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Ice Cream Man Pistacho Gelato Eliquid Review

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Hey, vapers! How’s your day going? I’ve been vaping with Ice Cream Man Pistachio Gelato for the past few days, and I think I’m finally done forming my opinion on it. It’s another of the flavours I had the pleasure of trying with the VapeMail subscription package, and I’m pretty much sold on the idea. I’m having lots of fun testing all these weird and wonderful flavours that I probably wouldn’t have bought and tried myself. 

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Ice Cream Man Pistacho Gelato Eliquid Review


Speaking of the subscription package, you can find more information in one of my previous posts > VapeMail Monthly Eliquid Subscription.

And here are a few of the treats I’ve received: 

Ice Cream Man Pistacho Gelato

My VapeMail subscription package was a Gold package — £29.99, containing 4 x 50ml shortfill bottles (200ml), 4 x nicotine salts shots, 15% off top ups, 15% off Gorilla Juice, and a VapeMail scratch card. Silver [£17.99 / month] and Platinum [£44.99 / month] are also on offer, with the Platinum one offering coils alongside 300ml of eliquid, 6 nicotine salts shots, scratch cards, discounts on other items, and more. 


I had the hardest time finding information about “Ice Cream Man” – the actual brand. It was because of Vaping Pogonophile that I learned the brand was created by the same people as Ruthless E-Juice, but that’s another brand I’ve not yet tried for myself. I checked out the Ruthless E-Juice website and didn’t find info on Ice Cream Man eliquids, so then I checked out the website listed on the Ice Cream Man Facebook page … and that took me to a Shopify ‘set up your website’ page. 

In short, I know very little about Ice Cream Man – the brand. They’re made in Southern California, and I’ve found a few flavours on various websites. Strawberry Gelato sounds lush, but Strawberry Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich sounds nicer. As the name would suggest, all flavours are ice cream-based. (And bloody delightful-sounding.) 


I received a 50ml bottle of Pistachio Gelato by Ice Cream Man, with 40ml of eliquid in it. Then, I added a 10ml Drip Hacks Nic Shot [20mg, nicotine salts] to make it 50ml of 3mg nicotine strength juice, gave it a good shake, and left it for approximately three weeks until reviewing. I didn’t want to wait any longer. Summer is here, it’s really hot, and pistachio ice cream-flavoured eliquid sounded too delicious to refuse. 

Oh, and it’s 70/30 VG/PG sub-ohm eliquid. 

Ice Cream Man Pistacho Gelato 1

*Eliquid DOES NOT contain cooling agent. For more eliquids WITHOUT cooling agent, click here.


Let’s kick things off by saying that I like this one. I don’t love it, but I do like it. The flavour is pretty awesome at the beginning, and then for a few tankfuls. After that, though? Things get a little dull. I’ve noticed a few eliquid flavours fading away quickly and rather dramatically recently … I hope it’s not becoming a new trend. 

Pistachio Gelato *does* taste like what I think pistachio ice cream would taste like, but I’ve never had pistachio ice cream so I can’t be 100% sure about that. I have eaten a lot of ice cream in my life, though, and a lot of pistachio nuts. They’re addictive, aren’t they? I can’t just eat one of them; I gotta eat the whole damn packet. 

Pistachio Gelato Ice Cream Man

Sadly, the flavour doesn’t taste pistachio’y for long. At first, I thought it might have just been vaper’s tongue, but even after drinking water, switching flavours (and devices), and then coming back to it, I found the same thing. It no longer tasted like pistachio ice cream. More of a sweet, cake-like flavour. Nice. Sweet, but not overly sweet. But not exactly as it was at the beginning. What does that keep happening to me? And how do I stop it from happening? 

Mystery Box


“Ice Cream Man – Indulgent gelato playfully blended with well rounded notes of rich and nutty pistachio.”


You can taste the pistachio. It’s custard-creamy rather than ice creamy, though. There’s no cooling agent for that icy kick, so it’s definitely more of a warming, thick eliquid flavour than a light and refreshing one. It’s nice … I just wished I would have lasted a bit longer and packed a bit more flavour, you know? 

Pistachio Gelato Ice Cream Man 1


I got quite a lot of vapour from the 70/30 eliquid. So much so that I had to turn my Vapor Storm Subverter down from 50 watts to 40-45 watts. It just felt like there was a little bit too much vapour in my lungs. Do you ever get that? 

I also found Ice Cream Man Pistachio Gelato to be pretty smooth on the throat. Enjoyable to vape, with none of the scratchiness that makes me cough. It’s actually a real shame that the flavour isn’t as good as I hoped with this one. With a tad more pistachio in there, this could easily have been one of my newest flavour obsessions. 

Pistachio Gelato Ice Cream Man 2


It’s good … but it’s just not good enough — or for long enough! The flavour fades away too quickly for my liking, although the flavour itself is actually pretty delightful. If you’re looking for a “safe” pistachio-based eliquid, this one is going to tick the right boxes for you. 

Would I buy Ice Cream Man Pistachio Gelato eliquid again? 

I personally wouldn’t. I did very much like the flavour, but I can’t help but think there might be something better out there. This would rate about 6/10 and I’m still going to keep hunting for the 10/10 pistachio version. Does that make sense? 

If you have a pistachio-based eliquid that you can recommend, please shout them out below! Thanks in advance!

Pistachio Gelato Ice Cream Man 3 

Would I recommend Ice Cream Man Pistachio Gelato eliquid to you? 

As I said before, this is a “safe” eliquid flavour. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and it tastes close enough to pistachio nut for you to figure out what’s going on. If you’re looking for the ultimate nutty delight, however, I think you’re probably going to keep looking, like me. 

If you ever have any vape-related questions, feel free to give me a shout! 


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