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JacVapour ELiquid Review

*Great flavours, easy on the throat, slightly on the pricey side but well worth it. Fast shipping! Firm favourite! Plus UK Made options for the health-conscious among you!*

Jac Vapour ELiquid Review

I’ve been a big fan of JacVapour for a while but I’ve held off a bit on buying their eliquid, mostly because it’s quite expensive when you compare it to other brands. One thing I’ve learned over the course of my e-cigarette journey, however, is that you generally get what you pay for and after having such great luck with both the JacVapour Series-E and 510 Twist, it was probably about time that I stopped being such a cheap skate and actually gave the good stuff a shot. So I did, and here is the JacVapour ELiquid Review:

You’ve got Standard E-Liquids, UK Made E-Liquids, and Vapourless ‘Clear Steam’ E-Liquids.

One thing is for sure – JacVapour like to give you plenty of options and that’s one thing I do like!

With the Standard E-Liquids, you can pick from 17 different PG-based e-liquids, and 9 different VG-based e-liquids. For more information on which one is right for you, check out:

There’s a pretty impressive array of flavours from Apple to Watermelon and everything else you could think of in between – Cappuccino, Chocolate, Kiwi, Mint, various Tobacco flavours, Vanilla… (The list goes on for a while!)

Then you have the UK-Made E-Liquids which again, are available in plentiful flavours ranging from Banana Milkshake to Toffee and plenty more.

The Clear Steam E-Liquid (vapour-less) is a genius idea as far as I am concerned and makes vaping a lot easier for those that feel uncomfortable or put-on-the-spot when using their electronic cigarettes whilst out in public. There are only 6 flavours available at present, but this is a relatively new range for JacVapour, and a fairly innovative one at that – I’ve not seen vapours e-liquids anywhere else on the market and I am very eager to give these a try!

As with most e-liquid suppliers, the more you buy, the more you’ll save but if you wanted just a standard 10ml bottle, the price starts at £4.35 which although sounds expensive, is worth the money…

In my opinion anyway.

I’ve never, ever had a problem with the JacVapour e-liquid. I love the fact that you can choose between PG and VG based liquids (and you can find out which one you would be better suited to here: A Guide to E-Liquid: What’s The Difference Between PG and VG E-Liquid?), and with a great range of flavours on offer, you won’t ever get bored with the selection. When you add to that that this e-liquid has NEVER busted a coil (the Vapouriz e-liquid range seems to change when their suppliers changed and that made a massive difference to how quickly I went through the coils), and they have a really nice throat hit and vapour production (dependant on which you prefer), you’re on to a sure-fire winner. Although they are a bit on the pricey side when compared to other e-liquids, they are certainly a delight to smoke. Another big tick for the JacVapour ELiquid Review.

The JacVapour eliquid I’ve tried so far:

I will update this as and when I try new flavours and / or strengths but I’ve already tried a relatively decent selection of these e-liquids and made some firm favourites.

Jac Vapour ELiquid Banana Milkshake 1.2% (UK Made)

If you like the actual taste of banana milkshake, you’ll love this. I can’t stand banana personally but Dan tried it and said it was delicious – his words, not mine. It makes a change from the regular banana stuff you can buy which can often be too banana-y (I know that’s not a real word), and the milkshake side of things really helps to soften the blow.

I often find fruity flavours too tart for my liking, or too sweet, but when I accidentally inhaled on this (bearing in mind I don’t actually like banana), even I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was.

Jc Vapour ELiquid Pure Menthol 1.2% (UK Made)

If you like a good clean tingly sensation when you smoke, you’ll love JacVapour’s very enjoyable Pure Menthol. It’s not quite as harsh and ‘icy’ as other menthol brands I’ve tried, and it actually reminded me a little of mouthwash – not the bad yucky stuff, the nice stuff that almost makes you want to drink it.

I really liked the Pure Menthol and so did Dan, who only ever smokes menthol with the occasional fruity one thrown in for good measure. A definite winner in my eyes!

