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Innokin Scion Tank Review

Innokin Scion Tank Review

Hello, vapers! How’s your day going? I want to tell you all about a tank that I have well and truly fallen in love with. A tank that I haven’t stopped using since the day it turned up, despite having my fair share of issues with it. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the Innokin Scion tank review, otherwise known as my favourite tank EVER. It’s a sub ohm tank, I should probably get that out the way nice and early. It’s also NOT TPD-compliant. I didn’t buy this tank. It was sent to me by the…

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My absolute favourite sub ohm tank

Summary : As you've probably guessed from the star rating, I LOVED this tank. Smooth vaping, great flavours, and a very reliable build ... It's time for a very positive Innokin Scion tank review.

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Hello, vapers! How’s your day going? I want to tell you all about a tank that I have well and truly fallen in love with. A tank that I haven’t stopped using since the day it turned up, despite having my fair share of issues with it. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the Innokin Scion tank review, otherwise known as my favourite tank EVER.

It’s a sub ohm tank, I should probably get that out the way nice and early. It’s also NOT TPD-compliant. I didn’t buy this tank. It was sent to me by the lovely peeps over at ecigclick because they had already reviewed it and I still hadn’t recovered from my non-rainbow-coloured Aspire Cleito EXO ordeal. And, yes, it was an ordeal. Also: have you seen this Innokin tank? It’s all rainbow-coloured and beautiful. I’m a big fan.

Innokin Scion Tank Review 13

(See, Artery, we ladies don’t need a lipstick vape to be happy. Just give us a regular vape in a pretty colour … THAT WORKS!)

Innokin Scion Tank 

  • 3.5 ml capacity < NOT TPD COMPLIANT 
  • 24 mm diameter
  • Easy top-fill 
  • 0.28-ohm Kanthal BVC coil x 2 (for 100 – 200 watts) 
  • Available in black, silver, rainbow, purple, white and blue
  • Made from “top-quality stainless steel”
  • Pyrex glass tank 
  • Threaded wide-bore Delrin drip tip 

** I also received a three-pack of 0.5-ohm Kanthal BVC coils (for 70 – 110 watts)

*** BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil

Let’s start from the top.

Innokin Scion Tank Review 

3.5 ml capacity! Woohoo! I’m using a massive tank. How do you like that?

*Does a little dance, waving tank around.*

Innokin Scion Tank Review 10

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tank size on this beast. Every time I use it, I mentally consider myself to be sticking two fingers up at whoever made those stupid regulations in the first place. That’s just because I’m childish. Whatever.

Unlike other tanks, you won’t be refilling this every five minutes. I’d almost forgotten how great that was.

“Easy Top-Fill” 

Right, I’m going to disagree with this a little bit. More often than not, I find that unscrewing the black bit from the rest of the tank to refill is actually quite tough. The black plastic bit is quite small and, therefore, quite difficult to grip hold of, and it also seems to get a bit gooey. If *ANY* eliquid gets into the threading that screws the black plastic mouthpiece bit onto the rest of the tank, it gets welded shut almost and I need to call on Mister best-ecig for help.

Innokin Scion Tank Review 9

Yes, that’s right, little Miss can-do-it-all-herself sometimes needs help from man-muscles.

Once that black plastic mouthpiece bit has been unscrewed and removed, however, things are a breeze. That’s when the “easy top-fill” comes in. Three large enough holes to make sure all around the coil are saturated with liquid, and the holes aren’t so small that everything is fiddly and you get the juice everywhere.


I personally prefer the 0.5-ohm Kanthal BVC coils that ecigclick kindly donated to me along with the tank. I started vaping on the 0.28-ohm coils as there were two in the box, and the recommended wattage stated it would be good for 100 to 200 watts. This is considerably higher than anything I’d ever vaped on before, so I pooped my pants a little. I braced myself for the impending coughing fit.

It didn’t happen.

The Innokin Scion tank is the first tank that I’ve ever dared to go higher than about 60 or 70 watts on. I thought 100 watts would blow my head a bit, but it wasn’t that bad. It’s still a little too high for me, I think, but it’s very pleasant and very easy to vape at … if you’re looking for huge clouds. No coughing, no harsh hits, it’s pretty decent.

Innokin Scion Tank Review 2

I did successfully use both 0.28-ohm coils in the tank and loved them, but once I’d made the switch to the 0.5-ohm coils, perfect for vaping at 70 to 110 watts, I was sold. Don’t get me wrong, the 0.28-ohm coils with the higher watts give you a really wonderful vape, but I don’t always want that. Really big vape clouds just get in the way of the TV and I tend to do it just to show off to people. I like a moderate amount of clouds — enough to know that I’m definitely sub ohm (DTL) vaping. You know, to make it worth it. I’m not really looking for the kind of clouds that would require a lighthouse in my living room, and that’s what I found when I used the 0.28’s. I also found that you compromised on flavour when you went up that high. As in, certain liquids started to taste a bit like the coil had already died. Not all liquids, but a few.

The 0.5-ohm coils in this tank are perfect for me. I tend to vape with them (on my Wismec Predator 228 box mod) at about 75 to 90 watts, depending on the juice, and it’s heavenly. I find that the flavours are awesome, and the amount of vapour produced is just right. Not too much, not too light, just right.

Jeez, I’m like fricking Goldilocks!


1 – Make sure you leave the coil to prime for long enough. I had a few nasty hits because I didn’t, and you can read all about that here > The Importance of Priming Your Coil.

