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JacVapour 510 Twist Review

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

Now I’ll be honest, Jac Vapour are on the higher end of the price spectrum but there is one very good reason behind that - these are probably one of the best e-cigarette brands I’ve ever come across. The Series-E proved a great choice for me (or rather, Dan) and although it is a bigger, bunker e-cig than others I’d tried, it certainly was a pleasure to smoke. The problem for me was that the Series-E was just too big despite how amazing I thought it was. It wasn’t discreet enough for me to get away with smoking it…

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Summary : OK so there were a couple of tiny things that I felt could be improved but honestly, I can't rave about this e-cig enough! IT's durable, well-built, not easily broken, and smokes like a dream. What more could you want? Check out what I thought in the Jac Vapour 510 Twist review!

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Now I’ll be honest, Jac Vapour are on the higher end of the price spectrum but there is one very good reason behind that – these are probably one of the best e-cigarette brands I’ve ever come across. The Series-E proved a great choice for me (or rather, Dan) and although it is a bigger, bunker e-cig than others I’d tried, it certainly was a pleasure to smoke.

The problem for me was that the Series-E was just too big despite how amazing I thought it was. It wasn’t discreet enough for me to get away with smoking it at work, and the size of it constantly weighed my jeans pocket down. Plus it’s really bulky too. When I come across this smaller offering, I jumped at the chance to give it a shot.

You can see what I thought in the JacVapour 510 Twist Review!

JacVapour 510 Twist Starter Kit – £41.99

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

It’s an expensive e-cigarette, you’re right there. But, BUT, I do have an exclusive 15% off discount code that you can use and I promise you this, this e-cig is well worth the money you’re paying out for it.

Starting with the kit and you’ll get two 400mAh batteries that have a twisty-silver bottom. You can twist it round to change the voltage running through the battery. Yes, that’s right – this is a variable voltage battery! (And I can’t rave about them enough, trust me!)

You’ll also get the charger (which I thought was too plastic and tacky for an e-cigarette of this high quality), a spare coil, the tank, mouthpiece and a handy little case which I’ve actually been using! Normally I disregard the cases as they are too bulky or not practical but this one is perfect! You can fit everything you need in there – spare battery, charger, coil, e-liquid, etc.

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

You DON’T get e-liquid with the starter kit so you do need to remember to add that to your order, and you can make your pick from Black, Stainless Steel, and White, and you also have the option of the Stainless Steel one with a mini Protank for an additional £4.


Right, you get two 400mAh batteries and they are variable voltage batteries. You have four options available – 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, and 4.8V.

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

The lower the voltage, the smoother, less intense the smoke.

The higher the voltage, the harsher, more intense the smoke.

It’s as simple as that really.

The batteries are really nice – solidly built out of decent metal, not cheap plastic. They are somewhat heavy but I think that comes hand in hand with a good quality e-cig brand. The plastic ones are great for a cheapie but the solidly-built ones like the JacVapour 510 Twist really are worth the money you pay for them.

The button on the battery (they are manually operated) is easy to find and glows blue when you press it. It also flashes blue to let you know when it has run out of charge too.

One thing I will say is that I find myself accidentally turning the voltage up or down when I’m using the e-cig. It’s almost as though the twisty-silver bit is too easily twisted, if that makes any sense? It is a great little feature though. With the Jac Vapour Series-E, you click the button a few times to change the voltage, and you can tell what voltage you’re smoking by the colour of the button when you smoke it. I like the simplicity of the 510 Twist battery – you twist the red line to what voltage you want. It’s nice and easy. Idiot proof! 😉

For more information on variable voltage batteries, why not have a peek at:

Being just 400mAh batteries, they are pretty small which I think makes them much more discreet and nicer to hold than the bigger Series-E. I guessed they’d have a life of around three to four hours on a full charge (100mAh seems to suggest about an hour’s worth of use in my experience) but these batteries surpassed that. I started using this one from full charge at about 4pm, and I pretty much chain-puffed on it for a good four and a half hours before it died. I was VERY impressed by how long these batteries will keep going. See, I told you you’d get what you pay for! 😛

*The higher you have your voltage set to, the quicker the battery will die so only use it on the higher settings when you absolutely need to, or consider buying one of the 510 Twist higher capacity batteries.

You can buy bigger batteries if you want to (and you can use the 15% discount code on those too!) and they range from the smaller 400mAh ones to 1000mAh bad-boys, from £19.19 to £25.99. It sounds like a lot of money but the Series-E battery has so far lasted about six months and it’s been dropped, bashed, lost, flooded and who knows what else along the way. These things really are indestructible.

I’ve been using the 510 Twist batteries for less than a week so far, but I will update this as and when anything happens so make sure to take a peek back if you need a little more persuading! 😉

Cartomisers / Tanks

I didn’t go for the ProTank battery because I wanted just the original first. I may upgrade later, I’ve not made my mind up about that yet.

