouldn’t be a hole in the metal. They worked out the problem – there was a crack in the glass that you can’t see unless you completely take it apart. The crack ran the whole vertical length of the glass tube. I got a replacement today and it’s like brand new, no leaks at all.

    Take the coil etc out then physically pull the (empty) glass cylinder off and inspect closely for cracks. Let me know how you get on!

  17. I have two as the tank is so small and the battery life is short lived, both of which leak in the same fashion.. The only short term solution that I’ve found is when the tank empties take it apart and clean the whole thing with tissue and start again…

  18. Hey guys,

    I managed to fix my Pockex. (it is a genuine Aspire One)

    It was leaking from the power button after 2-3 puffs as with the poster of the thread. I bought replacement ‘O’ ring set from ebay about £2, I then took the tank completely apart and cleaned it thoroughly, I then screwed the coil onto the battery tightly instead of onto the top section!!
    Fitted the new ‘O’ ring on the battery and on the top section.

    This part may seem strange, (use a tissue if you don’t want liquid in your mouth)!
    Turned off the PockeX and proceeded to suck out any liquid around the button, by placing my lips around the button some came out not much, I wiped it all off with a tissue replaced the glass and filled it.
    I have had no leaks for 5 days straight.

    Hope this helps.

    • Just an update:

      Still no leaks, almost a month on now and the pockex is still awesome. great for the car and stealth vaping.


  19. mine leaks from the bottom as well. it’s because of that crappy rubber band which sustains the tank, it gets weak after some time

    • My Pockex is pretty old now but works like a charm after my fix:

      1. Buy replacement ‘O’ ring set from ebay about £2 for 2 sets.
      2. Take the tank completely apart and clean it thoroughly
      3. Screw the coil onto the battery tightly instead of onto the top section!!
      4. Fit the new ‘O’ ring on the battery and on the top section.

      This part may seem strange, (use a tissue if you don’t want liquid in your mouth)!

      1. Turn off the PockeX and proceeded to suck out any liquid around the button
      2. Wipe it all dry with a tissue replaced the glass and fill it

      Hope this helps.

  20. Hi I had the leak coming from my button aafter three times pushing it I read all the reviews and u did what Paul Rodger said to do and I screwed it into the bottom oaf the coil and then it worked perfect so I’ll keep doing it …well do a update in aa few days….

  21. Hey!
    I have exactly the same problem…. very frustrating. Changed the coil. Did not help. the shop owner told me, I should not lay it down. How should I carry it in my bag??? It just leaks very much. Liquid is runnning so much out, that it is not acceptable! This would cost a lot of money, if I would use it.
    I hope there is a way to get back my money. Have to go to the shop.
    I am really angry. Hope it finds a good end.
    Greetings from Austria

  22. I just bought my 4th one…..yes 4!!! The first 3 leaked how you all started, around the power button.
    I thought I would try one more time….if this does the same, I’ll definitely contact Aspire.

  23. My first vaping experience spoiled by leaking Pockex.. more weeping than leaking, very disappointing!

    • Oh, this is very disappointing! I’m sorry you had a leaky one, especially as your first vape device ☹️

      Have you decided on another model? Let me know if you’d like a few suggestions. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your next one is much better behaved! Keep me updated?


  24. Please don’t judge my numerous attempts at destruction. I am ill with a chronic disease that also causes slowed thought patterns.

    The same thing happened to me after I refilled my Pockex. I didn’t see where the leak was coming from, as I had already crawled into bed when I began to vape after my first refill.

    I have numerous vaping devices and have never had problems. I didn’t anticipate any problems with the Pockex. I was in bed vaping, and my Pockex spewed droplets of “thin dark brown liquid “ across my pillow….unfortunately I didn’t notice until later.

    I hit the button again to take a hit off the Pockex and dark brown thin liquid oil plopped onto my other pillow (and unbeknown to me, the oil leaked beneath my pillow onto my bed sheets).

    I lay on my belly, across the bed and adjusted the Pockex again and gave it another attempt. A huge plop of oil landed on my sheets.

    I screwed and unscrewed the top. I noticed the glass window had shifted…it’s hard to see, but when the glass is in the correct spot, I could hear it softly pop into place.

    Ironically enough, the places the “thin brown oil” landed on my bed sheets, is where you would sit getting in and out of bed. So my sheets look like, both my husband and I had an episode of anal leakage.

    The sheets are ruined. I should have bought a new vapeing device, it would have been cheaper than new sheets.

    • Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

      I’m so sorry that you had a bad time with your PockeX, but your story made me LAUGH! It sounds like something that would happen to me.
      Did you get new bed sheets in the end? (And which vape device are you using now?)

      Thanks for sharing. Here’s hoping for more positive vape (and bed sheet) stories! 🙂


  25. We have 3 Aspire Pockex models all purchased at the same time last year, they all leak.
    Returned to shop, not interested, ” yeh they do, keep e’m upright “.
    After more words one was changed to see if it was an improvement, no such luck, it leaked as badly.
    Ours all leak from the top lid despite trying tight / loose adjustments, but after reading others comments will try checking the glass tank inserts and fixing the burner to the battery compartment. When all is said and done why should we pay good money for a patently faulty product ?
    Best advice Don’t buy this vape.

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