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Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils: Worth the Hype?

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Sup! How’s life? I’m all gravy over here, just vaping and working away as always. And not looking forward to the cold and snowy winter we’re apparently about to get. I always get so excited about the prospect of snow, until the damn stuff actually arrives and then I realise that snow does indeed come with freezing temperatures. Autumn is alright. (Or ‘fall’ if you’re American.) I quite like spring, too. Not too hot. Not too cold. Lots of nice things to look at. Snow isn’t nice to look at it. Not after the white stuff has gone and you’re left with that crappy black slush that makes you fall on your ass.

Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils 3


Anywho, weather out the way, let’s talk about why I’m really here. Let’s talk about the new Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils. Are they worth it? Are they so special? And why did they confuse the buggery outta me?

Let’s find out. Grab yourselves a cuppa, ladies and gentlemen.


There are two new Turbo S-Coils to the Jac Vapour website — a 0.7-ohm coil and a 0.42-ohm coil — that can be used with the Jac Vapour Series-S17, Series-S22, and Vim vape devices/tanks. I assumed that they would be sub-ohm coils, because in my experience, the lower numbers: 1.0-ohm and under, tend to be sub-ohmy. Not every single one of them, obviously, but most of them.

I was informed by the nice people at Jac Vapour that they were not, in fact, sub-ohm coils, but mouth-to-lung coils instead.


I know, right? It confused the crap out of me for a while, and I almost reached for them a few times when I needed sub-ohm coils for one of my many Jac Vapour devices. That would have been a not-pleasant, dry-hit experience I’m sure.

The website states:

“MTL build which offers a more restricted vape, with max vapour and flavour production.”

The 0.7-ohm coils had more reviews on the Jac Vapour website (at the time of writing); a higher rating (4 out of 5 stars, compared to 0.42-ohm and it’s 3 out of 5 stars); and they were also out of stock, so I assumed that that one would be the ‘better’ of the two. Both coils are made using “Stainless Steel wire (316L) and organic cotton wicks which put flavour front and centre”.

Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils 5


A pack of five is the same price for both the 0.7-ohm and 0.42-ohm varieties — £11.99, which is actually not bad. I usually pay somewhere in the region of £10 to £15 when I grab a new pack of five coils, for most of the devices I’ve got. I’ve also noted that all of the Jac Vapour coils I’ve used before have lasted an extraordinary length of time. Much, much longer than most other coils, in my experience. If it’s value for money you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with JV.

The regular, non-turbo coils are slightly cheaper for a pack of 5 — £9.99.

Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils 6


As I mentioned, I assumed these were the better of the two. The Jac Vapour website shows them having 4 stars out of 5, with 16 reviews, so I grabbed one and threw it in my Jac Vapour VIM. I also added some Strawberry Rhubarb Meringue by Totem Eliquid, which is a mouth-to-lung 50/50 VG/PG eliquid.

If you’re using a different device, the recommended wattage range is 17-19W.

The flavour from the 0.7-ohm coils in the VIM was incredible. I had already tried that same eliquid in another MTL device, before then trying it with these Turbo S-Coils, and the difference was actually pretty amazing. The flavour was much more refined, and I could taste the rhubarb a lot more than I had done previously.

I figured I would try the same eliquid again, in the same device, but this time with a regular S-coil. I went for a 1.0-ohm coil in the VIM, which is my regular coil for most Jac Vapour devices. It was the same great flavour, but it was a lot more muted than it had been with the Turbo S-Coil.

In terms of flavour, the new Turbo S-Coil really *does* rock.

Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils 7

Now for the bad news …

So, I definitely go through Turbo S-Coils a lot quicker than I do the regular ones, and I’m talking quite a bit quicker, too. The regular ones can last me for a few weeks if I’m smart with my usage. I think I once managed to get four weeks out of the same coil, although it definitely didn’t look that pretty at the end of it. The Turbo S-Coils, on average, were lasting for four or five days before I needed to change them. I did vape fairly regularly, and the VIM + Turbo S-Coils was my ONLY device combo for that whole time, but it’s still a considerable difference.

