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Jac Vapour VIM Review

Jac Vapour VIM Review

[AD - Gifted Jac Vapour VIM] Hello, vapers! I have a brand new toy to play with and it’s not even properly released yet, which makes me feel super special, obviously. I had lots of fun saying “Kim’s VIM” over and over again because I’m really childish, and I’m actually super excited to bring you this Jac Vapour VIM review. Not just because it’s a brand new shiny-shiny, but also because I have a lot to say about it. An awful lot to say. ABOUT JAC VAPOUR I’ve reviewed more Jac Vapour products than I can remember now, starting…

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Summary : It was a bit up and then a bit down but at the end of it all ... I really LOVED Jac Vapour's new offering, the VIM. An all-in-one (AIO) pod-style vape with far more pros than cons, this Jac Vapour VIM review is well worthy of the 4/5 stars I gave it.

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[AD – Gifted Jac Vapour VIM]

Hello, vapers! I have a brand new toy to play with and it’s not even properly released yet, which makes me feel super special, obviously. I had lots of fun saying “Kim’s VIM” over and over again because I’m really childish, and I’m actually super excited to bring you this Jac Vapour VIM review. Not just because it’s a brand new shiny-shiny, but also because I have a lot to say about it. An awful lot to say.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 1


I’ve reviewed more Jac Vapour products than I can remember now, starting with the Jac Vapour 510 Twist Kit and V1P cigalike kits, 4 or 5 years ago. They’re a UK-based company, Edinburgh in Scotland to be exact, and they’ve made some really awesome devices over the years, although they were one of the most expensive brands on the market once. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Fun fact for you: at present, Jac Vapour is the only independent vape company in the UK to design their own products.

I haven’t loved EVERY Jac Vapour device that’s been released, but a couple of them have become firm favourites. The Series-E was one of them. The Series-B was also pretty fabulous. I reach for the DNA 75W Box Mod daily, and the Series-S17, too. The S22 … Well, we’re not quite as compatible. Can’t love ‘em all, right?


The VIM is the newest device brought to you by Jac Vapour, an all-in-one (AIO) vape that offers both MTL and sub-ohm vaping.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 3

The specs:

  • £24.99
  • 76mm tall (+ tank/mouthpiece = 90mm)
  • 20mm wide
  • 40.5mm long
  • Top-fill tank
  • 2600mAh battery capacity
  • Minimum resistance 0.5-ohm
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Battery vents

Jac Vapour VIM Review 10

In the box, you get one complete vape — tank and device with a sealed battery. There’s also 1 x 1.0-ohm Mouth-to-Lung coil, a charging lead, and the instruction manual. 

You do not get a sub-ohm coil in the box. You will need to buy those separately if you want to use the VIM as a sub-ohm device. 

I think I’ve covered everything. It’s marketed as a small and compact, but mighty, AIO vape device that covers all bases — newbies and sub-ohmers alike.


The Jac Vapour VIM is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. A lot smaller. It’s actually tiny, which works for me because I have small hands, but probably won’t work for those who are looking for something mighty-meaty, y’know?

Jac Vapour VIM Review 5

At first glance, the VIM very much reminded me of the Vype eBox. I loved that thing, but it didn’t love me quite so much. I had two boxes and many more tanks, and I kept getting the dreaded Check Atomiser message. That message rendered both boxes useless. I now have two Vype eBoxes, both of which are unusable. At £44.99 a pop, that’s pretty shocking. Jac Vapour’s VIM is half the price, has 600mAh extra battery capacity, and hasn’t died on me … yet.

I really liked the soft touch finish, similar to the black S17, and on the website, it states: “rubber coated polycarbonate ABS”. I’m guessing that’s just a complicated way of saying “soft-touchy”.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 11

I’m not a big fan of the white colour, but I asked and was told that there are new colours coming — navy and blue together, plus grey and orange. You can only buy the white one to begin with, and the other colours are joining the club later on down the line. (JV said an August/September release date, so keep your eyes peeled!)

