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JAC Originals American Blend Eliquid Review

Good morning, vapers. What’s going on today? Do you remember all those half-finished reviews I spoke of on Instagram? Well, guess who’s been doing some work? Yes, that’s right. Me. Back to business after a brief (and accidental) timeout, getting things started with this JAC Originals American Blend eliquid review.

JAC Originals American Blend Eliquid Review 2


I’ve been super stressed lately, so I’ve definitely been using tobacco MTL eliquids and vapes more than usual. I guess it’s a bit like REALLY craving a cigarette when you’re stressed out, but I just find that sub-ohm vapes and juices don’t curb the nicotine craving quite so much during those times. Thankfully, Jac Vapour sent me out a batch of new MTL tobacco juices to try out for you fine folk, and it was absolutely perfect timing. I’ve been puffing away on them like they’re going out of fashion. But at least I’m not making my way through multiple 20-decks a day, right?


Originals is the brand new range from Scottish-based Jac Vapour and see the company going “back to their roots” with high-PG (mouth-to-lung) eliquids. This makes me happy. I know everyone’s all about that sub-ohm life now, but I’m still an MTL junkie. I think I always will be.

There are six flavours on offer:

  • British Blend Tobacco
  • American Blend Tobacco
  • Cherry Tart
  • Classic Menthol
  • Ice Menthol
  • Turkish Blend Tobacco

I’ve just eaten two of Mr Kipling’s finest cherry bakewells (okay, fine, it was three), so I’ll let you take a guess at how much I want to try that Cherry Tart eliquid flavour …

They’re all high PG — 80% PG and 20% VG, made in the UK, and can be purchased in 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg — low, medium and high strength.

You can try all six flavours in the Complete Collection — £19.99.

Individual 10ml bottles are £4.99, but you’ll make savings on bulk-buys. You’ll get a quid off each bottle if you buy 3 x 10ml bottles at once, which isn’t a bad deal if you already know the flavours you like.


I had a 12mg bottle of this stuff and I was actually a little worried that it might blow my head off. I’ve found myself buying more 6mg MTL bottles these days, but I think that’s because I’ve been sub-ohming 3mg for quite a while. My tolerance has gone down a bit.

JAC Originals American Blend Eliquid Review 3

I used JAC Originals American Blend Tobacco in the Vapour2 Pro Series 3X, with a PG coil in the tank. Out of the 3 variable voltages, I preferred it in the middle — 2.5 volts. I don’t know if or how that would compare to watts on a different device … ?

(Feel free to let me know if you know, down in the comments below. Hey! That rhymes!)

I also tried the liquid in the Jac Vapour VIM + 0.7-ohm MTL Turbo S-Coil. (I know, I thought it was a sub-ohm coil at first, too.)

Wanna know my thoughts? Of course you do …


I’ve always found that “American” blend tobacco eliquids tend to be a tad more flavoursome than “British” blends, and have more of a unique flavour, too. In almost every range I’ve tasted, the British tobaccos are gruffer and heartier, with the American versions tasting slightly sweeter (or bitter in some cases) and often with a twist of something else. I also think US tobaccos are the lighter and easier-to-vape liquids of the two.

British blends tend to be what I would reach for after dinner, with US-style tobaccos saved for a lighter, morning vape, ya know? These JAC Originals ones are the same. I love British Blend, but I also have a lot of love for this lighter and sweeter American one, too. They’re just slightly different flavours, and better for different times. (How many times do you think I can say ‘American’ and ‘British’ in one review?)

JAC Originals American Blend Eliquid Review 4

Flavour description:

“American Blend Tobacco has been carefully crafted to offer a more intense, authentic replication of popular US tobaccos.”

I don’t know what any US tobaccos taste like, let alone the popular ones. I couldn’t even tell you what I used to smoke in Canada. All I know is that they had a blue box and a mountain scene. (I’m Googling it right now … )

AHA! Found ‘em!

Canadian Classics. That’s what I used to smoke in Canada, and we used to travel a bit across the British Columbia-Alberta border to get slightly cheaper taxes on them, too. I always found it a bit odd that different provinces had different taxes. It would be like London having a different VAT amount to Essex.

Oh … and don’t even get me started on the fact that NONE OF THE PRICES HAVE TAX INCLUDED. Oh no, you gotta work that shiz out YOURSELF before you get to the till. Think your shopping comes to $50? Hahaha, dream on, chuck a few percent on top of that. And I’m pretty sure they have different taxes. Harmonised sales tax plus GST and PST or something like that.

I love Canada and hope to end up retiring there someday, but a lotta people saw a very confused Kim at the checkout in Walmart, let me tell you.

JAC Originals American Blend Eliquid Review 5

Anyway, this isn’t a travel blog.

I can’t say whether or not American Blend Tobacco by JAC Originals tastes like popular US cigarettes, but I can say it has a well-blended tobacco flavour that I really like. Definitely not bitter (unlike Premium Virginia Tobacco by Vape Direct), but not sweet, either, it’s kinda in the middle. The right amount of everything, all wrapped up in quite a light and airy finish.

Despite being concerned that it might have had a little too much flavour at 12mg, this is probably the strength I’d buy if I were to buy it again. There was definitely MORE flavour when I vaped it in the Jac Vapour VIM rather than the Pro Series 3X, especially with the Turbo S-Coils, but even still, it wasn’t so packed with too much flavour that it became overbearing.


JAC Originals American Blend Tobacco is exactly the kind of tobacco MTL eliquid I would want to vape with first thing in the morning, and when I boosted the Vapour 2 Pro Series 3X up to the highest of the three variable voltages (3.3 watts), I also found it heavy and gruff enough for that hearty, after-dinner vape, too. It’s surprising how versatile the one 12mg bottle can be.


This flavour was a surprising one, especially after I liked British Blend so much. I’m not sure why I thought American Blend might be too bitter for me, but I’m happy to report that it’s not, and I think it would be a really good one to try if you’re starting vaping for the first time. With lower watts or volts, it made for a nice, light vape, but when you turn up the power a bit, the intensity also increases.

JAC Originals American Blend Eliquid Review 6

Would I buy JAC Originals American Blend Tobacco eliquid again? I definitely would. This is the kind of tobacco eliquid that I can vape in a variable voltage/wattage device all day, turning down the power for the morning, but up again for when I want a heartier vape later on. I’m going to throw the word ‘universal’ at you again … because it really is.

Would I recommend JAC Originals American Blend Tobacco eliquid to you? If you’re on the hunt for a tobacco MTL eliquid that’s well-rounded, with a hint of sweet, has plenty of flavour (but not too much), and is versatile (there’s that word again), this one might just be right up your street.

⭐️ We’ve got ourselves a 5-star juice, folks! ⭐️

JAC Originals American Blend Eliquid Review 7

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