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Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made Eliquid Review (PG)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for a really good tobacco flavour that I can vape with every day. I sub ohm sometimes, but I’m a big fan of mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping on a daily basis. I tend to use my MTL vape when I’m out and about, not wanting to draw loads of vape-attention to myself with the big cloud producing sub ohm devices.

I’ve tried a few tobacco flavours lately, including Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco. I found that one too bitter. I didn’t mind the one I got from Liberty Flights. I’m like Goldilocks – I just can’t find my *perfect* tobacco flavoured liquid, there’s always something wrong with them – too bitter, too gruff, too strong, not strong enough …

It was during the pre-TPD sale that I purchased three bottles of Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made (PG). I bagged three of the Series-E devices because I love them, and then were reduced to first £10, and then £5. Annoyingly, I bought two at the £10 price and then one at the lower, £5 price. I should have waited. I knew it. Damn.

Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made Eliquid Review

Anyway, I saw that Jac Vapour had released a new range of tobacco flavoured eliquids, so it made perfect sense to order some and try them for myself. I’m on the hunt, after all. Perhaps this one could make the cut?

Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made Eliquid Review (PG)

Let’s start with some background information on the eliquid, shall we?

The Jac Vapour website states:

“Our mild or light tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Steeped in tobacco to create a tobacco essence this e-liquid delivers a realistic smoky aftertaste with no sweetness. A lighter alternative to Real Tobacco Gold, which has been described as, ‘Not for the feint hearted’.”

I liked this – I’m a big fan of those “mild” flavours. The Virginia-style tobacco liquids tend to be too gruff for me, or in the case of Vape Direct, too bitter. I generally go with the mild / light ones to start with and then work my way out from there.

Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made Eliquid Review

This one is a 70% PG / 30% VG liquid, made in the UK, and available in the following strengths –

  • Trace – less than 1mg 
  • 6mg 
  • 12mg – I ordered three bottles of this strength. 
  • 18mg

The website also states that 24mg is also available but I’m assuming this is an oversight. Those aren’t allowed now those silly TPD measures have come into play.

The Real Tobacco eliquid is also available in high VG too – 70% VG / 30% PG.

10ml bottles are £4.99 each, but I went for a 30ml pack – 3 x 10ml bottles – and these are £11.97, giving you a saving of £3. You’re almost getting one of those three bottles for free! Almost!

The JacVapour range of eliquids is made in the UK, and there’s plenty of information on their website about where / how it is made. It surprises me how many websites do not have this information readily available. I recently reviewed Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco and found the eliquid info on their website was quite sparse.

As a company, I feel that Jac Vapour pays special attention to detail. They have ALWAYS had very detailed information on the website so you know exactly where your eliquid is coming from, and the other products too.

Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made Eliquid Review

*Vape shown here is the tank from the Jac Vapour Series-E kit (the Kanger Geni Aero tank) and the battery/box from the Vapour2 Trinity Kit, vaping it at 5/6 watts. 

Just a quick note about the packaging too – these are TPD compliant. The 10ml bottles have childproof lids (which I CANNOT get into!), and the boxes have all the appropriate silly warning labels. Each of the boxes also came with their own warning leaflet inside.

As an additional note, I seem to have a really, really hard time getting into these bottles. The first bottle required the use of Mr. best-ecig and a pair of pliers to get the damn thing off. I understand that these bottles need to be super-safe now, but things are starting to get a little ridiculous. It’s taking me longer and longer to get into my bottles, and now I’m even needing tools to do it.



Out of the recent tobacco flavoured liquids I’ve tried lately, this Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver is one of the best. It doesn’t taste bitter, unlike Vape Direct Premium Virginia Tobacco. It’s not too gruff either. It’s got a really nice flavour – quite generic tobacco-esque, but a decent one.

If you don’t like them too sweet, I think you’ll like this one. I can’t stand too-sweet tobacco liquids almost as much as I can’t stand the bitter ones. I told you, I’m like Goldilocks. Every flavour I’ve tried has either been too much of one or the other. I actually think this Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made eliquid might be the one … You know – the ONE! I really like it. I’ve gone through almost two of the three bottles already, and I fully intend on buying more. In a world filled with really crap tobacco flavoured liquids, it was really refreshing to come across something that, for once, I didn’t have a bunch of bad things to say about it.


This isn’t a sub ohm device, it’s a mouth-to-lung device, so it’s not going to give you masses of vapour production. I don’t want that from my MTL vapes so this one works well for me. I want something that is easy and discreet to use, mostly because the MTL vape is the one I choose to take out of the house with me. I rarely vape with sub ohm devices when I’m out. Although I do like to pull it out and blow a few clouds when I see a fellow vaper walking down the street creatin’ clouds. It’s like a nod of appreciation, a little touch of the hat to a fellow vaper.

Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made Eliquid Review – Conclusion

I REALLY like this one. Two thumbs up from me. Not too bitter, not too sweet, difficult / fiddly bottles but hey, I can gloss over that. Not a bad price, especially when you buy those 3 x 10ml multipacks, and great vapour production as well as a smooth vape on the throat. All-round a winner, if you were to ask my personal opinion.

Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made Eliquid Review

Would I buy Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made eliquid again? Yep. I’m planning my next order already, and I think I might try the Gold one next time too.

Would I recommend Jac Vapour Real Tobacco Silver UK Made to you? Yes. If you’re looking for a good all-round tobacco flavour that isn’t too harsh on the throat and vapes well, I would highly recommend it. I’ve been a big fan of Jac Vapour products for a long time. My every day vape right now is the Series-E, sadly no longer available.

Honesty Policy: I purchased this product. It was not sent to me for a review. My opinions are just that – my opinions.

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