So, yeah, looks-wise, I like it. It’s cute and dinky. But not so cute and dinky that it’s overly feminine, you know?


Right, WTF is this all about, Jac Vapour? There’s a silicone flappy bit that you move to change the airflow settings from MTL to DTL vaping. Annoyingly, you get an MTL coil in the kit but my airflow settings were set to DTL (sub-ohm). Why? That doesn’t even make any sense. I didn’t realise it was on the DTL setting when I first started using it and wondered why the damn thing blew my head clean off. It was only after I sat down to read the instruction manual (which, admittedly, I should have read beforehand) that I realised my airflow settings were wrong.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 7

It would make much more sense to have the airflow set to MTL when there’s an MTL coil in there, guys.

Once I DID change the airflow settings over to the right one for the MTL coil, I liked it much more. Obviously.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 8

I personally think this airflow bit is weird. I don’t like it. It’s easy to forget about, being right at the bottom of the device (that I never look at), and it took me a while to get used to remembering to change it, as well as which way around it went for the two vaping styles. I also think I might lose the flappy bit because it actually pulls all the way out.

Of course, things change a little when you compare the VIM to the Aspire Gusto Mini, which doesn’t have a changeable airflow bit at all. I feel a little unreasonable for moaning about the non-existent changeable airflow on the Gusto Mini, and then complaining about the style of the “solution” to that problem on the VIM … 

The VIM *does* have a changeable airflow at least. 

Oh, and the device is under £25. Let’s just remember that the Vype eBox — with its changeable airflow (+ screen) was close to double that price. 

For £25, maybe I should stop complaining about the VIM’s flap? What do you think? Would it bother you? 


I find the button placement a bit … awkward, but I think that’s because it’s different and I’m not used to it. I remember finding the side-button on the Wismec Predator 228 super weird at the beginning, but I have absolutely no trouble using it now. It’s become second nature. I imagine that the more I use the VIM, the more the button-clicking will be the same.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 12

I keep wanting to press where the tank is, rather than below it. I’m well aware that the design wouldn’t work, but I think I’d prefer them (tank-window and button) if they were the other way around, or if the button were on the other side of the device. As I naturally grab it, my pinkie finger finds the button first, and clicking with the pinkie finger is just weird. Plain weird. It feels weird. WEIRD.

You could also try your hand at palm-squeezing, which was advised by JV. I preferred this to the weird pinkie finger option, making it similar to the way that I held/used the Predator 228.

I’m a thumb-presser with most vapes. I’m going to need to let you know how I get on with the button position over time …

Added note:

If I use the device with my left hand and press the button with my thumb, my pinkie finger curls under and covers the airflow, in the same way that your pinkie finger would curl under your phone as you hold it with one hand. (I do, anyway.) Covering the airflow makes it impossible to inhale on. Bizarrely, my pinkie finger doesn’t cover the airflow in the same way with my right hand. Like, ever. But it happens almost every time with my left hand. What’s that all about? I think my hands are broken.

Another added note:

It took me about two or three days to get used to the button placement, but I finally got there. I do still need to feel around for it sometimes and it’s not entirely natural, but I can live with it. Given half a chance, I would absolutely change where the button is.

I do like the click, though. It’s a really good click.


The light that tells you how much battery power you have left is on the button, which you cover when you vape/press it. I can’t be the only one who sees a problem with that? How will I know when it goes red/blue if I’m covering it as I’m using it? The light only stays on for a millisecond after releasing the button, so unless you make a conscious effort to look at the light — pressing slightly to the side of it — whilst NOT vaping, you won’t know the colour. For the first few charges, I missed the blue/red light point until the device had entirely conked out on me. I didn’t even realise the light had changed from green to blue.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 4

(Green for fully charged, blue for in-the-middle, and red for get to a charger quick!)