Update: I’ve made my way through an entire pack of five 0.7-ohm Turbo S-Coils and I managed to get 7 days out of one coil, using it pretty sparingly. On average, they lasted about three to five days with regular use.


I decided to review these coils second because people didn’t seem to rate them so highly on the Jac Vapour website, despite being the ones to choose for the best flavour. There were 6 reviews in total, with a total rating of just over two stars out of five. They’re the same price as the 0.7-ohm ones (£11.99 for a pack of 5), and they’re mouth-to-lung coils again. I genuinely thought these were sub-ohm coils.

The recommended wattage range is 23-24W.

Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils 1

In terms of flavour, I honestly can’t rave about them enough. If I thought the 0.7-ohm one was good, I hadn’t quite yet seen what the Turbo S-Coil range was capable fully of. This sounds corny as heck and a bit of a sales‘y line, but I actually think they might have the best flavour from any mouth-to-lung I’ve ever used.

But …

There’s always a damn but.

I always knew that the 0.42-ohm coils would push the limits as far as eliquid, battery, and coil capability were concerned, but I didn’t realise how much. One of these coils doesn’t seem to last me very long at all. I’m talking 1-2 days max, and that’s shockingly quick for an MTL coil even by my standards. I hadn’t originally planned to try the same liquid in the same device with the two different types (Turbo S-Coil and regular S-Coil) of coil, but I didn’t have a choice. The 0.4-ohm one gunged up pretty quickly, and the burning taste was too much to bear. Time to change.

Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils 2

A little bit of advice: I almost ruined one coil by not leaving it to prime for long enough. You really need to make sure you don’t skip this step with the Turbo coils, especially the 0.42-ohm ones.

Prime, kids, prime.

You might also like to read: The Importance of Priming Your Coil

I also noted that my battery seemed to deplete a lot quicker when I used the 0.42-ohm coil. Like, quite a lot quicker. About half the time I’d usually get out of it. Quicker even than with a sub-ohm coil, and sub-ohm coils/vaping are known to deplete your battery a lot quicker than MTL.

Here’s another little piece of advice: make sure that you have your charger on you when you’re using the VIM with these ones.


I probably wouldn’t buy the 0.42-ohm coils again. That’s just because they wouldn’t work out that cost efficient for me. If they’re only lasting a day or two at the most, I’m going to spend £11.99 for a pack of five, every ten days or so. Although the flavour improvement was actually amazing, I don’t think I can justify spending that amount of money on the coils. The 0.7-ohm coils deliver *almost* as great flavour, and the coils last longer. A pack of five 0.7-ohm coils could last close to four or five weeks if you play your cards right.

Don’t get me wrong, though; the 0.42-ohm coils are DAMN AMAZING for flavour. 5/5 stars and then some ?????

Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils 4

Would I *still* buy the 0.7-ohm Turbo S-Coils over the original/regular S-Coils?

Yeah, I actually think I would. I know I’ll be spending £2 more each time I order a pack, and I’ll be using them a bit quicker than I would the regular ones, but I still think the flavour from the Turbo coil is worth it.


The 0.4-ohm coils are going to cost you a small fortune if you use them regularly, lasting just a day or two.

The 0.7-ohm coils deliver flavour that is close to the level of the 0.4-ohm coil, and they’ll last you longer — up to 7 days.

The regular/original S-Coils were my favourite JV coils, but I think the 0.7-ohm Turbo S-Coils have won it. I’d probably buy the regular S-Coils if I were budgeting, and the Turbo S-Coils if I could afford to let myself have a little flavour! 😉

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HONESTY POLICY: The Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils were sent to me by Jac Vapour for a review. I did not pay for these vape products. I was not paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by affiliate status, store, brand, or manufacturer.

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