Drip some of your chosen liquid on the white, material patches of the coil, and then leave it to sit in a full tank of juice for a few minutes. I’d probably go with 5 minutes, at least. I’d actually probably be more inclined to go for ten minutes. That might seem like a real pain in the ass, especially if you’re in a hurry, but it’s well worth it. This tank has been like finding treasure for me,  but a dry hit from it is enough to put you off vaping for life.

Innokin Scion Tank Review 8

2 – Make sure you read the instructions on how to change the coil and fill your tank. I have ended up COVERED in juice on a couple of occasions because, rather than taking off just the black, plastic mouthpiece, I’d ended up pulling the entire thing apart. If you don’t grab the right bit, the entire tube will come away and you WILL be covered in eliquid too.

I’m not really sure if you can change the coil without losing whatever liquid is in the tank. I have tried, but I’ve just made a mess each time. A proper mess, not just sticky fingers.


The airflow channel is situated just below the glass tank. It’s easy to find and easy to use – simply twist to open and close. It moves easily enough, but not so easy that you end up closing and opening it without realising. I quite like the entire design of this tank. It looks really good, and because of the way it sits on the top of my Wismec Predator 228, it doesn’t overhang and the airflow channel bit doesn’t accidentally get hit.

Innokin Scion Tank Review 11

Glass Tank 

I love the tank on this. You can see right through it, so there are no issues working out how much juice is left. If you make sure you prime the coil properly, there’s no chance of awful, dry hits.

I know this perhaps one of the most childish things I’ve ever said, but this tank generates so many bubbles as it works, it’s actually quite therapeutic to watch it work. You may have seen my bubbles video on Instagram? So much fun. Childish fun. I actually think this tank is a lot of fun, and it works really well too, which always helps.



It *has* leaked once or twice, but once I’d replaced the O-rings (you get spare ones in the box), everything works as it should do again. It’s actually one of the most reliable tanks I’ve ever come across.

Imagine my surprise when I learn that this is the FIRST time that Innokin has released a sub ohm tank for high watts. Yep. You read that right. I break everything. If there’s a fault to be found with a product, it’ll be me that finds it. I incorrectly install coils, drop tanks, put the wrong liquid in tanks, don’t leave coils to prime for long enough … all the bad stuff you’re NOT meant to do with your vaping bits and pieces, I do them. I’m the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet. (With the exception of Mister best-ecig!)

Innokin Scion Tank Review 4

But, taking all that into consideration, I still can’t find a way to break this tank. Not that I’m trying, of course. I love it. I’ve used it every day since the day it arrived, and I still find myself going back to it, even now I’ve discovered the 0.4-ohm original Cleito coils for my Aspire Cleito EXO. I love that combo, by the way. But, not as much as I love the Innokin Scion tank with the 0.5-ohm coils for 70 to 110 watts.

Innokin Scion Tank Review – Conclusion 

I don’t really know if I can find many negatives to say about this tank. I find the flavour delightful, the vapour production impressive, and the actual vaping experience as smooth as silk. It doesn’t seem to matter what eliquid I put in this tank (scratchy on the throat or not), they always vape really smoothly. I love it for that alone.

It’s relatively easy to fill without making a mess, which I love, but I did have a little bit of trouble getting the black, plastic mouthpiece away from the main frame of the tank without unscrewing it all. Even with that, it’s still a tank I would buy again and again. If I ever broke this, I’d cry. A lot.

Innokin Scion Tank Review 3

I did have a hard time finding a good stockist for the coils, but I guess that will happen when the tank isn’t TPD compliant. Luckily, I found a nice chap on Amazon who seems to be reliable. I’ve ordered coils from him a couple of times now and I’ve had no problems with any of them. (The same cannot be said for the coils I got for the Aspire Cleito EXO.)

Would I buy the Innokin Scion tank again? Yep.

Would I recommend the Innokin Scion tank to you? Yes, but only if you want big clouds. You need to use this at a much higher wattage that I was used to, although I’m very glad I tried it. I now vape somewhere between 60 watts and 90 watts, whereas before, I was only vaping at about 40 to 60 watts. The flavour is excellent, I love the smooth way that it vapes, and I not only buy coils for this regularly, but I would buy the tank again if it broke.

(Please don’t break.)

I’m giving it 5 stars out of 5 and I love it. 

Innokin Scion Tank Review 7

I found the Innokin Scion tank in the following places if you want to check it out for yourself:

And, just in case you’d like to socially stalk Innokin, you’ll find them here:

Last, but certainly not least, MASSIVE thanks to for sending me the best tank I’ve ever used. You can find their review for it here > Innokin Scion Sub Ohm Tank Reviewed

Honesty Policy: The Innokin Scion tank was sent to me by I did not pay for these vape products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way swayed by the brand or manufacturer.

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  1. Great review Kim.. It’s always a bonus when you get an item to review that you know you’re going to be using personally for a long time to come!

    I’ve got one of these sat in front of me gathering dust time I clean it out and get some new coils I think!

    Jonny 🙂

    • Hi Jonny,

      Absolute BONUS! You should most definitely get it out and use it again. Each time I use something else and then come back to this, I’m always surprised by how smooth the vape is. Definitely one of the best tanks I’ve ever tried. Thank you soooooooooo much for sending it my way 🙂

      Thanks for reading & commenting!
      Enjoy the Scion tank again,

      Kim @

  2. Hi! Can anyone share with an experience of smoking marijuana like this in through a vaporizer.
    Is it the same as using a bong or not? What are the advantage and disadvantages of using a vaporizer where smoking marijuana?
    (whether or not to buy? if yes, then what the best compact vaporizer?) thanks

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