I had no warning, JV. You can’t do that to a gal. I took the VIM to the dentist with a blue light by accident because I didn’t see that the light had changed colour, and it died. I needed it and it died. Guess what I was? Sad. So sad. I was also dribbling, but there’s nothing really new there.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 6

The light is red while it charges, turning green when the VIM is fully charged. I don’t know if it goes blue in the middle of those two colours; I kept trying to keep an eye on it each time I charged it up but missed the red-to-green switch every damn time. 


Right, my kit came with a tank, but I have been told by the nice JV people that nic salts pods are coming, which puts the VIM in the same league as the Aspire Gusto Mini. A tad more expensive than the Gusto Mini, but as far as I’m aware you can’t buy empty tanks for that and throw your own juice in. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. And yes, I’m aware you *can* refill the pods yourself, but it’s a messy, pain-in-the-ass process. I did it.)

Jac Vapour VIM Review 15

I’ll come back and let you know all about them when I get my hands on the pods/more deets.


I couldn’t find any information about how big the tank is, but I’m assuming it’s 2ml. I’m also assuming the pods are going to be 2ml too, but we’ll need to wait and see.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 16

The device is designed to be tailored to your exact vape specifications. You can get different coils for different styles of vaping — mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm, and there are also different ‘types’ of coils too. There are the regular S-Coils, alongside the new Jac Vapour Turbo S-Coils. The latter is meant to turbo-up your MTL flavour and I have been putting those to the test … Keep your eyes peeled for the blog post, folks.

I loved that the tank simply slots right into the device. Give it a twist and wait to feel the ‘clunk’, and the tank is in the right place and you are free to vape on. It’s pretty easy to use, and pretty easy to refill, too.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 9

The VIM does not leak when it’s lying on its side. Mine is always on its side and no liquid has ever piddled out.

I also think the device uses eliquid very economically. I definitely don’t go through a tank of sub-ohm juice quite as quickly as I do in other tanks, and a tankful of mouth-to-lung eliquid seems to last me for a really long time. There was one particular day where I only recall filling up the sub-ohm tank ONCE, and I was at home writing all day, which means that I would have been vaping fairly steadily/heavily.

That’s actual vape magic.

MTL S-Coil (Included in Kit)

Although I had [a lot] of niggles about the VIM by Jac Vapour, I absolutely adore using it. It was all a bit frustrating really — up and then down. There have been a few downs so far, all to do with the way it looks/design, but I LOVE the way it vapes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 17

I threw the included 1.0-ohm MTL S-Coil in the tank first, then added some new Originals British Blend [80% PG 20% VG, 12mg], and then … well, I faffed around with the airflow for a while because it was on DTL and not MTL, and then I finally got around to vaping with it.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 21

And I loved it.


Okay … there is no tale. The coil was wonky when I took it out the box/packaging. That’s it. Nothing dramatic happened. I bashed the bottom of it on the countertop and it straightened right out. No worries.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 18

The same thing happened with ONE other MTL coil, from a separate box of coils. It was a bit wonky, but a bit of a bash put it right back to how it should be. It did not seem to affect the way it vaped at all, and that goes for both of the wonky coils.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 19



Super smooth on the inhale, with a really good throat hit (especially with that eliquid), I fell in love with the VIM. I even texted Mister best-ecig about it and told him he might like it. Being quite high-PG liquid, higher than I’ve vaped before, the vapour produced wasn’t loads, but it was enough. This device and eliquid combo would have been perfect for me if it had been around when I first made the switch from smoking to vaping.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 20

I definitely didn’t prime my coil before I inserted it and filled up the tank (oops), and I must have used it within a minute or two of filling, too. (Double oops, I never learn my lesson. See: The Importance of Priming Your Coil.) Nothing bad happened. It didn’t even taste bad. It just worked right away. No hissing, no gurgling, no giving it a moment to wake up and have a cup of coffee … Just BANG, there you go. Vapey goodness. (A little too much because of the airflow drama, but still.)