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

With the starter kit, you’re getting a REBUILDABLE 1.5Ohm Evod 2 tank that hold about 2ml of e-liquid. You’ll be topping this up more often than the Series-E but I don’t mind that so much. It states on the website that each coil will last for roughly ten refills before it needs to be replaced but I reckon I’ve well surpassed that. It’s been a lazy week for me so I’ve not been at my ‘day job’ that much. I’ve been chain puffing on this 510 Twist pretty much constantly and I reckon I’ve refilled the tank more than ten times. There’s absolutely no sign of this coil going down the pan yet!

I did have a small issue with the tanks on the 510 Twist… Yes, that’s right – the JacVapour 510 Twist Review is about to go South….

As sad as it is for me to say this, I feel the window on the side that lets you see how much liquid is in there should be much bigger. You can only see enough to gauge the liquid level in certain lights so early evenings and night time prove difficult. It’s very difficult to see when you have overfilled the tank and in fact, on one of my most recent Instagram videos where I refill the Jac Vapour 510 Twist tank, I overfill it because it’s not easy to see what you’re doing. It is only a small detail but for me, it let the side down ever so slightly.

One final thing that I didn’t like (sorry Jac Vapour!) was that occasionally, the mouthpiece would come out. Now in some ways, that’s a good thing. For example, the other day when I pulled the e-cig out of my pocket and inhaled, I got barely anything out of it. After further investigation I realised there was a whole load of pocket fluff stuck in my mouth piece, getting in the way of my smoking, but by removing the mouth piece and blowing through it, all pocket fluff was eliminated and the problem was resolved.

On the other hand, the mouthpiece falling out is really annoying mid-smoke or when you’re popping the e-cig in a tight jeans pocket (which admittedly, you shouldn’t do!)

The best bit about the 510 Evod 2 tank is that you can completely build every part of it so replacing the broken bits won’t be half as expensive as buying brand new tanks each time. You can buy new coils, new empty tanks, new bases, new mouth tips, new housing, you name it, you can buy it. I love that the JacVapour e-cigarettes gave this feature and I feel it really gives you a fully customisable smoke without needing to venture into ‘dripping’ and ‘mod’ territory which I personally don’t really understand one hundred percent.

Throat Hit & Vapour

The best bit about the 510 Evod 2 is that with the variable voltage battery, you can have as much or as little vapour and throat hit that you like.

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I much prefer a less intense smoke when I first wake up in the morning than what I like after I have my evening meal where I’d prefer much heavier, intense smoke. The variable voltage battery gives you four options to choose from so if you’re trying to get away with having a few cheeky puffs at work without anyone noticing, the 3.3V option is best. When I’m comfy on my couch at the end of a hard day and don’t care how much vapour it gives off as long as it gives me a nice, hearty throat hit, the 4.8V option is just perfect.

If, like me, you have a habit of ordering the wrong strength e-liquids from time to time (I recently ordered 0.6% e-liquid instead of my regular 1.8% – 2.4% from Vapouriz) and in the variable voltage battery, you can just turn the voltage up to give you a much gruffer hit than what you would get from a ‘regular’ e-cigarette battery.

The same applies for when your e-cigarette is dying at the end of the day. You know you’ll be home in less than half an hour but if your e-cig battery dies on you, you know the journey home will be hell. If this happens to you, you can just turn down the voltage on your 510 Twist battery and you’ll get a few more soothing puffs out of it.

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

In short, once you go variable voltage, you don’t go back. Just saying.


I got a few different e-liquids with my order for this JacVapour 510 Twist Review, but rather than repeat myself, I’m just going to direct you to the JacVapour ELiquid Review and let you have a read over there. With all the information I have on all the strengths and flavours I’ve tried, you won’t make the mistake (like I have so many times) of ordering bottles of e-liquids that you never end up using, and just wasting your hard earned cash.

Delivery & Customer Service

You can get free delivery with Jac Vapour when you spend over £50 and although that sounds a lot, remember the 510 Twist Starter Kit with the 400mAh batteries costs £41.99 and when you’ve added a couple of bottles of e-liquid on, you’re pretty much there. Just remember to add my 15% discount code when you place your order to bring the price down a little more!

Is the Jac Vapour 510 Twist The Best E-Cigarette?

There are a few minor flaws with this e-cigarette but I’ll be honest, the pro’s far outweigh the con’s as far as I am concerned. OK so it’s not always the easiest e-cigarette to refill, and occasionally the mouthpiece does pop out but despite that, this is an e-cigarette you can really rely on. There are a lot of really crappy brands out there and honestly, I don’t think Jac Vapour is one of them – that’s why the JacVapour 510 Twist Review is a glowing one! 😉

JacVapour 510 Twist Review

The build of this e-cigarette is unlike any other I have seen (with the exception of the Series-E), and will last you for a long time. I’m starting to believe this brand of e-cigarettes are completely indestructible. I had the Vapouriz Lumina for two days before the battery broke and became unusable. I’m clumsy!

The tiny flaws aside, I can’t help but rate the Jac Vapour 510 Twist with 5 stars out of 5! Highly recommended and a really grown-up e-cigarette! 


JacVapour 510 Twist Review

Rated 5/5 stars! “The tiny flaws aside, I can’t help but rate the Jac Vapour 510 Twist with 5 stars out of 5! Highly…

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