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Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Jac Vapour]

Heeeeeeey, vapers! How are you enjoying your summer? Have you been on holiday? I haven’t. I seriously need one. There are too many places in the world I haven’t seen yet. All holiday dreams depressingly put to one side, I’ve been doing some vape work again; working away on this Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco eliquid review among other things. Lots of other things. (Like … dreamin’ of summer vacays.)

Anyway, I was sent quite a few things to try in my latest Jac Vapour haul, including the following eliquid:

  • SMOKING UK Tobacco 12mg 70% PG 30% VG

Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 7


I also received a few from the Jac Vapour Originals range:

  • Turkish Blend 12mg
  • American Blend 12mg
  • British Blend 12mg

(All of the Originals range were 80% PG 20% VG.)

They know how much I love a good MTL tobacco eliquid, clearly.


Also, just in case you don’t who Jac Vapour is, you might want to take a peek at a few of my other Jac Vapour reviews. I talk about them a lot. In short: UK company, based in Edinburgh, first UK company to design their own vape devices/products, offer a wide range of vaporisers and e-cigarettes (whatever your choice of term), at some pretty decent prices. I haven’t been a fan of everything, but I can personally recommend a few treats, such as the new VIM all-in-one device, the Series-S17 vape pen, and the Turbo S-Coils in everything. I’ve recently tried them and I’m writing up the bloggy post right after this one … It’s all pretty damn positive stuff.


Although I’m a big fan of MTL eliquids, which are usually either slightly higher PG than VG or equal amounts of both, I rarely venture into what I would call the proper high-PG end of the scale. I’m not sure why not. Perhaps I’ve just never felt the need to? I can’t recall ever using a 70/30 PG/VG juice before; it’s usually the other way around, but 70% PG juice is just what I got in a little care package sent from Jac Vapour a little while ago. Huge thanks to them for letting me taste this tobacco-based flavour. (You know how much I still love my tobacco treats.)

Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 2

** Little note: I almost missed that SMOKING was high PG eliquid, mistaking it for high VG liquid. Picture the scene: I grab all my sub-ohm gear, swap coils and get my empty tanks ready, and then I realise I’ve got MTL juice in my hands and NOT sub-ohm juice.

Read, darling, read.

Also, the SMOKING range of eliquids by Jac Vapour are nicotine salt based, for “fast and effective” nicotine delivery. This will only have been my second time trying out nicotine salts, the first time with the Aspire Gusto Mini. I do know that I very much appreciated the heavy hit that I got from the Aspire device, so I had high hopes for the Jac Vapour juice offering.

A 10ml bottle is £4.99 or you can buy a double pack for £7.99.  The more bottles you buy, the bigger the savings. As an example, you’ll get the 10ml bottles for £3.09 each when you buy 12 at a time. (There are other multiples available, too.)

You can pick between two flavours: UK Tobacco and Tobacco Menthol, and two strengths: 12mg and 18mg.


On the Jac Vapour website, SMOKING Tobacco is described as an “authentic, satisfying tobacco eliquid”, that is also “packed with rich, smoky flavour”. Oh, and the vaper will “barely notice the difference” between this and smoking.


Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 3

Essentially, because Jac Vapour’s SMOKING range is nic-salt based, you’re going to get maximum nicotine satisfaction with just the right amount of hit and a minimal amount of vapour. Not zero vapour, but a lot less than what other devices would give you. We must remember it is the VG level of the eliquid that dictates how much vapour is produced (among other things, of course), so when the PG level is higher than the VG level, you can expect the vapour produced to be a lesser amount.

Nicotine salts are designed to give you a realistic experience – you’re vaping but it feels a bit more like you’re smoking than with other types of eliquid.

So, is SMOKING Tobacco just like smoking a real cigarette?

It IS a very unique eliquid I haven’t tasted anything like it before. Not that I can recall, anyway, and I have tried a lot of tobacco MTL eliquids. An awful lot. This one is definitely one that I’ll remember for being really, really flavoursome … probably the most flavoursome tobacco I’ve ever tried.

It’s like: POW, in your face.

Hi, I’m a tobacco eliquid and you’re going to LOVE me.

Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 4

“Thicker” and more well-rounded than most tobacco juices, I even found this SMOKING offering much more flavoursome and rounded than even some of the NET ones – Naturally Extracted Tobacco. I do love NET juices, but SMOKING Tobacco one has a lot more flavour to it. I can’t quite work out if it’s too much for me. Like, maybe I would prefer a lesser nicotine strength – 6mg?

** I took a peek at the Jac Vapour website and they don’t sell SMOKING UK Tobacco in 6mg; only 12mg and 18mg. This eliquid is for someone who is looking for a strong, deep tobacco flavour that’s for sure. This is not for you if you want something light, bright, and wispy.

After about ten or fifteen minutes of vaping (brand new coil + bottle), the flavour isn’t quite as hearty as it is at the beginning. It’s still unique and definitely bold, but it’s much more palatable. Not that it wasn’t palatable, to begin with; I just prefer it after a while, once the flavour has died down a little. This seems to be a thing I do with all juices lately. Maybe it’s just a brand new coil thing?

Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 5

I do think that this eliquid would be a great fit for a smoker who wants to vape. It’s hearty —not one that I would have an easy ride with first thing in the morning. Then again, I’ve been a vaper for a while now. My vaping tastes have changed a little. I can’t handle the heavier and gruffer tobacco flavours I vaped just a few years back. If you’re looking for an eliquid that can help to make the transition easier, however, I predict this one might just work for you.

**Also, if you’re looking for a device that goes well with it, I can highly recommend both the Jac Vapour VIM AIO device and the Series-S17 + 0.42-ohm Turbo S-Coil, too. I’ve used this eliquid in both and think it makes for a great after-dinner vape combo that really packs an impressive punch.


Jac Vapour SMOKING Tobacco is smooth to vape — no scratching on the back of the throat. It does have a raspy wisp to the end of it, though, and it sometimes catches me out and makes me cough. I think if I were to buy this again, I’d get it in a lesser strength (which Jac Vapour doesn’t offer). I like the flavour and smoothness of 12mg, but I think the wispy cough-creator would be less prominent in a 6mg version, and, therefore, easier for me to vape. (See my previous notes on how my vape habits have changed over the years.)

Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 6


This is what I would call an “after dinner” vape juice. I don’t know about you but when I used to be a smoker, I would really enjoy a good, hearty, strong cigarette right after dinner. This vape juice is perfect for that — hearty, strong, and a really good nicotine hit. I’m not sure that this would be the first juice I would grab when I woke up in the morning, though. I only vaped with it once as soon as I woke up and almost coughed up a lung. Again, I’m sure that a lesser nicotine strength would have been slightly easier for me, but the 12mg one was too strong and had too much flavour for my weak-ass morning lungs. I wasn’t ready for it.

Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 8

Old versus new: The new nic-salt based SMOKING UK Tobacco eliquid on the right & a bottle of ‘Reds’ (tobacco) Jac Vapour 1.8% eliquid that went out of date in 2015 on the left. 

Would I buy SmoKing UK Tobacco eliquid again? This review was a bit of a journey, to be honest. There were times when I really enjoyed SMOKING UK Tobacco by Jac Vapour. There were also times when it was just a bit too much for me. It definitely has a great, unique and bold flavour, but I think that flavour was too bold for my liking. It’s actually a real shame because I enjoyed vaping with it — the throat hit and vapour. The flavour just didn’t work as well for me as other Jac Vapour tobaccos, such as British Blend in the Originals range. I’m not a “beginner”,  nor have I just given up smoking. I don’t want that really heavy hit, apart from when I’m super stressed/after dinner/really craving a cigarette. For those times, however, I think it’s absolutely perfect.

Would I recommend SMOKING UK Tobacco eliquid to you? Yes, but only if you want a tobacco MTL juice that has some serious oomph behind it. The range definitely wasn’t designed for light or occasional vapers. It’s the kind of thing I would have absolutely loved a few years ago, back when I first gave up smoking and started vaping.

For that reason, I think it would be awesome for beginners who need something strong to help make the switch or those who like a heavy, strong MTL vape that is very similar to smoking a cigarette. I would especially recommend this eliquid with the new Jac Vapour VIM. The combo worked so well together, I was actually annoyed that the taste wasn’t quite right for me and all-day vaping.

There’s good news though; I have three other tobacco-based flavour reviews from Jac Vapour to share with you — the Originals range — and at least one of them is already right up my street!

Jac Vapour SMOKING UK Tobacco Eliquid Review 9


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