After reading the instruction manual, I can see that it very clearly states that you DO need to prime your coil, you DO need to wait for five minutes before using it, and you should also give it a good flick, too. Okay, well, I’m a rebel and I didn’t do any of that. You guys probably should, though.

DTL S-Coil (Sub-Ohm, Not Included in Kit)

I have a whole bunch of different S-Coils here, including the new Turbo coils, so I was absolutely spoilt for choice when my MTL coil ran out. Not that my MTL coil actually ran out … I just used it for so long that I got bored of the flavour I was vaping and desperately wanted to try out the sub-ohm side of things.

I used the MTL coil for 2.5 weeks before switching over, and there was no decline at all in flavour or vapour production. I’ll go back to an MTL coil after this sub-ohm one is done and use it for however long it lasts before it starts tasting bad and burned. I usually get about 3-5 weeks of constant and regular use from an MTL S-Coil in the Series-S17 and S-22, but I will update this review with my progress.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 22

I threw a 0.5-ohm DTL S-Coil in the tank after cleaning it out (my favourite of the two sub-ohm coils) and then added some Mariachi eliquid by El Diablo [70/30 VG/PG, 3mg], which is really lovely stuff by the way. Review coming soon. I also remembered to change the silicone flappy bit over to the bigger airflow hole at the bottom — the DTL setting — despite being adamant that I would forget all about it. And then I vaped.

I vaped a bit more.

A lot more, in fact.

I haven’t stopped vaping with it since.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 23

I love this thing. Honestly, I really do. I actually think I like the way it vapes more than the Aspire Gusto Mini, and I really did love that device. I’ve had no hissing or spitting, from either the MTL or DTL coils, and the only time it gurgled a bit was when I was running out of juice in the tank and didn’t realise it was so low. That’s a good thing, too; I might not have looked at the tank if it hadn’t been for that gurgle and I would probably have ended up dry-hitting.

Blurgh. I HATE dry hits.

Jac Vapour’s VIM doesn’t give you OODLES of vapour, but it does give you enough. It’s one of the smallest and cutest devices I’ve ever seen, so I hardly expected it to chuck out the same amount of vapour that a bigger tank, like the Innokin Scion tank, would. Even still, I was pleasantly surprised.


The tank is super easy to fill and nowhere near as messy as the S22, with a plastic ‘cover’ bit and little holes that don’t allow for any juice to get into the centre tube. I occasionally get the tip of an eliquid bottle stuck in those holes, but I think that’s because I’m ridiculously awkward and like to make my own life difficult. 

Jac Vapour VIM Review 28

I *didn’t* find that I needed to clean any juice away when I refilled it and there weren’t any other problems. No leaks or gurgles. No eliquid in my mouth. It’s all pretty simple really, and a much better option if you found the S22/S17 a bit on the messy side like I did. 

Jac Vapour VIM Review 27


I like the fact that the glass is set back from the rest of the device, meaning it won’t smash if you drop it on the floor. I’m a smasher. I like ‘em contained and protected.

I love the big open window. It’s easy to see how much juice is left in the tank. You can see which coil is in there without having to pull it apart, too. I really liked that. I’m lazy and I also sometimes forget which coil is installed.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 24

I really like the ridges that show you when the tank is where it’s meant to be and locked into position. When you lower it into the mainframe of the device and then start twisting, it just kinda clunks into place. Not a click; it’s a clunk. The ridges on the tank face the front of the window, right in the centre, and you know you’ve got everything in the right place. You can feel the ridges, so you don’t even need to look to know it’s ready to vape with.