Jac Vapour ELiquid Real Vanilla 1.2% (UK Made)

I do like vanilla flavoured e-liquids but I find most of them are too syrupy and thick, clogging up my coils and cartomizers really quickly. The V2 Cigs V2 Vanilla was a classic example of this, and I regularly found myself replacing the coils on most of my e-cigs with repeated, long-term use.

The JacVapour Real Vanilla isn’t quite as thick and goopy as some of the others I’ve tried and I actually found myself smoking regularly until it run out. Good job JacVapour – I’m a tough nut to crack when it comes to vanilla, but somehow you’ve managed it!

Jac Vapour ELiquid ReviewReal Tobacco Lite 1.2% (UK Made)

This was my favourite tobacco flavour from Jac Vapour and I’m going to be honest, it’s becoming a firm favourite full stop. It’s hearty but not too much, with just the right taste for my liking – not too sweet and not too tart. It doesn’t have a funny aftertaste like some e-liquids (Best4Ecigs Benson Blend was the worst!) and it didn’t have a funny colour either!

If you’re a ‘regular’ smoker, I’d highly suggest going for this e-liquid first if you want something you’ll actually enjoy puffing away on. As much as there are other great (cheaper) tobacco e-liquids out there, this one really is worth the money you’ll pay for it.

The good news about the above e-liquids is that they are all UK-Made so they have been created using only the finest and safest ingredients, solely in the UK. A lot of e-cigarette companies get their liquid from China (Best4Ecigs and No1Ejuice being a prime example of this) and you can never be quite sure of exactly what goes into them. Vapouriz even recently changed their supplies from Chinese makers to UK ones so sometimes it really is worth paying that bit extra to make sure you are getting something safe to put in your e-cig tanks.

Jac Vapour ELiquid Review Apple 1.1% (Standard – PG)

If you opt for PG-based e-liquids, there will be more PG as a base ingredient, and this is the thing that gives you more throat hit. The VG is what gives you more vapour. If you are struggling to understand the differences, check out the table below, or take a peek at: A Guide To E-Liquid: What’s The Difference Between PG And VG E-Liquid? 

The Apple 1.1% had more flavour and throat hit than I expected, especially considering as it is only 1.1% and I would normally smoke either 1.8% or 2.4%, depending on where I’m getting my stuff from. It’s also a really good crisp-apple taste, not quite as Apple Tango as the Vapouriz Juicy Apple, more an actual apple – like you’re actually eating a Granny Smith. That’s exactly what it tastes like!

Tobacco 1.1% (Standard – PG)

This one is a real stay-safe e-liquid – great for those that are just making the change from regular cigarettes to their electronic counterparts, with a nice, sweet undertone to it that’s not too much, and not too little.

It’s nice and easy on the throat, and doesn’t produce a mass of vapour – just enough to keep you happy, plus many of the JacVapour e-cigs are variable voltage so you can have all the control you want over that.


I’ve used the JacVapour e-liquid in a number of e-cigarettes and I’ve had no drama’s with them whatsoever – the Vapouriz Fuse, Vapouriz Lumina, 510 Twist, Series-E, V2 Cigs Pro Series 3… None of them have broken, I’ve not needed to change the coils yet and I’ve really enjoyed smoking most of the flavours I’ve tried!

Why Should You Buy JacVapour ELiquid?

I’ll be honest, these e-liquids may be a bit more expensive than some of the other brands out there but it’s true what they say – you get what you pay for. The cheap No1Ejuice e-liquids are great to have around, but the JacVapour ones are definitely kinder to your throat, and are really nice to smoke with a smooth inhale that you just don’t seem to get with the cheaper liquids. That’s the one thing this JacVapour eliquid review proved – it’s a very enjoyable e-liquid to vape with.

Plus, the liquid is neither too thick or too thin so the coils in your e-cigs won’t break down – with some of the cheaper e-liquids I found I was replacing my coils every three or four weeks and sometimes, even more often than that. I’ve been using the JacVapour e-liquids for about four weeks so far and as yet, I’ve not needed to change a single coil in any of the e-cigs I’ve used them in. I reckon that pretty much says it all, don’t you? Jac Vapour are a bit more pricey but well worth every penny!

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