It has a 2,600mAh battery, which is a lot bigger than I thought. I predicted that I would get 24-26 hours worth of fairly regular MTL vaping out of it, and a lot less than half of that when I sub-ohm (DTL) vaped. I actually got close to three days of MTL vaping out of a fully charged battery, and just over a full day as a sub-ohm device.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that. At all.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 26

I expected it to warm up as I used it, especially as I’d chain-puffed on it for the first few days, but I think the only reason it did get warm was that it had been in my hand for so long – my body heat. The device itself DOES NOT get hot with repeated use.

More ticks in boxes. Tick, tick, tick.

The VIM doesn’t go to sleep/turn off with inactivity. You need to physically turn the device off and on with five fast clicks. 

The battery is sealed inside the unit, so if you need to replace it, you’ll need to buy a brand new unit. You can’t take the batteries out and charge them separately/replace them. (There are screws on the bottom of the device but no way am I unscrewing them yet. I actually like this device and would rather not break it.)


I don’t like that the USB charging hole is on the bottom, but it doesn’t actually make that much of a difference. The Jac Vapour VIM doesn’t leak when the device is on its side, so lying it down to charge isn’t the biggest deal in the world.

You CAN use the VIM as a pass-thru — charging and using it at the same time.


With a battery that lasts for ages, MTL and sub-ohm compatibility, and a range of coils to choose from, I found that there was a much longer list of things I REALLY liked about Jac Vapour’s VIM, than things I didn’t like. Yes, the button position, light placement, and airflow flap irked me considerably, but once I got going with the device, I barely noticed the little niggly things. They just kinda faded into the background. I emailed JV with a shirty list of things I really didn’t like about the device before the weekend started, and then sent an entirely different email when Monday morning came around, apologising for the mean things I said in the first one. I’m not even kidding. I went wild with my first impressions before I even gave the VIM a chance, and once I did, I seriously regretted judging it.

Sorry, JV.

Jac Vapour VIM Review 25

I do like the size and design overall, but I still get the hump a bit about the airflow, and maybe even the button/light placement, too. They’re tiny little niggles when you look at the device as a whole. Well, they’re tiny little niggles for me now, anyway.

⭐I think, because of those little niggles, I’m going to give the Jac Vapour VIM a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.⭐

I want to give it 5 stars so badly because I haven’t stopped using it since it arrived, but as much as I want to say that I got used to the airflow and button, I haven’t. Not 100%.

Would I buy the Jac Vapour VIM again?

If this broke, I would ABSOLUTELY replace it. I’m using it right now. I used it yesterday. I don’t doubt that it’ll be the first thing I reach for tomorrow morning. I’m lucky enough to have an array of Jac Vapour coils here, so I won’t run out soon, thankfully. But I fully intend to enjoy each and every one of them and then buy a bunch more afterwards. I love it … even with the stupid airflow flap.

Would I recommend the Jac Vapour VIM to you?

I definitely would! I think the VIM would be perfect for vape beginners, especially with nic salts, and with both MTL and DTL capabilities, delivering brilliantly for both, it’s even a device that an ol’ time vaper like me will enjoy. The VIM is not a huge vapour-maker, but for flavour and a really good hit, I think it’s bloomin’ fab. It’s not overly complicated to work either. (Just make sure you check your airflow flap first!)


  • Won’t break the bank – under £25
  • MTL & sub-ohm compatible
  • Vapes like an absolute dream
  • Easy to refill (not messy)
  • Discreet/small design
  • Economical for eliquid
  • Great battery life
  • Simple to use
  • Fab for both beginners & vape ‘veterans’
  • Refillable tank, pods coming soon
  • S-Coils and Turbo S-Coils are long-lasting and great for flavour


  • I *personally* didn’t like the changeable airflow
  • Light on button makes it tricky to spot low battery
  • I *personally* didn’t like the button placement

I took so many photos of my Jac Vapour VIM that I couldn’t decide which ones to use in the review. In case you wanted to see the rest/more, here’s a few more:

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*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: The Jac Vapour VIM + accessories were sent to me by Jac Vapour for a review. I did not pay for these vape products. I was not paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the store, brand, or manufacturer.

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